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Premature Publication

errrrrrrrrrrrrr, oops.

This was not supposed to be published at this time. The Round 2 results and Round 3 pairings will be up today, sorry for the blunder.


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Barack Obama vs. Steam and ... (Below threshold)
Dr Carlo Lombardi:

Barack Obama vs. Steam and Dry Iron:

Iron (1) -0bama (0)

"This is not to be taken se... (Below threshold)

"This is not to be taken seriously, but to exercise perspectives of how different Presidents faced their duties, crises, and opportunities."-DJD

Do you mind if I call you _Nuts_?


"Duties", "crises", "opportunities"_DJD ??:

Talk about subjective categories!!


Why not consider (instead) CONCRETE items such as "trade policy" (tariff or no), "1st amendment policy (free speech or less)", or foreign policy (imperialism or not)??

Could it be that the neoconservative framework that shelters your argument would splinter into a million pieces?

I think so, yes.

Ignoring for the moment bry... (Below threshold)

Ignoring for the moment bryanD is an idiot, did you post this a bit early? It doesn't seem like you've got all the matchups finished.

G Washington 11, H Truman 0... (Below threshold)

G Washington 11, H Truman 0 No contest Washington
J Adams 6, C Coolidge 3 Coolidge,
T Jefferson 10, W Taft 1 Duh. Jefferson.

J Madison (1-0) vs GH Bush (1-0) Madison. One of the founders of our constitution.
J Monroe (1-0) vs R Nixon (1-0) Monroe. Nixon was a crook
JQ Adams (1-0) vs B Clinton (1-0) Both unexceptional presidents. JQA gets my vote
A Jackson (1-0) vs G Cleveland (1-0) Jackson by a landslide
M Van Buren (1-0) vs A Johnson (1-0) Van Buren.
WH Harrison (1-0) vs A Lincoln (1-0) Lincoln
G Ford (1-0) vs GW Bush (1-0) Bush
F Pierce (1-0) vs JFK (0-1) JFK
R Reagan (0-1) vs Fluffy Roadkill (0-1) No contest Reagan
M Fillmore (0-1) vs W Wilson (0-1) Wilson.
FDR (0-1) vs B Obama (0-1) FDR. He was was a leader. Obama is just a community activist.
J Tyler (0-1) vs B Harrison (0-1) toss up
J Polk (0-1) vs C Arthur (0-1) Polk
U Grant (0-1) vs J Garfield (0-1)
T Roosevelt (0-1) vs R Hayes (0-1) Teddy
W Harding (0-1) vs J Carter (0-1) toss up. Harding was a crook, carter is an anti-aAmerican idiot.
Z Taylor (0-1) vs W McKinley (0-1)McKinley. He served more than 6 months before getting assassinated.
LBJ (0-1) vs J Buchanan (0-1) LBJ, he helped end segregation. He was a failure because of his War on Poverty fiasco, and not fighting in Vietnam.

G Washington (2-0)George<br... (Below threshold)
Lord Whorfin:

G Washington (2-0)George
J Adams (2-0)
T Jefferson (2-0)

H Truman (1-1)Give em hell Harry
C Coolidge (1-1)
W Taft (1-1)






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