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Sunday Morning Jazz

It's been a while since I've posted a good music mash-up, so here goes ...

Something Old - Nina Simone "My Baby Just Cares For Me"

This adorable Claymation video has been around for quite a while, but if you haven't seen it you're in for a real treat.

Something New - Roy Hargrove Big Band and Roberta Gambarini "La Puerta"

This is a concert video of the Roy Hargrove Big Band, featuring the sensational new singer Roberta Gambarini. Gambarini's latest album, So In Love, received a 2010 Grammy nomination for Best Jazz Vocal Album; Roy Hargrove also received a Best Improvised Jazz Solo nomination this year for his work with the Big Band.

Something Borrowed - Natasha Bedingfield "This Love"

Yes, yes, I know ... this is technically a pop singer doing a pop song, but the "unplugged" setting and the superb playing of this unidentified guitarist give this performance a decidedly jazzy feel.

Something Blue - Wes Montgomery "West Coast Blues"

Speaking of phenomenal jazz guitarists here is one of the best, the late Wes Montgomery. His all-star band was taped in rehearsal by West German television in 1965. You'll note that Montgomery developed (on his own) a stunningly original playing technique: he plays complex melody lines, octave note parings, and chords using only single strokes of his thumb.

Whatever style of music you prefer, take some time today to indulge yourself. You'll be glad you did.


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Comments (4)

Most excellent! Thank you.<... (Below threshold)

Most excellent! Thank you.

I really like the cats in the Claymation.

Nice mash-up.Who car... (Below threshold)

Nice mash-up.
Who cares if it's not to my taste?
It shows ingenuity and blog-sense!

My contribution:
Alleged first sax solo on film.
(NOTE: alleged "1924/25" is probably incorrect, as synchronous sound-celluloid was a few years ahead, UNLESS this is a platter-celluloid synch job...Could be! But I'd put it in the "1927" slot, to be safe)

Tight white band nonetheless.


bryanD,That's a pr... (Below threshold)


That's a pretty well-known film of the Ben Bernie orchestra. The c-melody sax player is Jack Pettis. Pettis was in a number of popular bands in the 1920s and was a founding member of the New Orleans Rhythm Kings.

The clip is part of a DeForest Phonofilm short made in 1925. DeForest's process was the first working sound-on-film system, but it was not financially successful. The RCA and Vitaphone systems were successfully implemented a few years later because the major studios also owned a majority of the movie theaters, and paid for sound equipment to be installed along with the projection systems. DeForest didn't have that kind of leverage over theaters, and without good playback systems his sound films flopped.

Jack Pettis had a lot of personal problems including alcoholism, and dropped out of the music business in the 1930's. He married another show business personality, Taddy Keller, and eventually settled with her here in Oklahoma City, where Taddy's brother owned several radio stations and tried to help Jack by giving him sales jobs and other responsibilities at the stations. Jack Pettis died broke in Oklahoma City in 1962, and is buried in a county burial plot in Rose Hill cemetery.

"bryanD,That's a pre... (Below threshold)

That's a pretty well-known film of the Ben Bernie orchestra."-ml

Well, excuuu-uuuse me!
La-de-dah-dee-dah! :-)

"The c-melody sax player is Jack Pettis."-ml

He's good. And whatever happened to the C-key sax, anyway? Seems to have been buried by the Great Crash and the consolidation of "piano" companies into musical instrument manufacturers (I have a decent Wurlitzer alto sax).

"The clip is part of a DeForest Phonofilm short made in 1925."-ml

Thanks for the info. I'm fond of old jazz recordings (1923-1936)... but I did not know That. Processing:Now.

"Jack Pettis had a lot of personal problems including alcoholism.."

Ach! Bix Beiderbeck, we hardly knew ye!






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