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John Murtha Dies

Pennsylvania Congressman John Murtha (D) is dead.

Washington Post has more here.

As special election should be interesting:

Without Murtha in the 12th district, however, the special election will be seriously contested. Murtha's district is the only one in the country won by Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) in 2004 and by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in 2008, according to Republican sources, and that trend line coupled with the volatile national environment for Democrats ensures Republicans will heavily target the contest.

More later.

Whoops, Did not see Jay's post below. Or Kim's


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Comments (10)

Taking into account of his ... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Taking into account of his recent performances in various campaigns, I hope the President will fully insert himself and his agenda into this election.

On the nose Old Guy. On th... (Below threshold)

On the nose Old Guy. On the nose.

Run Obama run!

The stupid people who don't yet understand your genius just need to hear from you more!!

Get to Pennsylvania and enlighten those gun and bible-clinging rubes regarding your "dear leader" strategy for making their lives better.

If you do, I guarantee we'll win, which ironically WILL make their lives better, though only marginally until November.

Still, a step forward is a step forward!

I had hoped he would have g... (Below threshold)

I had hoped he would have gotten better, so he could be around when he lost his seat this fall.

Wonder how much taxpayer mo... (Below threshold)

Wonder how much taxpayer money he'll be buried with. Guess they can finish up all those 'investigations' of businesses connected to him.

Would it be appropriate for... (Below threshold)

Would it be appropriate for the burial to be at his multimillion dollar boondoggle of an airport?

RIP... (Below threshold)


I'll grant him this much - ... (Below threshold)

I'll grant him this much - he did what he thought was right for the country and his party - though I think at times he got the two of them confused.

RIP, Rep. Murtha. I think you did more harm than you ever knew, or would have cared about if you had known.

Rest in peace, sir. ... (Below threshold)

Rest in peace, sir.

I certianly hope they dont ... (Below threshold)

I certianly hope they dont make us fly our flags at half mast

They should fly the old sku... (Below threshold)

They should fly the old skull and bones at full mast.






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