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Palin takes advantage of the hand wringers

Via GateWayPundit, this is just damned cool:

On Sunday the left went bonkers after they discovered that the TelePrompter-less former Governor Sarah Palin wrote notes on the palm of her left hand for her speech to the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville. The far left absolutely freaked over this non-issue rather than focus on her brilliant speech knocking the Obama Administration's horrid record on economics and national defense.

Today Sarah fired back...


In case you can't tell, she wrote "Hi Mom" on her hand...

The gal's got chutzpah... and you know the haters are gonna be hatin' her all the more...




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Comments (57)

On Her other palm was writt... (Below threshold)

On Her other palm was written "No teleprompters needed!"

Classy rebuttal of a non-is... (Below threshold)

Classy rebuttal of a non-issue and she didn't have to say a word! Sarah Palin scares the crap out of the left. Otherwise they would ignore her.

Project much, Steve?... (Below threshold)

Project much, Steve?

Has it ever occured to the ... (Below threshold)

Has it ever occured to the Anti-Palinistas (of left or right) that maybe, just maybe she keeps setting them up? The more they complain, fuss and worry about her the more popular she becomes?

I know she isn't as smart as people with AA and BA degrees in journalism, politics, or basket weaving, but she might just be pulling their chain, over and over.

talk about political jujits... (Below threshold)

talk about political jujitsu ... less than 48 hours after her speech and she has watched the blogs, watched the lefty reaction and has managed to poke them in the eye without saying a word about it ...

Here is a thought for those on the left ?

What if she set you up with her palm notes ?

Anyone who hears about her notes has to immediately think about Obama and his telepromter addiction. She doesn't have to say a word about it, just write some notes on her hand and BANG the MSM and lefty blogs are all over it ...

A couple more "lucky" moves like this and the left may have to re-think their "Karl Rove worships the devil" meme and change it to "Karl Rove worships Palin".

So an idiot calls Sarah an ... (Below threshold)

So an idiot calls Sarah an idiot, while headbutting other idiots all trying to blow the idiot in the WH.

"Has it ever occured to ... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

"Has it ever occured to the Anti-Palinistas (of left or right) that maybe, just maybe she keeps setting them up? "

Yeah, like she "set us up" with the Couric interview. Whoo- we fell for that one hard.

"What if she set you up with her palm notes ?"

The fact that Palin needed crib notes isn't surprising. Nobody was surprised.

"Anyone who hears about her notes has to immediately think about Obama and his telepromter addiction."

Palin referenced Obama's use of a teleprompter more than once during her speech - the fact that she had hand-written simpleton reminders on her palm as she slammed Obama is what's so G-damned funny about all of this.

She thinks like a fifth-grader, and clearly isn't as smart as one.

Yeah moonbats, keep underes... (Below threshold)

Yeah moonbats, keep underestimating her. How did that work out for Martha Coakley, Jon Corzine, and Creigh Deeds?

Yeah moonbats, keep underes... (Below threshold)

Yeah moonbats, keep underestimating her and the rest of the Right. How did that work out for Martha Coakley, Jon Corzine, and Creigh Deeds?

Steve, Palin had a handful ... (Below threshold)
Jason Author Profile Page:

Steve, Palin had a handful (no pun intended, unless you think it's funny) of words written down for her speech. Obama has to use teleprompters to show him every word for his speeches and he gets completely lost and flustered when they malfunction. So tell me, who's the idiot again?

Steve:You wouldn't... (Below threshold)
Iowaright wife:


You wouldn't know an idiot if you saw one in the mirror!

The libs just cant quit Her... (Below threshold)

The libs just cant quit Her! Example:

s green-

"She's still an idiot."

Truth is steve, She never will be, You always have been.

Criticism from those whose ... (Below threshold)
Illinois Alum:

Criticism from those whose dumb-ass hero repeatedly read "corpse-man" off his Teleprompter last week. Sarah gave most of her 2008 convention speech from memory after the Teleprompter failed. If a high IQ was all it took to run this country, we'd be sitting pretty, not with nearly 10% (official) unemployment and trillions of dollars of unpayable debt. Without the right principles, so-called intelligence means nothing.

I have yet to see any displ... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

I have yet to see any display of Obama's so-called brilliance beyond winning an election.

Steve's desperate.... (Below threshold)
Jason Author Profile Page:

Steve's desperate.

Steve, Methinks th... (Below threshold)


Methinks thou dost protest too much....

Steve's petrified.... (Below threshold)

Steve's petrified.

Steve Green: "She's still a... (Below threshold)

Steve Green: "She's still an idiot."


Individuals, such as yourself, who spouted off about the "science being settled" and the glaciers melting regarding supposed man-made global warming are idiots.

Terrifically huge idiots.

The kind of idiots who, when caught in a mountain (or dare I say, "glacier") of lies simply go on to the next attack without a shred of the intellectually honesty required to admit you were duped.


The IPCC has collapsed. Everything you have spouted off for in the last several years has been shown to be BS.

Your response?

Sarah Palin is an idiot.

Well, for some reason, she doesn't seem to require a teleprompter to speak to 6th graders.

6th graders.

That looks to be level of intellectual development that liberalism can still appeal to.

Which means you, Stevie, fit right in.

If nothing else, Sarah's pa... (Below threshold)

If nothing else, Sarah's palm pilot exercise should silence Palin's critics who believe she didn't learn anything in college. Come to think of it, that's probably how she got through college. And maybe if she had seven fingers and a bigger hand, she could have finished her term as governor of Alaska.

Chutzpah? Nope, it's s simple mind trying to cover for her inability to remember her own talking points.

You conservatives really have fallen hard for this beauty queen haven't you.

I'm curious - do libs reall... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

I'm curious - do libs really beleive this "XXX is an idiot" meme because they have rock-solid proof, or because they can't stand anyone who doesn't agree with them, and therefore is a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, speciest, puppy-kicking, cat-microwaving, evil low-IQ drooler?

(Rhetorical question, of course.)

Nowhere near as hard as you... (Below threshold)

Nowhere near as hard as you moonbats fell for this trojan horse of a President. You who voted for this affirmative action president, you sorry yet?

Never has a guy less qualified, with less vetting ever been able to fool so many morons into voting for him. Never, and that includes all those who vote for Castro and Chavez.

Notice how the left can onl... (Below threshold)
Jason Author Profile Page:

Notice how the left can only attack what's written on her hand, not what was said in her speech.

indiec: "You conservatives ... (Below threshold)

indiec: "You conservatives really have fallen hard for this beauty queen haven't you."

ha ha ha ha!!!

A lefty who embraced a race-hustler from Chicago with no experience and who has shown to be so inept as to be laughable is still trying to change the subject!!


I thought Sarah was "toast".

I thought she was "finished".

You lefties keep telling us that.

So why do even care if she gives a speech?

You guys run EVERYTHING! So where is your "health care" deal?

Why isn't Gitmo closed?

Why haven't you delivered the jobs????

Why did you have the Feds and the unions take over 2 car companies??

Why does Obama continue to make Trillion $$ lies about his budgets and what's driving them?


You guys are all concerned about a "no-account" ex-gov from Alaska who you claim is no great shakes, but seems to get you all in lather all the time.

When a politician really doesn't matter, no one cares what they say (reference John Kerry, for example).

I seem to recall an advisor to Jimmy Carter saying in 1979 that they hoped Reagan would get the nomination as he would be the easiest to beat.

Easiest to beat!

The glaciers are melting!

Polar bears are drowning!

Joe Biden: "The stimulus has worked better than we could have dreamed!"

Obama: "Vote for my stimulus bill and unemployment will not go above 8%!"

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...........

Steve, we are still waiting... (Below threshold)

Steve, we are still waiting for you to comment on the fact that a railroad engineer from India fooled you idiots into believing the glaciers were melting.

You. Are. An. Idiot.

But congrats, you are not alone among your dem pals.

And now, after just a year in total control, the whold country sees it.

My only question: Why did it take a whole year?

But then, that would be ungrateful.

Hey indiec, in just a few more months your supermajority in the house will be a "corpse", so you better get ready to call the "corpse-men" out to drag the dem casualties out of the november rubble thats coming your way.

You know, "corpse-man". Get it? It's what your idiot president said twice!

What an idiot!

little stevie you have been... (Below threshold)

little stevie you have been throughly spanked, now please slink back under your rock.

Indiec: "You conservativ... (Below threshold)

Indiec: "You conservatives really have fallen hard for this beauty queen haven't you?"

You mean Obama? No, frankly we can't stand him.

Drago is making a very grea... (Below threshold)

Drago is making a very great point. For someone who is totally incompetent, failed and not noteworthy in the eyes of liberals they sure do fear her. You liberals behavior doesn't back up your words. You are scared. ww

Alright l steve. Lets have... (Below threshold)

Alright l steve. Lets have a debate between Obama and Palin with no teleprompters or media questions and see who does better?

Barry is first up cause Barry always gets His way.

1st question: How should We create jobs in this economy?

Barry: Er...First off..umm ahh....ugh.. The previous admin..er uh...ah.. grrrrr..damn you bush...er ..ugg.

Times up Mr. President!

Ms. Palin'

Sarah:Tax cut's, tax cuts.. Increase and extend the Bush tax cut's and drill baby drill.. Next question?

Mr. Obama has become ill..Debate cancelled.

see stevie G if you want to... (Below threshold)

see stevie G if you want to say someone is an idiot it helps to first show WHY they should be labeled so ...

Corpse-man ... idiot ...

57 states ... idiot

Negotiations on CSPAN ... idiot

What is word for idiot in Austrian ... idiot

"We find unity in our incredible diversity, drawing on the promise enshrined in our Constitution: the notion that we are all created equal..." ... wrong document idiot

see ... give examples as opposed to your usual "she's an idiot" ... and don't just point at some action and say "she's and idiot". Show why that action was an idiot move ...

other wise you are just a corps to us ...

WildWillie, it's even worse... (Below threshold)

WildWillie, it's even worse than that.

The left and media went after private citizens more thorougly then they went after Obama (re: Joe the Plumber).

There is no limit to how low they have, can, and will go to prop up this presidential idiot and his moron vp.

"Sheriff Joe"

"Sheriff Joe"

Tell the truth lefties, that phrase even makes you giggle, doesn't it?

Yeah, "nobody messes with Joe".......

Joe Biden. Tell the truth again lefties, when you think of who the perfect person is to "rein in that old Washington way of doing things", was Joe Biden the name that popped into your heads?

Or does anything pop into your "hopey changey" heads anymore?

BTW Steve, how are those glaciers doing?

Seriously, I hear they are in great danger due to man-made global warming as proven by the scientific genius of a railroad engineer + anecdotal story by uncredentialed graduate student + random hikers.

But hey, again, Sarah Palin had 5 topic areas scribbled on her hand during an hour-long speech, so I can see how that would offend your sensibilities.

Steve Green: "man made glob... (Below threshold)

Steve Green: "man made global warming is real!"


Steve Green: "the glaciers are melting! The science is settled!"

lol lol!!

Steve Green: "we should only listen to those scientists whose work is peer-reviewed!"

lol lol lol!!!

Steve Green: "The IPCC report is true!"

lol lol lol lol!!!!

Steve Green: "You guys are all just a bunch of deniers!!"

lol lol lol lol lol!!!!!

It is truly something to b... (Below threshold)

It is truly something to behold when Drago gets it going. From the Poli days way back when, you always kick major league ass. Of course, Lil Stevie isnt even class A ball.

Hey Jeff, remember this bla... (Below threshold)

Hey Jeff, remember this blast from the past?

hey Howard Dean, what's your favorite New Testament book?

Dean answers: "Job" (pronouncing it: rhymes with "lob")


And a big favorite of Steve Green.

And indiec.

And all of the left.

Which is why they didn't even blink when Obama said "57 states".

For a moment, they (the left) had to consider the consequences and racial undertones conveyed if they even noticed that their messiah had made an error.

It's better to pretend it never happened.

In other words, turn that flub, and all the others, into historical "corpses" and bury them forever.

Hey Steve, get it? I worked in "corpse" again!

You know, as a reference to genius-guy Obama's mispronunciation of the word corpsman. Twice!

What an idiot.

Teleprompter for 6th grader... (Below threshold)

Teleprompter for 6th graders!

Sheriff Joe!!

8% unemployment max!!

I don't want the federal government to run car companies, that's why we're only taking over 2 of them!!

Hey, this Israeli-Palestinian thing is alot harder to solve than I thought it was going to be!!

Our stimulus plan has already worked better than we had dreamed, despite the fact that 70% of the funds haven't been expended yet, so give it a chance to work, except it already has worked, perfectly, except for the parts that haven't worked, which will if you give it a chance............rinse, repeat.....

Those Republicans are the party of "No". They have no ideas, except for the ideas they do have, which I'll admit now, after Scott Brown's election, even though I said they didn't have any ideas for the last year.....

I'm really mad at that Bush administration spending so much in their last 2 budgets, both of which I voted for, and in fact publicly praised, including TARP 1, which I also voted for, and called necessary, but surprised me when I arrived in the oval office because all of that stuff was a surprise to me since it was here when I got here, so it's not my fault, except I voted for it and praised it, but I don't really like it.....

ad. nauseum.

Oh, and THE GLACIERS ARE MELTING!!!.........................according to a couple of hikers, a railroad engineer, a lefty "environmental group" and Steve Green.

Let's not forget this bit o... (Below threshold)

Let's not forget this bit of brilliance.

"Throughout our history, America's confronted constantly evolving danger, from the oppression of an empire, to the lawlessness of the frontier, from the bomb that fell on Pearl Harbor, to the threat of nuclear annihilation. Americans have adapted to the threats posed by an ever-changing world."

Now, which idiot said that about Pearl Harbor?

ps. Nice job Drago. Great stuff.

Thanks Hank.What's... (Below threshold)

Thanks Hank.

What's most enjoyable is that I, as a consultant, even in this economy, have led the complete reordering of a private company's internal operations in order to better serve real-world customers and have achieved such success that the company just expanded the number of employees here by 15%!!

And this means that in addition to the obvious idiocy of Steve Green and indiec that I, along with many others, have properly exposed, I am also responsible for adding more jobs to the actual economy than Obama and Sheriff Joe-boy combined!!

All while toying with the insanity on display by these thoroughly discredited lefties and their "ferociously intelligent and massively competent" leaders like Pelosi and Reid.

Steve/indiec/assorted lefties, please note that I'm not referring to make believe govt jobs or jobs that really shouldn't be counted "jobs added" but still are because obambi and "six-gun Sheriff Joe" say they should.

Seriously Steve, where did ... (Below threshold)

Seriously Steve, where did you go???

I was hoping you would take the time to further enlighten us rubes on the time-honored and rigorous peer-review process that the IPCC report went thru and why that process "guaranteed" that it's (IPCC) conclusions are unassailable.

In order to remain on-thread-topic, be sure to include how outraged you are at Sarah Palin for having 5 general topic areas listed on the palm of her hand while you discuss the attempt by the worlds leftists to utilize lies and politicized science to consign the majority of mankind to pre-industrial age living standards.

After all, considering the amount of ink both of these topics have garnered in the dinosaur press and amongst your pals, these two issue must be equivalent.

Aren't they?

I usually lurk but I had to... (Below threshold)

I usually lurk but I had to comment this time. Drago, you've trounced Stevie worse than Mozart trounced Salieri. BRAVO!!!

Nice to see the nuttiest ge... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

Nice to see the nuttiest get nuttier.

5 General topic areas? Amazing that she couldn't remember them, isn't it?

I mean, I can understand a 5000 word speech needing to be on Teleprompter, but 5 general topics? She can't even remember 5 simple, general topics?

What's really surprising is that she spelled them correctly, - but maybe the First Dude helped her with that part.

And why isn't Sarah assuming a leadership role in the Tea Party?

Is that she doesn't want to be that closely associated with a bunch of drooling, foaming at the mouth racists and maniacs?

Or is she just plain afraid to lead?

"Foaming at the Mouth" - that's your Cue Drago!

And try to stay on topic -- or is it just to painful to realize the best you've got in the Republican Party needs crib notes to remember to talk about the taxes? lol...

Drago, you are on a roll. Y... (Below threshold)

Drago, you are on a roll. You put Stevie in his place (you could be charged with abusing a "helmeted" individual is you know what I mean". The facts of Obama and his lies and on top of that his flubs, yet Stevie is afraid on Palin. Loving it. ww

Steve Green: "I mean, I can... (Below threshold)

Steve Green: "I mean, I can understand a 5000 word speech needing to be on Teleprompter, but 5 general topics? She can't even remember 5 simple, general topics?"

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Thats it?


Thats it??

Obama needs a teleprompter to speak with 6th graders for 10 minutes, and all Sarah needs for an hour long speech is 5 topic areas on her palm, and you are laughing at Sarah!!!!


Too funny.

Seriously, did you not have time to think clearly about this because you were too busy avoiding the massive floods from the glaciers melting?

Was there no one around to "peer-review" your ridiculous comment?

Couldn't you find one "Sheriff-like" person who nobody would "mess with" in these 57 states to ensure that your comments would be unassailable?

Seriously, you are suggesting that what every school kid debating class teacher or toast-masters specialist teaches about knowing your material and then keeping the topic areas written down on note cards or paper have been wrong for 200 years?


Thats it?

Wow. You're right. That's some scarry shi-ite right there.

What we need to do immediately is take over another car company to get us through this cultural "rough patch"!!

ha ha ha ha ha!

No one buys it anymore Steve! The jig is up!

But, again, you didn't have anyone peer review your comments, so you really can't be held accountable.

Which is strange, since you are so knowledgable about the rigorous requirements of the peer-review process.

Strange indeed.

The very confused Steve Gre... (Below threshold)

The very confused Steve Green: "And try to stay on topic -- or is it just to painful to realize the best you've got in the Republican Party needs crib notes to remember to talk about the taxes? lol..."

The very same confused Steve Green in the same post: "And why isn't Sarah assuming a leadership role in the Tea Party?"

Ha ha ha ha!

The topic is Sarah's use of a few general topic areas on her hand during a speech, not a philosophical discussion about why or why not she does or does not assume a more prominent role in the "tea party" movement!

Poor, poor addled Stevie.

Guys and gals, pay attention. Steve Green is what happens when your mind succumbs to the siren call of lunatic-leftism.

Sarah jots down notes on her hand.

Obama uses a teleprompter for 6th graders!

Maybe Obama should write "50 states" on his palm.

What do you think Steve? Should he?

Liberals: never miss an opp... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Liberals: never miss an opportunity to miss the point entirely.

Hmmmm, why isn't Steve Gree... (Below threshold)

Hmmmm, why isn't Steve Green showing up on the Climate change threads?

It's almost like he's avoiding them.

Or something.

For some reason.

Hard to figure.

He's been so vocal on the subject in the past.

And so sure of himself on this subject.

It's almost like he always has a climate change teleprompter in front of himself, not merely a few hand-written notes.

See what I did there?

I stayed on topic (though just barely)!

But if it wasn't good enough, it wouldn't be the minimums!!

During her speech Palin tol... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

During her speech Palin told the assembled multitude that the tea Party was leadership and should remain that way.

The fact that Palin doesn't want the job speak volumes as to who the Tea Party is, and where her loyalties lie.

Speaks volumes to YOU, SG, ... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Speaks volumes to YOU, SG, but why don't you enlighten the rest of us?

correcting: "During her ... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

correcting: "During her speech Palin told the assembled multitude that the tea Party was leaderless and should remain that way"

Here's the Tea Party movement claiming credit for electing Scott Brown's victory and yet Palin doesn't want to be closely associated with the Tea Party.

Is she afraid of leading and failing?

Here's the Tea Par... (Below threshold)
Here's the Tea Party movement claiming credit for electing Scott Brown's victory and yet Palin doesn't want to be closely associated with the Tea Party.
Is she afraid of leading and failing?

She did NOT say that she doesn't want to be closely associated with the Tea Party. Steve Green is either as stupid as Obama or else he's being intentionally deceitful.

Palin warned against allowing the party to avoid being identified with any one person but to instead remain a movement of ideas.

Logic dropout Steve Green: ... (Below threshold)

Logic dropout Steve Green: "Here's the Tea Party movement claiming credit for electing Scott Brown's victory and yet Palin doesn't want to be closely associated with the Tea Party. Is she afraid of leading and failing?"


Lets see:

I count 1 combined false statement (lie) + non sequitor and 1 faulty question based on an incorrect premise. And that's in just 2 lines of text.

Again, Steve, perhaps you need to have your comments "peer-reviewed" by "competent authority". Somewhere in these 57 states there must be someone who can ride herd on your dishonesty.

Sarah Palin is already associated with the Tea Party movement for several reasons, not least of which is that she ran against entrenched interests in her own party in Alaska and helped bring some sunlight to corruption which landed several Republicans in jail (and rightly so.)

The Tea Party's strength is the fact that it doesn't require "leaders". It is a grassroots effort.

Noooo, not "Axelrod grassroots" (meaning paid union thugs and acorn humanitarians taking time off from assisting folks set up brothels and avoid taxes).

But of course, Stevie knows this. But what he knows even better are his soros-paid talking points.

Oh, and man-made global warming.

And polar bears dying.

And glaciers melting.

Still not a single explanat... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

Still not a single explanation as to why Sarah Palin chose to not lead the Tea Party.

Maybe it's because it's filled with stupid jerks who can't think their way out of a paper bag...

"Still not a single explana... (Below threshold)

"Still not a single explanation as to why Sarah Palin chose to not lead the Tea Party."-sg

There are grassroots and mostly ad hoc Tea Party movements and then there are crypto-GOP Tea Party organizations.

Tea Party Express and Tea Party Nation (TPN being the conventioneers) are two of the latter. Both are GOP fifth columnists as far as the leadership is concerned.

Palin kind of let the cat out of the bag on Fox News Sunday:

WALLACE: How do you see yourself as a member of the Tea Party movement or a member of the Republican Party?

PALIN: Oh, I think the two are and should be even more so merging because the Tea Party movement is quite reflective of what the GOP, the planks in the platform are supposed to be about. Limited government and more freedom, more respect for equality. That's what the Tea Party movement is about, so I think that the two are much entwined and I'm happy about that.
That opinion is diametrically opposite to the average Tea Party supporter, who tend to think along new party or third party lines. After all, GOP is a wasteful big government party, no matter what their platform pledges.

I had to give bD a + for a ... (Below threshold)

I had to give bD a + for a comment with some coherency and reasonable attempt at logical argument without namecalling.

Now I don't agree with his assessments, but that's OK. I think a large number of TPN folks are pissed at career politicians in general. And that is somewhat close to what he states.

Palin has to walk a bit of a tightrope from the perspective of wanting to remain an effective voice for CONSERVATIVE values, and she would like to bridge the TPN support for this back into the GOP, where conservative (non-religious) values have been left to the wayside, especially by leadership. So if she's not burning any bridges just now, I can see why bD might be a little disappointed.

"So if she's not burning an... (Below threshold)

"So if she's not burning any bridges just now, I can see why bD might be a little disappointed."
55. Posted by epador

I'm just observing one of the more compelling battles for political headrights over self-identified disaffected conservative and libertarian voters.

And I think Palin appearing to hedge her bets could be seen as her having a torch handy and lit. By her remarks, a GOP sinecure of some sort might be on her mind, beginning with replacing Michael Steele should Michael Steele's finances be found uncopacetic---which can be easily arranged without Steele's involvement.

But the real story (which Palin ain't) is grassroots versus lobbyists within Tea Party Universe. Check out Tea Party Nation's website; it's locked down tighter than RedState during the Ron Paul candidacy: even the "FAQ" link requires no prying eyes allowed!


Steve's still an idiot... (Below threshold)

Steve's still an idiot

For a while I believed "Ste... (Below threshold)

For a while I believed "Steve Green" to be to the sail-eared simpleton what Herr Goebbels was to that other psychopathologically charismatic fascist.

But I flattered Herr Green -- who turns out to be to the mobbed-up, Mussolini-modeled, modified-Marxist murtadd-Muslim multiple mothers' milquetoast, the kind of red herring the whore, Monica, was to the recidivist, treasonous, lying, looting, thieving, mass-murdering, predatory, co-serial-rapist gangster-barsteward son of a Hot-Springs Arkansas "john" and/or Tom and/or Dick and/or Harry.

A silly distraction from the horrendous treasons and other capital crimes that are once again being perpetrated at our once white House. This time by the worlds most dangerously-dullard pretender to what presently passes as a "presidency."

"Steve Green:" Silly little fat girl.

"A silly distraction fro... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

"A silly distraction from the horrendous treasons and other capital crimes that are once again being perpetrated at our once white House."

This is a post about Sarah Palin, you twit.

Fortunately you didn't make enough sense to actually create a distraction. Aren't there other threads where racists and teabaggers and birthers can hold hands in Kumbaya fashion?

Palin's hand job continues to be front page news even today 3 days later. She's the gift that keeps on giving....

"So if she's not burning... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

"So if she's not burning any bridges just now, I can see why bD might be a little disappointed."

She's not burning any bridges - she even supports the Birthers in their stupid quest - but she's not leading the TPN either. She's just collecting a $100,000 paycheck for a speech where she wrote crib notes on her palm.

Maybe she's not as stupid as I thought...

Nope - my bad politicalhumor.about.com/od/sarahpalin/a/palin-top-10.htm">she most definitely is as stupid as I thought.






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