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Video: One Tough Nerd

As everyone knows, Michigan's economy is in ruins. There are several people already running for governor on the Republican side who say they have what it takes to get Michigan back on its feet. Many of them you've probably heard of: Mike Cox, the current Attorney General and Pete Hoekstra, the US Congressman from Michigan's Second Congressional District. But there's another guy you may not know who has thrown his hat into the ring. He ran an ad introducing himself during the Super Bowl that aired only in Michigan. I have been receiving email updates from his campaign simply because I'm impressed with his background. Take a look at the ad:

I love it. You can learn more about Rick or donate to his campaign here.

Hat tip: Jim Geraghty at the Campaign Spot.


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Kim,My only proble... (Below threshold)


My only problem with Rick, is that I am Pro-Life and he is not.

That being said, I will have to see who the other candidates are.

Thanks for posting this.

Rick is pro life.... (Below threshold)
John Yob:

Rick is pro life.






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