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What Was Your Favorite Super Bowl Ad?

I had a few favorites:

Put your favorite ad in the comments section.

Now, about the Green Police ad. When I first saw it last night, I immediately thought that it was a wacko environmentalist's dream for how their rules would be imposed. However, seeing it again, it's clear that it is mocking rabid environmentalists who go overboard at even the most minor eco-infraction and instead says common sense environmentalism is driving Audi's eco-car. Take a look:

Thoughts? What do you think the Green Police ad means?


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Comments (23)

The Green Police are right ... (Below threshold)

The Green Police are right out of an Obama wet dream. A civilian force just as big and well-funded as the military. A taste of the future, comrade.

If the ad meant to lampoon ... (Below threshold)

If the ad meant to lampoon fascist environmentalists, where was the punch line? The pay off? There was none. Only the "good german" with his proper approved vehicle got through to drive on.

The one good thing this ad did was make people understand where the eco-fascists are headed. They want this to be our future.

I took the Green Police com... (Below threshold)

I took the Green Police commercial as a parody on extreme eco-fascism while promoting their car as a reasonable green alternative. I liked it.

Betty White-Abe Vigoda by f... (Below threshold)
Lord Whorfin:

Betty White-Abe Vigoda by far!!

My favorite was the little ... (Below threshold)

My favorite was the little boy in the Dorito commercial telling the guy to stay away from his momma and his doritos. Second would be the snicker commercial with Betty White

those of us who live in Kal... (Below threshold)

those of us who live in Kalifornia found the "Green Police" ad hit waaaaay too close to home!

We have a version of almost all of that already in operation...or set to be!

Oh, and the "Greens" out here? They are FINE with dispensing with freedom and privacy...as long as it "saves the planet".

I think that the Gorians we... (Below threshold)
The Other Jay:

I think that the Gorians were overcome with a sense of longing for about 30 seconds.

Yeah, I thought they did a ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I thought they did a good job making the Green Police the crazies--though point taken with #2 about the lack of punchline. Doritos kid and Betty White were best. That defeatthedebt.org or whatever ad--with the kids pledging to the debt--was pretty good. And the Tebow thing was hardly noticed--boy did folks overreact to that!

Looks like I picked the wro... (Below threshold)

Looks like I picked the wrong week to re-read "Atlas Shrugged."

The Budweiser commercial al... (Below threshold)
John Whittaker:

The Budweiser commercial all the way. I have been partial to those commercials from the start. This one does not come up to the standard of the one where the zebra is using instant replay to make a ruling determination,( I was in times past a high school ref) but it was a good spot. There were, in my opinion, only four of five that were any good, and the rest were either inept or hohum. I don't watch TV that much, but each time I do I come away convinced that the commercials are getting less artistic. Yes, the ad is presenting the product, but not in a favorable light, in my opinion. The ad people must think the prospective customers have no brains at all.

My favorite was the guy in ... (Below threshold)

My favorite was the guy in the coffin watching the game eating doritos, second favorite is always a favorite - love the Clydesdales.

Least favorite - the stupid census commercial that my hard earned tax dollars paid for. Stoopid.

As to the green commercial, it's getting harder and harder to tell the parody from the true leftist utopians. I think this commercial will appeal to both ecofreaks who will love it and freedom lovers who see its freakishness, and that's just scary. Right up there with Demonsheep.

Just a query - who's doing Coke ads these days? They really really stink.

What is that critter in the... (Below threshold)

What is that critter in the Green Police ad, a lemur?

The Monster.com ad with the... (Below threshold)

The Monster.com ad with the fiddler was my favorite:

The Doritos-Dog-Barking col... (Below threshold)

The Doritos-Dog-Barking collar was the funniest..

The only thing I could think of when "Green Police" played was that somewhere Obama was telling someone to write down all these 'good' ideas.

I thought the Google ad was... (Below threshold)

I thought the Google ad was great; understated and very sweet.

Also the Dorito commercial where the little kid warned the boyfriend away from his mother cracked me up.

What is that critter in ... (Below threshold)

What is that critter in the Green Police ad, a lemur?

No, a foam sniffing anteater.

If the ad meant to lampo... (Below threshold)

If the ad meant to lampoon fascist environmentalists, where was the punch line?

Um, in that he chose that ride without regard to the 'green police' because it's a spiffy car to begin with and saves the dude a ton money in operating costs.

s'why we bought a Jetta Turbo Diesel (TDI) four years ago; 40-45 mpg, unbelievable torque for a 4-banger, great road handling. FAR superior to the Asian high-mileage sewing machines.

fwiw, the Jetta is the same car as the Audi A3 but $$$$s cheaper. The VW Passat = Audi A4.

OK. The Audi commercial se... (Below threshold)

OK. The Audi commercial separates itself by virtue of having the courage to take a subject which the powers-that-be had declared off limits for parody.

But... I am a pure sucker for the E-Trade commercials with the lip synced infants. I'm not sure how convincing they are for selling a serious and sober service such as personal investing. But, I laugh out loud every time I see one.

Anthing from GoDaddy.com. W... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Anthing from GoDaddy.com. What can I say, I'm a red-blooded guy.

The Green Police ad fails i... (Below threshold)

The Green Police ad fails in America because it was made by Euro -peons, for the neo-fascistic Euro-peon "mind"-set.

What it does, though and (if one sees it through the distorting lens of that mind-set) quite brilliantly, is remind us that the whole (massively gummint subsidized) "hybrid" car thing is a fascist fad and that the Euro-peon's pursuit of ever more incredibly efficient "clean" diesels (65 miles per gallon is common) is a WAY MORE efficient and sensible way to achieve high gas mileage and "low emissions" than is the foolish fad represented by the likes of Toyota's ridiculously expensive, subsidized, Pious. (whose lifetime factory to scrapyard "carbon footprint" is greater than that of an H2 Hummer)

17, MjMQ: What's t... (Below threshold)

17, MjM

Q: What's the difference between a VW and an Audi?

A: $30,000.00!

Brian, Our Jetta i... (Below threshold)


Our Jetta is near top-o-line - heated seats, sun roof, all power everything, leather - for around 24k four years ago. The comparable Audi was 10k more. We test drove both and the only diff I could tell was diff grill work, maybe a little quieter ride in the Audi, and nicer dash bobbles. But it also rated 5mpg less.

The VW Jetta won Clean Car last year:

"Clean" diesel is just the mandated low-sulfur diesel that was forced on to us two years ago (see? Green Police alive and well!).

And contrary to the what the article implies diesel remain quite smelly (if you have oil heat you know this; it's the same fuel).

htt... (Below threshold)






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