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Those Fine Minnesotan's are at it Again

Here in Silicon Valley the weather is wet and cloudy, but not so bad. Most of the rest of the country seems to be a...

Frozen Wasteland


Yah, fer shure, they're wasted...

Hat Tip: SAB


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Comments (8)

Uh, Minnesotan's...what?</p... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Uh, Minnesotan's...what?

Good video.Very fi... (Below threshold)

Good video.

Very fitting

What's all that white stuff... (Below threshold)

What's all that white stuff?

"What's all that white stuf... (Below threshold)

"What's all that white stuff?"

Outside refrigeration.. Works like a fridge for chillin beer only faster.

If that thing actually runs... (Below threshold)

If that thing actually runs it's officially the coolest mobile home ever.

Look the high snow fall is ... (Below threshold)

Look the high snow fall is all because of Climate Change. See before it was Global warming now it climate change it covers everything now STFU and pay your tribute to the Church of Gore .


You know I was joking abo... (Below threshold)

You know I was joking above but NYT seems to be serious.

hcddbz,Did you rea... (Below threshold)


Did you really just write "NYT" and "serious" in the same sentence without an accompanying negation?






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