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A Public Service Announcement

Last week, the highly respected publication Lancet (whose authority is unquestionable) announced that it has withdrawn its 1998 study linking autism with certain childhood vaccines.

This in no way should cause any Citizen to lose the slightest bit of faith in this publication, no more than its erroneous calculations about deaths caused by the Iraq war.

Nor should this announcement cause any Citizen to lose the slightest bit of faith in the scientific community, especially in the field of Anthropogenic Global Warming Climate Change.

Skepticism and doubt is an essential tool in Science, but it is a potent one that should only be practiced by thoroughly trained and sanctioned and licensed Professionals. Ordinary Citizens should not trouble themselves with such challenging concepts, and trust these Professionals' knowledge and integrity.

Citizens observed practicing Skepticism and Doubt should be reported immediately, so they can attend Dr. W. Smith's re-education seminars in Facility 101.

Those who fail to attend -- or attend and fail -- will be granted further re-education in specific facilities set up around the nation.

That is all. You may now resume your normal duties, Citizens.


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Comments (21)

Yeah, and if ever you're ev... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

Yeah, and if ever you're ever diagnosed with cancer just ignore the recommended treatment.

Researchers - sheesh - who can believe them!

The Average Right Wing Sycophant

Watch it, Green, or I'll ge... (Below threshold)

Watch it, Green, or I'll get that guy from the DNC who worked for Marcia Chokely to knock you around a bit.

And when he's done, you better be ready to apologize to him...


Yeah Steve, you're right. A... (Below threshold)

Yeah Steve, you're right. All you ladies really DON'T need those mammograms until you're 50.

It's hard to appeal to the ... (Below threshold)

It's hard to appeal to the authority of science when it takes 12 years to retract an obviously flawed study.

Dear Jay Tea,Pleas... (Below threshold)

Dear Jay Tea,

Please follow the "advice" of Steve Green--as posted above--and stop criticizing your "betters!" With any luck, perhaps he'll be willing to authorize future posting of your articles once they have been properly screened.

I would recommend reading a... (Below threshold)

I would recommend reading a little more coherent account than the one Jay linked here. This post makes it sound like it was published knowing it wasn't very sound, when that doesn't seem to be the case - dissents have developed over the years. Regardless, this particular story is particularly cringe-inducing:

"The reversal of a controversial opinion that links childhood vaccines to autism, directly affects a parents decision about disease prevention."

Only YOU can, prevent comma abuse! Because the author sure can't: "The original study, published in a popular medical journal caused a stir and leaves parents wondering, 'What's right?'" & "This recent news suggests, there's no connection, but it doesn't ease concerns."

"The popular medical journal lancet published of the flawed information in 1998, many parents decided to abandon the vaccine."


"Many parents are weary of the shots, even after subsequent studies found no proof that the vaccine is linked to Autism."

I'm guessing their editor, if they had one, was a little too weary when they read this.

"Though the exact cause of the disorder is still unclear."

I'm pretty sure that's not a complete sentence.

"Lechago does not believe in the link published, but see's why parents might choose to avoid the vaccine."

Ah, yes, I see's it now.

I see that whipping boy Gre... (Below threshold)

I see that whipping boy Green has showed up to get His daily spanking again.

I think He enjoy's it a bit too much?

Re "Yeah, and if ever you'r... (Below threshold)

Re "Yeah, and if ever you're ever diagnosed with cancer just ignore the recommended treatment"

And you are an idiot if you get a second opinion especially if that doctor is well known for making mistakes.

And you must trust the snake oil salesman because he has a witness that swears it work and he is a expert. I saw it work myself. I stranger who no one has seen before took some and he was healed.

I can't figure out if SG ju... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

I can't figure out if SG just gets his jollies by acting ignorant and behvaving ignorantly or if he really is that ignorant.

Why don't you just give him... (Below threshold)

Why don't you just give him a old whack with the hammer, Jay? I'm sure I'm not the only one that's sick and tired of his juvenile insults.

We could use a whole lot more people like Bruce Henry even though I may disagree with him on any number of issues. Disagreeing with someone has it merits as long as the conversation stays civil because both parties learn something about each other. But any discourse with Green is futile. He has slung more derogatory adjectives around here at everyone involved than anyone I can remember - except maybe JFO. And I've been reading this blog for several years.

Sorry, I don't intend to derail the thread. Delete the whole comment if you want. I've just friggin had it.

Oyster - I was you a few mo... (Below threshold)

Oyster - I was you a few months ago. Take advantage of the "set comment score threshold" button...works wonders on the blood pressure.

"Why don't you just give... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

"Why don't you just give him a old whack with the hammer, Jay? I'm sure I'm not the only one that's sick and tired of his juvenile insults."

How convenient - to ignore the juvenile insults that are thrown my way.

I think we're going to need... (Below threshold)

I think we're going to need a special re-education camp just for Green...

...and Mr. Green, did you ever acknowledge that you were completely talking out of your ass over the guy assaulted by Martha Coakley's borrowed DNC thug? The thug apologized; you really ought to retract your staunch defense of him...


I am skeptical they even in... (Below threshold)

I am skeptical they even intend to have an election at some point in the future.

When they insist on perusing such a perilous course I have to wonder, what is it I am not seeing just around the corner.

A crisis will develop that they can use as the reason for declaring marshal law and there goes the ballgame.

We MUST NOT be blind to the possibility.

"Mr. Green, did you ever... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

"Mr. Green, did you ever acknowledge that you were completely talking out of your ass..."

There you go, Oyster. That's an example of how the tone is set by the editors of this blog.

How convenient for you to ignore that kind of dialog directed at me, and to suggest that I should be banned for using the same kind of language the editors use....

Do what I do - just ignore it.

To translate:No, I, ... (Below threshold)

To translate:
No, I, Steve Green, have never acknowledged my own false statements, be they lies or simple mistaken beliefs. I have also never admited to juvenile or crass behaivor.
Even though everyone here longer than a week as seen me caught doing all of the above.

"Do what I do - just ignore... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

"Do what I do - just ignore it."

That's what Little Stevie does to facts, logic, common sense, etc.

So, for 12 years the "unque... (Below threshold)
Mr Wonderful:

So, for 12 years the "unquestionable authority" of the Lancet agreed that vaccines cause autism, they changed their minds? Didn't they vet the research before publishing the article?

"Didn't they vet the res... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"Didn't they vet the research before publishing the article?"

Why? The science was settled.

The Lancet has been a hack ... (Below threshold)

The Lancet has been a hack journal for decades - I believe I cancelled my subscription about 1980 or so after they became so obviously bent on pseudoscientific politically correct in the UK crap.

So Steve, I WOULD call suspect any treatments offered you based SOLEY on evidence published in the Lancet in the past 30 years. Hell, you're more likely to find a pearl at kos or MOVEON.org than The Lancet (which has become "the Loo" of British Medical Journals.

Tsk, you so easily discount... (Below threshold)
Steeped in Green:

Tsk, you so easily discount the WooLoo and my academic dis-sertations.

How quaint.






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