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Glen "Instapundit" Reynolds Comments on 0bama's Victory

VICTORY HAS A THOUSAND FATHERS: Robert Gibbs Tells White House Press Corps That Obama Saved Iraq (Video).

But Obama’s about as much the father of this victory as Andrew Young was of Rielle Hunter’s baby . . . .

Indeed, Sir, indeed.

That's going to leave a mark.


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Comments (22)

I vaguely remember Instapun... (Below threshold)

I vaguely remember Instapundint.

The heterosexual version of Drudge.

The less hysterical version of Malkin.


Types "Heh!" as mating call to BoingBoing! money bags. BoingBoing! pretends moneybags not home.

Shorter BryanD: "Reynolds i... (Below threshold)

Shorter BryanD: "Reynolds is correct in his assessment of Biden's astounding attempt to take credit for a stable Iraq, but my saying that will in no way get everyone to pay attention to me!! So, irrelevant observation 1, inane comment 1, inane comment 2, inane and inaccurate assessment 1, drug induced-dementia 1,..."



Can bryanDrivel make any co... (Below threshold)

Can bryanDrivel make any comment ever without a blatant or veiled reference to homosexuality?

as noted on another theread... (Below threshold)

as noted on another theread, Obammy's gonna pull our troops out of Germany and proclaim he won WWII!

Our Putz-in-Chief is waaaay past tiresome.

After watching the video, I... (Below threshold)
Jerry M:

After watching the video, I think you will agree that the propagandists in the old Soviet Union could not hold a candle to the shamelessly dishonest scum presently governing our country. Obama has demonstrated over and over that he is a pathological liar. Obama and Biden were among the staunchest opponents of the surge and did everything they could to bring about defeat in Iraq while in the Senate. Now, according to their mouthpiece Gibbs, Biden was right to give Obama credit for victory in Iraq. These people are worse than a bad joke and any American who still believes Obama is doing a good job (about 44% according to the latest polls) is a certifiable moron.

Obama is the slimy Joaquin ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Obama is the slimy Joaquin Phoenix character in Gladiator who pretended to show up raring to fight after the battle was done.

Obama found a parade in pro... (Below threshold)

Obama found a parade in progress that he can lead by the grandstand.

I was most amused when the ... (Below threshold)

I was most amused when the reporter noted that the SOFA that had the troops withdrawing (which Gibbs had been saying was why this is Obama's victory) was signed by the Bush administration, and Gibbs responded by saying that that was because of pressure from then-candidate Obama. FTW?

Oooopppps!!Approval ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Medcalf, you're talkin... (Below threshold)

Jeff Medcalf, you're talking a guy (Gibbs) with a room-temperature IQ who works for a guy (Obammy) who got a Nobel Peace Prize as an ATTENDANCE Award!

Bullshit is all they got...and, of course, SHOVELS!

I doesn't take much imagina... (Below threshold)
recoverd liberal democrat:

I doesn't take much imagination so wonder what "O" would be doing if Sadam Hussein were still around.

One more bow, I'd guess.</p... (Below threshold)

One more bow, I'd guess.

I don't ever remember seein... (Below threshold)

I don't ever remember seeing Obama in Iraq. We won in Iraq! The Bush administration let us win!

Rick13,More like t... (Below threshold)


More like the Bush Administration dragged the Democrats, kicking and screaming in protest, across the finish line to Victory.

JerryM @ #5 ~ Whether Obama... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

JerryM @ #5 ~ Whether Obama qualifies as a "pathological" or "compulsive" liar may be a question better left to the clinicians. Suffice it to say he is at least profusive.

As Jim Geraghty of NRO noted during the 2008 primaries: "All statements of Barack Obama come with an expiration date. ALL of them."

He's a man who has been handed everything and never earned anything, and been led to believe it is his right. He seems unable to comprehend that people are seeing through him now.

The idiot in chief has a vi... (Below threshold)

The idiot in chief has a victory ?

Oh yeah, he submitted again.

I thought Obamabi's greates... (Below threshold)

I thought Obamabi's greatest accomplishment was keeping unemployment below 8 percent.

And having the most transparent administration in American history.

And ending the partisanship in Washington.

And ...

You thought wrong!!!!... (Below threshold)

You thought wrong!!!!

barry has had such a bad fe... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

barry has had such a bad few months,they were/are in danger of a carteresque 1-term failure. They had to come out with SOMETHING positive to say about themselves.

So will Obama throw a ticke... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

So will Obama throw a ticker tape victory parade?

O'doofus is a "community or... (Below threshold)

O'doofus is a "community organizer". That's where all of his experience comes from. What does one do in that role? Do they create a product or service that has a value? That can be sold for a profit and funds reinvested in the business? NO. They get money from someone else and spend it. Not in an effort to create more income and wealth. No they spend it on stuff, but it's not like an investment where there's some monetary return to sustain activity. When they run out of spending money, they go get more from someone else. That's the problem with electing a person who's only experience is community organizing. They have no appreciation for the value of money or the effort required to EARN it. They don't EARN the money. They work the system to get GRANTS from the government. Though they probably see this as working to get money.

It's quite alarming that the dems and MSM would hold his Community Organizing out as one of his TOP achievements and experience enough to lead the biggest economic engine in the WORLD. It's a good thing those who voted for him aren't hiring the next CEO of GM. Oh, that's right they are.

Gotta love the big Zero in ... (Below threshold)

Gotta love the big Zero in 0bama title here.






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