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House Democrats Have a Legislative Trick Up Their Sleeves

Mark Tapscott at the Washington Examiner has a piece at Beltway Confidential that illustrates the Democrats' shocking chutzpa. In spite of the electoral defeats in Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, in which the Democrats suffered embarrassing losses due to the overreach of the party's leadership in the US Congress, the House Democrats have decided that it's full steam ahead on health care, the American people be damned. They will do what ever it takes to force their government run health care plan on all of us:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's senior health care advisor has told Congress Daily that congressional Democratic leaders have settled on a strategy they believe will allow them to make changes in both Senate and House Obamacare bills, then send a single, revised version to President Obama for signature.

Congress Daily is a subscription-only publication, but LifeNews.com has these details:
"In comments reported by Congress Daily, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's top health care aide Wendell Primus admitted top Democrats have already decided on the strategy to pass the Senate's pro-abortion, government-run health care bill.

"Primus explained that the Senate will use the controversial reconciliation strategy that will have the House approve the Senate bill and both the House and Senate okaying changes to the bill that the Senate will sign off on by preventing Republicans from filibustering.

"'The trick in all of this is that the president would have to sign the Senate bill first, then the reconciliation bill second, and the reconciliation bill would trump the Senate bill,' Primus said at the National Health Policy Conference hosted by Academy Health and Health Affairs.

"'There's a certain skill, there's a trick, but I think we'll get it done,' he said."

As outrageous as this is in its arrogance and derision toward the American electorate, Mark points out another, possibly even more dishonest and dishonorable part of this scheme, and that is in order for a plan like this to succeed, it would have to have the knowledge and consent of the White House:

The comments from Primus raise an obvious question: Since it is inconveible that Democratic congressional leaders are moving in this direction without the knowledge of the White House, why call a health care summit and challenge congressional Republicans to come with their best ideas when the plan is already in place to use legislative trickery to pass Obamacare?

The most logical answer would seem to be that the summit is part and parcel of a White House/congressional Democratic strategy to distract attention from what is about to happen on the Hill.

Democrats in Congress are colluding with the President of the United States to take over one sixth of the US economy and force the American people into a government controlled health care plan. One can't help but wonder if they have a political death wish. Actually, political suicide pact seems more like it.


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Comments (23)

If the Democrats thought th... (Below threshold)

If the Democrats thought they saw anger over the past year (and, despite their talking points, they aren't as stupid and ignorant that they do not know what happened), they ain't seen nothing yet if they pass this crap sandwich.

I suspect this "summit" is ... (Below threshold)

I suspect this "summit" is part of the ruse. Get Republicans into a meeting, point out that they won't compromise, and then go into reconciliation.

As Admiral Ackbar would say:

"It's a trap!"

it is indeed a "trap"...and... (Below threshold)

it is indeed a "trap"...and the Republicans need to very LOUDLY proclaim it as such during the televised "negotiations".

AND the Repubs need to point blank ask if the "Trick" is indeed in the works. ON NATIONAL TV.

said it before, will surely... (Below threshold)

said it before, will surely say it again...

they do not CARE if they lose their jobs over this...it's worth it. they know damned well that people don't want this, but it will get them closer to the magic number of dependent voters

give a staunch pro-lifer the chance to trade their lucrative job in exchange for a bill banning abortion - they'd do it.

give a staunch national security rep a chance to trade their position for an unpopular vote over defending the country - they'd do it.

they are WILLING to give up with cushy seats (in exchange for cushy "consulting" jobs with ecstatic liberal orgs, I'm sure) to socialize health care. it's WORTH IT to them.

the right had better grasp that. there are way too many on the right still saying 'boy, if they do this, just watch out come November!' They don't CARE about November...or at least enough of them don't. Look at how many are already saying they won't run in November - they can't be touched, they're going full speed ahead

This is Dem B.S. to assuage... (Below threshold)

This is Dem B.S. to assuage the looney left. If Nancy had the votes, it would already have happened. She does'nt. Nothing is going to happen.

I agree with Falze. They ha... (Below threshold)

I agree with Falze. They have already written off 2010, and possibly 2012, as mere collateral damage. They know that this may be their window of opportunity to implement a overwhelming, and permanent, game changer. They are thinking strategically, while the Republicans are thinking tactically. And the Republican's tactics don't involve much beyond 2010.

"'There's a certain skill, ... (Below threshold)

"'There's a certain skill, there's a trick, but I think we'll get it done,' he said."

At what cost and at what cost to whom?

If they think they can use reconciliation and get this jammed through and not have it repealed before it's enacted they're stupider than they act. The American public has loudly and clearly declared that the path the Democrats are going down is not the one they wish to follow or have jammed down their throats.

Nov 2010 is indeed going to be a traumatic encounter that will put the Democrats on the endangered species list.

This must be very im... (Below threshold)

This must be very important to them. It's important enough for them to willingly forfeit lucrative jobs. Ask "Why?".

When someone dresses up lik... (Below threshold)
Don L:

When someone dresses up like a deer in order to stop hunters from hunting they're very apt to get shot. When these ideologues get through making their political caskets the voters will bury them.

They clearly aim to have such stuff done to them because they're all out of the closet now and know they'll not fool so many ever again. As the old song says, It's now or never"

They have not forfeited any... (Below threshold)

They have not forfeited anything. This is just Dem blather. They are not going to pull this trigger.

Time to give the American e... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

Time to give the American electorate yet another example of how the Republican Party is the Party of No.

Time to give the electorate... (Below threshold)

Time to give the electorate yet another example of how the Democratic Party ignores the will of the public.

"Time to give the American ... (Below threshold)

"Time to give the American electorate yet another example of how the Republican Party is the Party of No."

Except that at this point the American electorate appears disposed to expressing some level of gratitude. Therefore, I am not sure what advantage this serves the Democrats any more. It's a mantra that has become almost as stale as "we inherited......." blah, blah blah.

At this point, I'd say it's... (Below threshold)
James H:

At this point, I'd say it's just a bargaining position to try to force Republicans to the table.

Just say no to every... (Below threshold)

Just say no to everything Bowbama has planned and everything will be fine.

Steve Green -How l... (Below threshold)

Steve Green -

How long can the country stand a national debt of over $12 trillion? How long can we afford to add to that debt at the tune of more than $1.6 TRILLION a year? China's already making noises about buying American debt - what are we supposed to do when we can't borrow money from any other country because the dollar's damn near worthless?

Do you even BOTHER to think about what you want, and how the country can afford it? Or do you just figure the 'rich' will be bled dry to pay for your 'progressive' wet dreams?

Leftists realize they have ... (Below threshold)

Leftists realize they have a once in a lifetime opportunity to enslave the American people. Through this "health care" fraud, the left will be able to dictate what Americans are permitted to say, think, do, believe, eat, drink, drive, purchase and own. Want to buy a pistol? Your "premiums" will increase dramatically, given the obvious potential bodily harm which could result! And think of the political advantage in the power to tell republican patients that they will have to die, as treatment will not be "cost effective!"
Such breathtaking power and authority over every facet of our lives cannot be permitted to vanish. So they lose a few seats? Big deal. Those will be reclaimed sooner or later. This opportunity might not present itself again for years...decades!

I guess since control of ou... (Below threshold)

I guess since control of our live's thru "climate change", or "taxation without representation", did not work out in the socialist's favor, their next attempt at control is through Healthscare.

Get lost You creepy domineering leftist's..

OLDPUPPYMAX is correct.... (Below threshold)

OLDPUPPYMAX is correct.

Steve Green:<blockquo... (Below threshold)

Steve Green:

Time to give the American electorate yet another example of how the Republican Party is the Party of No.

And what you fail to understand is that if you give the American people the choice between the Democrats agenda, including healthcare "reform" and gridlock, they'll take gridlock. Massachusetts voters were repeatedly warned that voting for Senator Brown would bring gridlock, and the majority happily voted for gridlock. The Democrats agenda sucks so badly, you can't sell it in Massachusetts.


So healthcare reform will pass, even though the electorate is strongly against it? That will be amusing. When it does:

1. The deficit will grow even more. The financing for this bill is a fairy tale. It will never even come close. Federal programs like this always cost more than they are forecast, and this will break the budget worse.
2. The proposed cuts in Medicare will never be made, so the deficit will grow even more. And more doctors and hospitals will simply refuse to accept Medicare patients due to the delays in reimbursement and the complexity, creating a worse crisis.
3. The cost of healthcare will explode as more patients demand greater access to resources that have not expanded.
4. The availability and quality of healthcare will decrease because that's what socialist systems do: they provide equally bad access to inferior goods and services.
5. It will create a healthcare crisis as the government demands cheaper treatment protocols that reduce quality, but Democrats refuse to take the pressure off providers by shielding them from the lawsuits caused by the inferior protocols they are being forced to use.
6. The tax increases and increased regulation will hurt our already fragile economy.

And all of this chaos will be forced on an unwilling electorate by a group of power-mad Democrats who see this as their best chance to make "change". If that happens and I was a Democrat, I wouldn't worry about the 2010 elections: a lot of Democrats may be fleeing Washington for parts unknown before November.

As I was reading this all I... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

As I was reading this all I could think was "Backlash of Biblical Proportions".

And to Little Stevie Green, we aren't just the party of no, we are the Party of Hell No!!!!

Sometimes, Little Stevie, NO!!!! is the correct answer.

In this case the Dems are trying to drive our economy over a cliff at 100MPH. The answer to that is unequivocally NO!!!!


Hell, if the Democrats were... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Hell, if the Democrats weren't using dirty tricks they wouldn't be trying and they wouldn't be Democrats.

The only thing 'surprising' about this is there are still conservatives out there who are so naive they'll actually be surprised.

The Democrats aren't attemp... (Below threshold)

The Democrats aren't attempting Healthcare Reform or a government takeover of the healthcare industry, they are attempting a DEMOCRAT takeover of the healthcare industry.

A Single Party State is the ultimate goal, with the Party Leaders living large at the expense of everyone else.






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