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Can You Hear Me Now?

I didn't give Bob McDonnell much of a chance early in the Virginia gubernatorial election. In fact, Creigh Deeds wasn't given much of a chance against the big money primary leader Terry McAuliffe. Then McAuliffe got crushed in the Virginia Democratic primary by Deeds. Shortly afterward, and coincidentally at the same time the Obama big spending agenda came into focus for voters, Deeds found himself struggling in an election held in the President's own back yard. McDonnell was the first major candidate to make the Obama agenda a singular issue in an election, and he won. But the recipe to his success was no secret.

Then incumbent Democrat John Corzine, the only candidate I can think of that had access to more money than Barak Obama, lost to Republican Chris Christie in Blue New Jersey. During all of this a vigorous and heated discussion of policy, which never took root during the 2008 Presidential election, was blossoming in the grass roots. When Scott Brown claimed the "Kennedy" seat in the Massachusetts special election even politicos suffering from industrial strength denial (like Senators Ben Nelson and Blanche Lincoln) openly expressed concern. But the hard core leftists at the New York Times, The Huffington Post and Firedog Lake raged on for President Obama to redouble his efforts on ObamaCare, ObamaSpending, Passive Aggresive Terror Policy and Cap and Trade.

However,today an adult showed up at this Democratic bonfire of insanity and told Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, his putative leader, to take this job and shove it. Indiana Democratic Senator Evan Bayh's announcement to not run for reelection mere days before the Indiana filing deadline is a clear signal to Democratic caucus leaders that they are not just wrong on policy but also totally out of touch with reality (something we have been saying on this blog for months.) As Dan mentioned below, Majority Leader Reid didn't even get a heads up. That sound you hear is the sound of sheets splitting across the wide, wide bed of the Democratic Party.

After the Indiana bombshell delivered today the collective eyes of news junkies will naturally settle on La La Land, where California Senator Barbara "Please call me Senator" Boxer is presenting the same symptoms shown by Deeds, Corzine, Coakley and Bayh. Everywhere in flyover country there is a chorus of Tea Partiers, silent majorities and ordinary middle class Americans (including many unemployed) shouting "Can you here me now?"

Note: A thank you to Commenter #1. I left out a link. It's fixed now.

More: Peter Wehner provides some context:

The last time we saw a double-digit shift in Senate seats in a single election was when a former movie actor by the name of Ronald Reagan was elected president (Republicans won a dozen seats back in 1980). A shift of those dimensions in a non-presidential election year would be basically unheard of. But as Jen points out, a pickup of 10 GOP seats -- and recontrol of the Senate -- is no longer out of the question. America's political tectonic plates are shifting in a fairly dramatic and rapid fashion; and the resulting dislocation will batter and crush many Democratic candidates, perhaps on a scale we have not witnessed before in our lifetime, at least in a midterm election.

"Crickets" from ABCNBCCBSNYTNWTIMENPRMSNBCCNN opinionators that would interrupt regualarly scheduled programming if this were a Republican problem.


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Comments (18)

"However,today an adult ... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

"However,today an adult showed up at this Democratic bonfire of insanity and told Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, his putative leader, to take this job and shove it."


No. There's no evidence anywhere that Bayh "told Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, his putative leader, to take this job and shove it." That's just your imagination.

Had me for a second -- for a split second there I thought you were telling the truth.

Hear... (Below threshold)


Good job on spin there Stev... (Below threshold)

Good job on spin there Stevie. Now go commiserate with the rest of the KosKids.

Shove it Harry!... (Below threshold)

Shove it Harry!

Stevie, you're right. ... (Below threshold)

Stevie, you're right.

Bayh didn't even think enough of Harry Reid to tell him to shove it!

It's bad when your spouse says: "I'm leaving". It's worse when you're friends have to tell you: "You know you're spouse left...right?"

Uh Steve, if one is a prett... (Below threshold)

Uh Steve, if one is a pretty visible Democrat senator (like Bayh) and every Democrat vote you can get is needed to pass a legislative program which is generally unpopular with the public and your re-election seems assured (like Bayh) and yet you decide not to run and don't even tell your leadership ahead of time..... I think that carries a message quite close to the way Hugh describes it. It's kind of sad really for Reid. Reid used to be considered a moderate voice. He abdicated that voice to the far leftist agneda of Obama/Pelosi and he will likely pay a big price.

Reid used to be... (Below threshold)
Reid used to be considered a moderate voice.
By most people, I'm sure. But I first became aware of Harry Reid when he was still in the House, and he didn't come across as very moderate back then.

I felt the day he got elected to the Senate that it was a very bad day for the country.

Couldn't happen to a nicer ... (Below threshold)

Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of commie wankers.

little stevie why oh why ar... (Below threshold)

little stevie why oh why are you even bothering?...the writing is on the wall...just learn to read it.

TOP OF THE WORLD, MA!... (Below threshold)
The New and Improved Steve Green:


Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!



Shove it Green!... (Below threshold)

Shove it Green!

Perhaps the Puppetmasters c... (Below threshold)

Perhaps the Puppetmasters can see that Obama has no chance for re-election and are setting up Bayh's 2012 Presidential run.

Steve "the impossible to ca... (Below threshold)

Steve "the impossible to caricature" Green: "Had me for a second -- for a split second there I thought you were telling the truth."

Hey, lookey there! Steve apparently thought he was talking to the Phil Jones of the CRU!!!

Hey Steve, what do you say when the very scientist at the heart of all the BS you've been spreading basically gives up the ghost on all the lies??

What I say is "You never had me, not even for a second -- in fact, I never thought for a split second that you were telling the truth. But Steve Green did!!!"

Bayh hasn't been polling hi... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Bayh hasn't been polling his usual 60% - in fact has been under 50% which, although he leads all named challengers, is the traditional danger sign for incumbents seeking reelection. He probably feels he has been reduced to a party line apparatchik, never something to sit well with a former Governor. And he has $13 million in his campaign fund that could be used for other campaigns in the future.

He would probably be the favorite for reelection even in a wave year, but why blow the bankroll on his first tough campaign because of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi?

The right's ability to read... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

The right's ability to read tea leaves is once again failing. All incumbents, Republican and Democratic, have an uphill battler ahead.

And how many pro-abortion GOP candidates like Scott Brown is the right going to be able stomach out side of Massachusetts?

Good luck with that.

The greentoon's ability to ... (Below threshold)

The greentoon's ability to predict conservative behavior isn't failing because it never succeeded in the first place.

Counting on abortion of all things to save your guys, toonie? Good luck with that.

"Counting on abortion of... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

"Counting on abortion of all things to save your guys"

Nope. Just counting on the abortion issue to slow down efforts by the right wing extremists to make any inroads.

RINOs yes, that have a chance - WACKOS no, not a prayer.

counting on the... (Below threshold)
counting on the abortion issue
Like I said...






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