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Global warming causes freezing

It's confusing I know but Don Surber attempts to clarify:

To my relatives still living in the Cleveland area, I say: You can walk to Canada now.

Hell, er, Lake Erie has frozen over.

This is all because of global cooling, er, warming.

You see one of the signs of global warming is the extreme differences in temperatures that cause the shallowest of the Great Lakes to freeze over while, look, the other lakes are all ice free because of global warming.

So there.

Gary Garnet, warning coordination meteorologist, told the Morning Journal in Lorain that this means less lake effect snow, which is another sign of global warming because less snow equals global warming.

Then again, more snow equals global warming.

It is all science and anyone who doe not understand it is just hopelessly stupid.

Settled science... any questions?



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Comments (17)

This is the same kind of no... (Below threshold)

This is the same kind of nonsense we got from that crack-pot JAMES HANSEN the same bunch of green liberal bunk these global warming wackos spew

"It is all science and a... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

"It is all science and anyone who doe not understand it is just hopelessly stupid."

For anybody who lives by th... (Below threshold)

For anybody who lives by the Great Lakes (I lived outside of Erie, PA for 20+ years), Lake Erie didn't freeze over very often (the late seventies were the worse). And being the shallowest of the Great Lakes was the only one that did. And when it did freeze over, it meant that it was colder than normal, either during the summer or during the winter. The upside was less lake effect snow, the downside was no lake water to temper the arctic blast, i.e. bitterly cold temperatures.

So for Lake Erie to freeze over means a colder than normal summer and/or winter, a sure sign of global warming.

Global Warming also causes ... (Below threshold)

Global Warming also causes hemorrhoids and autism.

Rick, get with the program.... (Below threshold)

Rick, get with the program. In the Winter its called Global Climate Change, its only called Global Warming in the summer.

The science is just too com... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

The science is just too complex for all but 1% of the population to intuitively understand, so it's imperative to relay on computer models. Imputing the most recent data I find that high unemployment is caused by out of control global economic growth. Congress must immediately increase tax and spending to mitigate the worst effects of global economic growth. If not, the world's economies will grow so fast that no one will have a job :-)

Who says that Lake Erie fre... (Below threshold)

Who says that Lake Erie freezing over will bring less snow for Cleveland?

As I type, I am sitting in my office in Cleveland watching the snow gently fall, and has been falling steadily since Friday, Feb 5th.

About 30 inches of Global warming is piled up on my deck.

I just love this warm freez... (Below threshold)

I just love this warm freezing stuff all over the place.

Phil Jones from Wikipedia: ... (Below threshold)

Phil Jones from Wikipedia: Jones holds a BA in Environmental Sciences from the University of Lancaster, and an MSc and PhD from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. His PhD was titled "A spatially distributed catchment model for flood forecasting and river regulation with particular reference to the River Tyne".

You know, for a long time we were called stupid because we are not experts nor hold climatology degrees, and were told that we could not question those that are obviously more qualified.

Now that Jones has said that there has definitely been NO WARMING SINCE 1995, what makes those on the left more qualified to doubt this obviously qualified University of East Anglia Professor? Can they please provide proof of their qualification before presenting their opinions? What kind of a sick world do they live in where they have one set of rules for themselves and another for those that disagree with them? Isn't that what is supposedly the whole universal point of liberalism? Some universal equality?

Did you know that, thanks t... (Below threshold)

Did you know that, thanks to GLOBAL WARMING, the 'lake effect' has reached all the way to Kalifornia? This afternoon an ice cube melted on the table out on the patio. Gotta be because of Global Warming. Of course, if it hadn't melted, that would also be caused by Global Warming. Just ask Honest Al Gore.

Steve Green quoting Rick: "... (Below threshold)

Steve Green quoting Rick: ""It is all science and anyone who doe not understand it is just hopelessly stupid.""

You must understand that to the Steve Green's of the world, "science" means doctoring the data, not allowing any independent group to see the data, providing only the fudged data to other organizations that also "fudge" the data, and then, when forced to provide the raw data used for the so-called "research", you simply claim to have "lost it".

Then, continuing with the "science", you work behind the scenes to ensure that those who disagree with you never get their work "peer-reviewed". Then you can claim that those who disagree with you cannot be taken seriously because they aren't "peer-reviewed".

A perfect tautology.

Remember, this is "science".

Also, when the lead researcher admits to having "lost the data" (equivalent to "the dog ate my homework"), and admits that previous claims regarding the medieval warming period (that they were not warmer than today) can no longer be assumed to be true, and that the most controversial claims regarding the Himalayan glaciers and others actually resulted from anecdotal comments made by activist groups with no data to back them up, AFTER ALL THAT, just remember that you are too stupid to understand "the science".

You know, "the science". Which Steve Green told us could only come from "climatologists". Not anyone else.

And further, that we were not to believe anyone else but the "climatologists". Who now admit they have no proof for their claims.

But hey, that's "science" right?

After all, Steve Green (not a climatologist) says it is.

Even though he's not a climatologist.

And the "climatologists" now admit they don't have the evidence.

And he told us not to listen to anyone who's not a "climatologist".

See where I'm going here?

Yes, thats right. Steve Green and the rest of AGW crowd are liars.

Why, you could travel to all 57 states of the US and see snow on the ground.

"Of course, if it hadn't... (Below threshold)

"Of course, if it hadn't melted, that would also be caused by Global Warming. Just ask Honest Al Gore."

Ah yes, if He were honest He'd be out on the trail talking up global cooling ushering in the next "ice age"? The fact that He is not say's it all.

What a shocka -gre... (Below threshold)

What a shocka -

greenie's too stupid to understand sarcasm.

"It is all science and anyo... (Below threshold)
steve greens granny:

"It is all science and anyone who doe not understand it is just hopelessly stupid."

So Bambi is fucked?

The verdict is still out. ... (Below threshold)

The verdict is still out. Lets acquire more information before we go jumping the gun. What prof. Jones had to say is a good place to start.

Jees - you lot won't admit ... (Below threshold)

Jees - you lot won't admit to it until the earth changes and you can't go hunting Bears in the summer any more.

Didn't you see "The Day After Tomorrow" that kind of explains it there. Otherwise try reading about this rather than say "there is no proof out there" - pick up a science manual - there is proof in there.

So the globe is warming. Wh... (Below threshold)

So the globe is warming. Whoop-dee-doo. Adapt or die.






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