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The hits keep on coming

The hits on the canard that some call settled science:

In August 2007, I submitted two Freedom of Information Act requests to NASA and its Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), headed by long-time Gore advisor James Hansen and his right-hand man Gavin Schmidt (and RealClimate.org co-founder).

I did this because Canadian businessman Steve McIntyre -- a man with professional experience investigating suspect statistical claims in the mining industry and elsewhere, including his exposure of the now-infamous "hockey stick" graph -- noticed something unusual with NASA's claims of an ever-warming first decade of this century. NASA appeared to have inflated its U.S. temperatures beginning in the year 2000. My FOIA request asked NASA about their internal discussions regarding whether and how to correct the temperature error caught by McIntyre.

NASA stonewalled my request for more than two years, until Climategate prompted me to offer notice of intent to sue if NASA did not comply immediately.

On New Year's Eve, NASA finally provided the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) with the documents I requested in August 2007.

The emails show the hypocrisy, dishonesty, and suspect data management and integrity of NASA, wildly spinning in defense of their enterprise. The emails show NASA making off with enormous sums of taxpayer funding doing precisely what they claim only a "skeptic" would do. The emails show NASA attempting to scrub their website of their own documents, and indeed they quietly pulled down numerous press releases grounded in the proven-wrong data. The emails show NASA claiming that their own temperature errors (which they have been caught making and in uncorrected form aggressively promoting) are merely trivial, after years of hysterically trumpeting much smaller warming anomalies.

Chris Horner, the author of the piece, has excerpts of those emails at the link.

At some point, the MSM will pick these stories up and run with it.

At some point.



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Comments (20)

This is huge.No wa... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

This is huge.

No waiting for Steve Green to make a snarking irrelevant comment in 3, 2, 1....

HYPOCRISY! LIARS! IDIOTS! P... (Below threshold)
The New and Improved Steve Green:


Sorry, I couldn't stand the suspense. Thought I'd save us all a few minutes. It's not like he's going to say anything different.

This message brought to you as a public service.

You forgot RACISTS!... (Below threshold)

You forgot RACISTS!

One word: RICO... (Below threshold)

One word: RICO

We always knew James Hanson... (Below threshold)

We always knew James Hanson was a pathetic lying fraud. He needs to be fired sans pension immediately.

I want my wasted tax dollars back.

We need to add up exactly h... (Below threshold)

We need to add up exactly how much tax payer money has been funneled into this BS and let it go viral. Once people have an idea how many Billions have been spent on this crap, they'll really be mad, especially in this economic climate.

Lawsuits anyone? The only t... (Below threshold)

Lawsuits anyone? The only thing these idiots understand is litigation so lets give it to them. They would do no less to us.

In Obama's budget he scraps... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

In Obama's budget he scraps the mission back to the moon, but is increasing the overall NASA budget. Guess what he added; more money for climate change research. In other words, Obama wants more money to dramatically improve the junk science that underpins the political agenda of AGW. With no future manned flight program, NASA is one program that can be cut deeply to reduce the budget deficit. Either that or get on with the original purpose for which NASA was founded.

The AGW walls are crumbling... (Below threshold)

The AGW walls are crumbling...but the job won't be finished until average Americans see this, courtesy of our MSM. Was chatting with a co-worker about Climategate yesterday...she didn't have a clue what I was talking about...totally not on her radar screen. Until the message reaches these folks, the job's not finished.

Willie Sutton was a famous ... (Below threshold)

Willie Sutton was a famous bank-robber in the 1930s. When he was asked "why do you rob banks?" he supposedly replied: "Because that's where the money is."

Someone should ask the head of NASA "why did you falsify and/or hide the climate data??" Just to see if they would have the courage to answer: "Because that's where the money is."

that would, however, be the CORRECT answer!

"At some point, the MSM wil... (Below threshold)

"At some point, the MSM will pick these stories up and run with it."

I wouldn't count on it. The "intellectual elite" have brought into GW and like Barry are loath to admit they were wrong. Case in point, an idiot like Bill Mahr saying that most Americans are stupid. That freaking intellectual little twit needs to have his chops busted.

Mr. Green,Thanks f... (Below threshold)

Mr. Green,

Thanks for the example of an Ad Hominem argument. Do you have anything of substance as part of your rebuttal?

"Do you have anything of su... (Below threshold)

"Do you have anything of substance as part of your rebuttal?"

Stevie ain't into "substance". He's into bullshit. That's what passes for rational thought in the crowd he normally hangs with.

Greenpeace and World Wildli... (Below threshold)

Greenpeace and World Wildlife Fund get to put their propaganda directly into the IPCC's supposedly 100% peer reviewed "Science" reports. Global warming true believers get BILLIONs from numerous government organizations and yet Exxon can counter all of that with a couple of million dollars to a conservative thinktank. Yep, you liberals sure are a lot more smarter than us dumb hicks out here in flyover country.

Fewer people every day believe in anthropogenic global warming (AGW). That's the truth.

BryanD,All I can s... (Below threshold)


All I can say is, "Wow." Do you really believe that conspiracy stuff or are you really a conservative who masquerades as a liberal just to make liberals look silly? Really? Really?

What about all the grant mo... (Below threshold)

What about all the grant money going to Penn State and EA-CRU?
Does that invalidate Mann and Jones?

BryanD,You don't t... (Below threshold)


You don't trust the government to be truthful about the moon landing, but you are willing to trust the government with health care, cap and trade, etc. Why are you not a libertarian, if you don't believe the government is truthful?

BryanD,My apologie... (Below threshold)


My apologies, I thought that the comment section was for intelligent discourse. I'll know better when addressing you in the future.

Hey Rick, it looks like som... (Below threshold)
Al Cazam:

Hey Rick, it looks like someone went through a did a pretty thorough job of deleting comments?

You say it wasn't you - who was it and why were they deleted?

Looks like the comments were only deleted from your posts, no one else...?

Awww, Stevie has a new sock... (Below threshold)

Awww, Stevie has a new sock, and he named it Al Cazam.






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