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Top U.N. climate official de Boer resigns

I'm not usually one for short posts, but I'm pretty much speechless so I will just link and let people react for themselves. Two quick facts.

(1) The top U.N. climate change official Yvo de Boer resigned today.

(2) The AP article covering the story makes no mention of any data or reference issues that the U.N. might have recently have experienced with respect to its numerous climate reports.

No mention of any climate scandals at all...


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Nothing to see here, move a... (Below threshold)

Nothing to see here, move along....

I'm shocked that it took th... (Below threshold)

I'm shocked that it took this long. Perhaps
de boer has inside information on whats going to be 'discovered' next to kick the bottom out of AGW.

Damn, Stevie, do you EVER t... (Below threshold)

Damn, Stevie, do you EVER turn your brain on?

No mention of any climat... (Below threshold)

No mention of any climate scandals at all...

I guess he just "needed to spend more time with his family".


I never really thought I wo... (Below threshold)

I never really thought I would be saying this but thank you Steve.

I haven't laughed out loud so hard in a very long time. Plato's Theory of Forms suggests that there exists things (Forms) that perfectly exemplify real world things. So while there are many different dogs in the world, the Form of dog represents what it truly means to be a dog.

Your comments here have often approached an ideal, but this latest one has achieved it. You have managed to achieve complete and perfect idiocy. That is no small feat.

I'm afraid after this there is really no where to go but down. You've contributed all that you can. Therefore I must say that I, for one, am done reading your comments.

May you be happy and healthy in all that you do in life.

Well said, Dan. Imagine th... (Below threshold)

Well said, Dan. Imagine this guys. Exxon, who can't keep a tanker from spilling gasoline, engineers a way to keep independent temperature readings to show no cooling since 95' (maybe using that weather girl from X-Men), uses mind control to get scientists to exchange e-mail about conspiring to hide temperature decline (Prof. Xavier), and gets Phil Jones to admit that climate change is a hoax (using that chameleon girl to change into Prof Jones' image).

What movie do you think our liberal friend has been watching?

Now if NASA would only go a... (Below threshold)

Now if NASA would only go and can that JAMES HANSEN wacko and AL GORE would get laringitis and GREENPEACE were stranded on a snowy mountian it would be even better

I'm not surprised that Yvo ... (Below threshold)

I'm not surprised that Yvo de Boer resigned.
I expect more top level resignations.

After all, who'd want to defend their recent "accomplishments"?

s green... I'm old enough t... (Below threshold)

s green... I'm old enough to remember a tagline from TV PSA's. Paraphrased of course.

This is s green....

This is s green on drugs

because there isn't a scandal - just loosely sourced out-of-context smears paid for by Exxon.

Steve Green"becaus... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Steve Green

"because there isn't a scandal - just loosely sourced out-of-context smears paid for by Exxon.

Gullible much?"

You tell them Stevie. I mean missing data, botched data, altered data, destroyed records, reports with data from a college kids thesis, Al Gore saying there wont be any ice at the North pole in 5 years. None of that stuff means anything.

Oh hey throw in that Bill Clinton didnt have sex with Monica either. That will show them.

"6. Posted by Dan ... (Below threshold)

"6. Posted by Dan Karipides | February 18, 2010 1:41 PM | Score: 9 (11 votes cast"

I would vote + but the number is too mind numbing.

The enviromentalists are li... (Below threshold)

The enviromentalists are liars and fabricators






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