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"I've said three Hail Marys, everything is going to be fine"

Brit journalist substantiates her ignorance:

Sky New presenter Kay Burley was forced to make an on-air apology after mistaking a Roman Catholic symbol on American vice president Joe Biden's forehead for a 'large bruise'.

Miss Burley, 49, made the comments yesterday during a conversation with the news channel's US correspondent, Greg Milam.   

When made aware of her ignorance during a commercial break, Miss Burley then compounded her insulting words by saying: 'I've said three Hail Marys, everything is going to be fine.'

Mr Biden is a Catholic who was marking Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.   

The holy day in the calendar derives its name from the practice of smearing ash on the forehead as a sign of repentance.

But Miss Burley, who suggested by her comments that she was a lapsed Catholic, appeared to have forgotten this well known fact.

While her colleague Mr Milam concentrated on talking about a fiscal stimulus package being unveiled by Mr Biden in Washington, Miss Burley was more interested in the 'nasty' brown mark.

Suggesting that the 'large bruise' might be caused by an accident at the Winter Olympics in Canada, she encouraged Mr Milam to find out.  

Later Miss Burley admitted: 'I know I'm a very bad Catholic. I know I should know that today is Ash Wednesday and that's why he'd got ash across his forehead. I've said three Hail Marys, everything is going to be fine.' 




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Comments (11)

In 2001 Ted Turner called t... (Below threshold)

In 2001 Ted Turner called the observant people in a meeting he was conducting "Jesus Freaks" and suggested they would be more comfortable working somewhere else.

So wha else is new with the media whores?

How can Biden be a Catholic... (Below threshold)

How can Biden be a Catholic and still believe in killing babies? Oh, I forgot, he's a DemocRAT.

A news twinkie actually out... (Below threshold)

A news twinkie actually out-gaffed the GaffeMaster!

Idiot.Along with t... (Below threshold)


Along with the two morons in the picture.

Just another sterling examp... (Below threshold)

Just another sterling example of the breath of knowledge of the "media/intellectual elite".

"News presenter?" Is that ... (Below threshold)

"News presenter?" Is that what they call them over there? She might do better at a job as french fry presenter. That really was dumb.

No, I think Rick meant "new... (Below threshold)

No, I think Rick meant "new". As in new to the planet.

I think you are a little ha... (Below threshold)

I think you are a little harsh. As a catholic I have forgotten about ash wednesday sometimes and upon seeing people with ash on their heads wondered what that was all about. But once I saw two or three more I usually bought a clue.

To be fair about the "Three hail Marys" that was basically the penance handed out by priests in my parish (10 Our Fathers and 5 Hail Marys) so I can't really take offense to her comment.

Two dunce's, a flag and a p... (Below threshold)

Two dunce's, a flag and a podium..

Okay...so I fantasized abou... (Below threshold)

Okay...so I fantasized about Joe getting popped in the head with a pinky ring. 'WTF were you thinking?! Can't you keep your damn mouth shut on these stupid shows? As hard as they try even they can't make us look good when you spew that crap! " SMACK.

OBAMA IS A DISGRACE TO THE ... (Below threshold)







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