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Tiger's Wood

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I have to admit: I don't care about golf.

And by extension, I don't care about Tiger Woods.

He is, from all accounts, a golf phenom.

He is not, however, a very good apologist.

While this was not the worst public apology I have heard from a celebrity regarding damaging behavior, it is not one which seems to convey a sense of true understanding for what he did to belittle and crush the sacred bond between he and his wife and children.

While I am sure, as is the case with all celebrity mea culpas, Woods had a gaggle of PR agents craft and refine his speech, it still contained parts which attempted to deflect the severity of what he did by including statements construed to elicit sympathy for himself.

This should not have been part of any apology, which should have focused solely on his actions and how they affected his family.

During the speech, he did admit his wrong doing. He did take responsibility for his actions. Many times he at least expressed remorse for the rampant infidelity and selfishness he inflicted upon his wife and children.

But, in between, he chose to interject issues which were selfish and self-serving, used in an attempt to deflect focus on the real issues of which he strictly needed to address.

His touting of his involvement in youth education programs was nothing more than an attempt to try to point out some noble intention of his past, spinning the true plot of this blackened story.

Since he has become famous, he has used the media to project a wholesome, gleaming image of himself, largely contributing to his popularity and financial reward. However, he expressed personal outrage with this same media for "speculation" regarding the events surrounding the night which precipitated his downfall, even scolding them for the speculation about his use of performance-enhancing drugs.

Making this a focus in this speech served only to diminish the intended sincerity of his remorse. None of these issues should have or needed to be stated.

The focus should have been about him, his transgressions, and sorrow for his actions. That's it.

He spoke of his plans to continue "treatment" for sex addiction.

This is a tough one to believe. Did he never have feelings of sexual desire before his rise to fame? Are we to believe that his sexual appetite did not surface until he was faced with the prospect of attaining most any woman he could desire?

One does not have to label himself a "sex-addict" to explain away this type of sexual promiscuity.

It seems a mere facade to gain sympathy and deflect blame for his personal, purposefully reckless behavior.

He is a billionaire. Fame, fortune and benefits of all types are at his fingertips. Beautiful women undoubtedly make themselves available to him without conditions, and he readily dismissed his familial honor to take full advantage of the rewards which were so abundantly available.

It reeks of just another "-ism" to explain away personal responsibility and self control.

I will say that any type of program where self-refection and introspection, if one gives himself over to those actions, can only lead to a better self-awareness and emotional growth.

Whether he accepts this as a positive, welcome opportunity, or will just use it as a stunt to blunt critisism and help rebuild his public persona, is a decision only he can truly make.

He spoke of following the path of Buddhism and its teachings, claiming he has always attempted to follow the righteous paths contained within the religion, and how it was his deviation away from this which contributed to his failings.


This entire address should have been about how his actions have affected his relationship with his wife and his children.

Any issues pertaining to golf, media treatment, fans, or any other peripheral notions should have been irrelevant.

Make amends, keep it in your pants, and move on, swinger.


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Comments (10)

Tiger Woods is a BUM. Nothi... (Below threshold)

Tiger Woods is a BUM. Nothing more really needs be said. He is an arrogant, self absorbed, self indulgent BUM.

Unless you are a family mem... (Below threshold)

Unless you are a family member, a competitor, or a sponsor, what he has done, is doing, or will do in the future will has zero effect on your life, so WHO CARES!

2 words....Screw h... (Below threshold)

2 words....

Screw him.

Community property and chil... (Below threshold)

Community property and child support are a bitch!

For once I have to agree wi... (Below threshold)

For once I have to agree with Rance as far as my own existence is concerned. There were quite a lot of young people who really looked up to him though. What a let down for them.

Not impress with golfers. ... (Below threshold)

Not impress with golfers. After see Vonn skiing down that mountain and Shawn White on his snowboard, or figure skaters, or jockeys riding a throughbred race horse. Those are daring, talented athletes. Golf seems to be a silly, sissy sport to me.
All dress up, walking or riding on a well kept lawn, someone carrying your equipment, whacking a little ball, and fools standing around in the hot sun clapping. Never could understand the public falling all over Tiger. Good Grief.

Ditto on not caring about g... (Below threshold)

Ditto on not caring about golf. I was driving today when Tiger came on the radio. I did think he sounded sincere. I hope he was for his family's sake.

He had sex with nume... (Below threshold)

He had sex with numerous women who had sex with numerous men, evidently not using a condom, as he impregnated one porn star twice, she says.

That means he went home to his wife without regard for her heath or well-being or the lives of his unborn children by risking infecting her ( or them ) with HIV, the cervical cancer virus, and a variety of STD's.

He does not love his life. He was willing to risk her death, her loss of fertility, and his children's loss of both parents to have sex outside his marriage.

It seems to me that he is a sociopath, although we're not supposed to call rich, famous, talented, and smiling people such names.

Nevertheless, he has behaved as an amoral man, and he can continue his career, but I don't have to make believe that he's just a normal guy having a fling.

"Addict?" What an ... (Below threshold)


What an absolutely BS word upon which to build a statistician (AKA "psychologist") invented insurance-company-defrauding industry entirely predicated upon and descending from the bloody lies of those too damned fundamentally dishonest to afford themselves the dignity of the self-inflicted consequences of their own actions!

And Buddhist "religion?" More BS. Buddhism is a Teaching, not a religion, whose adherents prostrate themselves before idols while attempting to be taught how to become "god."

He of Tiger's wayward Wood aught bone up on Brit Hume's offered advice, to whit:

"Tiger Woods will recover as a golfer. Whether he can recover as a (man), I think, is a very open question. And it's a tragic situation. But the Tiger Woods that emerges once the news value dies out of this scandal, the extent to which he can recover, seems to me to depend on his faith. He's said to be a Buddhist. I don't think that (Teaching) offers the kind of forgiveness and redemption that is offered by the Christian Faith. So my message to Tiger would be, 'Tiger, turn to the Christian Faith and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world."

For THAT's the Truth!

And what Tiger has done has... (Below threshold)

And what Tiger has done has affected you how?

My religion is better than yours because my god has a bigger dick?

Tiger's indiscretions are like a woman's right to choose, between them and whatever god they worship. Who among you has been given the permission to make decisions for the god of the religion you chose? Pretty presumptious on your part, eh? Free will people, makes the individual responsible for his/her actions.






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