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A Reality Check For Democrats

Over at Contentions Jennifer Rubin has a nice take on the Democrats' refusal to face the reality that their dilemma is not a "communications problem" but rather a policy problem. She points to the opinions of Susan Estrich (the former Dukakis campaign manager who learned first hand that it's all about policy when voters pull the lever) and pollster Charlie Cook.

Here's Estrich:

It's not a communications problem. What's gone wrong is that people see the country swimming in debt, see the jobs recovery lagging, see friends and neighbors who are not even hanging on, and they just don't know how this administration is planning to pay for a massive health care reform effort. The appointment of a bipartisan commission on the deficit only underscores the problem and makes it seem that the administration has no answer for it except another new spending program.

Finally, a Democrat that gets it. Take note of her comment about "friends and neighbors who are not hanging on". That is, in a nutshell, the gist of the anger and frustration that has gripped the electorate during the past year. Americans intuitively understand that real job growth comes from the private sector and no public spending program, absent a world war, can create enough jobs to significantly alter the joblessness that is crushing this economy.

And here's Cook's read on the situation:

This is a reality problem. And I think they just made some grave miscalculations and as it became more clear that they had screwed up, they just kept doubling down their bet. And so I think, no, this is one of the biggest miscalculations that we've seen in modern political history.

This begs the question, why do Democrats keep doubling down on an obviously poor hand? I've always believed in the political maxim that, at the end of the day, all politicians do what is in their own best interests. But not these Democrats presently in power. Put another way, will seventy or more Democrats in the House of Representatives and seven or more Democrats in the Senate fall on their sword for Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi?


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Liberals think their ideas ... (Below threshold)

Liberals think their ideas are perfect and everybody would agree... but for (1) racist, sexist, selfish and greedy opponents who distort things for the public, (2) a bad job of selling to the public just how great the liberals are, or (3) an audience not bright enough to realize just how smart the liberals are. And note that they vary among the three, complaining about the public one day, b****ing about the GOP the next and so on.

In other words, they don't think - nor will they ever think - that there is anything wrong with their policy ideas.... any more than conservatives will ever doubt the wisdom of pushing a free-market small government political system. If there's nothing wrong with the idea, then it just has to be something else.

And both sides, when rejected by the public, come back to a combination of (1) we were rejected for not being dedicated enough to our principles and (2) we need to do a better job of communicating our message to the public.

If they already have their ... (Below threshold)

If they already have their pensions or they've been able to steal enough to live comfortably why shouldn't they "fall on their swords" Barry'll give em all jobe with the gov't anyway.

I clearly remember when Sus... (Below threshold)

I clearly remember when Susan became more visible(TV,print,etc) back in the 80's, i believe. She was such a freakin typical whiney ass liberal. But she has clearly "matured" or whatever...she's definitely alot easier on the ears lately. She seems to hear the electorate alot more than the "GaGoots" in the WH.

They keep doing it for the ... (Below threshold)
Don L:

They keep doing it for the same reason those Japanese fighter planes kept crashing into aircraft carriers and those idiots who piloted two planes into the world trade center did. They fully intend to go down with the ship in order to destroy it. These people are and have been radical ideologs who loathe America and love the most evil people in history -and tell us that every day. The loathe God and the family and people who are responsible and carry the load for other slothful parasites. They detest even the concept of freedom, or to quote Obama -the problem with the constitution is that it restricts government. What in the world did we ever think such free -spirited souls who seek to allow and encourage any corrupt public behavior, suddenly do an about face and fight like Hades to take away the good guy's guns for? They have no impediments anymore -their media friends have come out of the closet as the totalitarian deceivers they are and they are going for the whole enchalada.

"Put another way, will seve... (Below threshold)

"Put another way, will seventy or more Democrats in the House of Representatives and seven or more Democrats in the Senate fall on their sword for Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi?"

We'll have to wait and see who the "true believers" are. The true ideologues, willing to commit political suicide for The One. (and as noted, hoping on getting a nice government job for their troubles)

Best educated guess? Now th... (Below threshold)

Best educated guess? Now that the writing is on the wall that they are lambs being led to slaughter in the 2010 general election and that the goal they have had of nationalizing health care (ie...Social Security) for the last half century is within their grasp of doing without Republican support, I would say yes.

No, No, No! It doesn't "beg... (Below threshold)

No, No, No! It doesn't "beg the question," it raises the question. See here.

My favorite photo of Susan ... (Below threshold)

My favorite photo of Susan Estrich came during the Dukakis campaign. Either Time or Newsweak (sic) took a picture of her in her office, and behind her, on either side, were two pictures:
Michael Dukakis and...Mickey Mouse!

WHY DO YOU KID YOURSELF!!! ... (Below threshold)

WHY DO YOU KID YOURSELF!!! Of course the radical leftists are doing what is in their own best interest. It is in the interest of the left to ENSLAVE the American people and what better way than to have the power of life and death over 300 million serfs? (The "ruling class" not included, of course.) Hussein and co. have done NOTHING wrong, made NO mistakes and NOT misread the wishes of the public. Every move these Marxist/fascist thugs have made has been calculated and deliberate. Destroy the American economy, create mass unemployment, destroy wealth, confiscate property and finally dictate--by way of "Hussein-care"--everything we are permitted to think, say, believe, do, eat, drink, purchase or own. Want to buy a GUN!! Don't look now, but your Hussein-care premium will skyrocket! Guns are dangerous, after all!! And as everything will ultimately be KNOWN about every facet of each "little person's" life, what are the odds that a 70 yr old REPUBLICAN DONOR will receive treatment for his life threatening illness?? Wake up, folks!! The radical left in charge of the nation is NOT making mistakes. It is proceeding according to plan.

You can yell at me, call me... (Below threshold)

You can yell at me, call me dirty names and say that I am all wet here. But, I have a theory here that Sarah Palin has been placed in the limelight for one reason. That is to draw flak while the Republicans choose the right person to run for the Presidency in 2012.

Why this theory, one may ask? Simple. Any conservative candidate that the Republicans will run will become an instant lightning rod for the left wing nuts. That includes the trolls that post here. Steve Green and his butt buddies. Look at the vitriol that Palin gets here and on other sites that trolls frequent. Forget about the nutroots ever being fair to her.

So the smart move would be to keep the real conservative candidate under wraps until the end of 2011 and then reveal him/her to the public. This way the Commie attack machine, will not have too much of a chance to dig up a lot of dirt on the person prematurely. There will be plenty of time to do that during the campaign year. Another thing is to get all of the dirty stuff out into the open when the candidate announces his/her intentions.

Stan, Palin demonstrated in... (Below threshold)

Stan, Palin demonstrated in 2008 they won't need "time" to dig up dirt -- they'll just make it up.

Therefore, the 2012 nominee might as well be Sarah Palin as anyone unveiled at the last minute. Better, even, since the public will already have been inoculated against the kind of carp the proggs will say about her.

They fully intend ... (Below threshold)
They fully intend to go down with the ship in order to destroy it.

Don L you are so wrong about that. The Democratic Party leadership is lining their pockets as fast as they can. No matter what else happens they will end up RICH, RICH, RICH! That was the whole point of the stimulus bill.






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