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Ron Paul Wins CPAC Staw Poll Vote: Prepare For Media Funfest

Democrats and their enablers in the media are exulting at the results of the CPAC presidential straw poll that declared Ron Paul the winner of the conference's meeting this weekend. I say let the exulting continue.

Rep. Ron Paul, the libertarian-leaning Texas Republican who ran a quixotic bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008, was the top vote-getter in the Conservative Political Action Conference's straw poll, capturing the support of 33 percent of those who participated in the contest.

CPAC organizers were plainly embarrassed by the results, which could reduce the perceived impact of a contest that was once thought to offer a window into which White House hopefuls were favored by movement conservatives.

Ron Paul ran a bare bones primary campaign in 2008 that focused on several issues that are at the center of today's political zeitgeist: the federal deficit, out of control spending and a secretive Federal Reserve Bank and Treasury Department, all of which are undermining the value of the dollar, an economic recovery and employment recovery. His campaign supporters, few that they were, were ubiquitous in the underlying debate of a 2008 campaign that has now been found, in light of Barrack Obama's policy positions and failures, to be absent any substance.

Paul's unorganized and unfocused campaign let itself be compromised by, among other things, accusations of 9/11 truther associations and Bilderberg conspiracy distractions. I could not support the guy because of these concerns.

However, the CPAC vote in favor of Paul is another reminder to establishment Republicans and the Republican congressional leadership that there exists a deep and wide constituency that is angry about fiscal irresponsibility and an apparently unstoppable "spending as usual" attitude even among Republicans that requires a serious fix. Ron Paul won the CPAC straw poll tonight because the permanent residents in Washington (including Republicans) still haven't weighed the level anger that resides in an electorate that will never enjoy the still rising level of federal salaries, federal pensions and federal special interest handouts to the new privileged class Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi are creating. Pundits and politicians may not recognize this disparity and the warning it represents ( Marie Antoinette and Robespierre must be screaming from the grave). The Paul straw vote, which will be widely derided come tomorrow, is the canary in the coal mine moment for many, many Democrats and not a few Republicans.


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Comments (21)

Hugh,Don't be so s... (Below threshold)


Don't be so sure the 9/11 "Truthers" are wrong.

The individuals at the very top view our world quite differently than the rest of us do.


CPAC just killed their cred... (Below threshold)

CPAC just killed their credibility. Ron Paul has a record of no accomplishments.

The Paul straw vot... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
The Paul straw vote, which will be widely derided come tomorrow, is the canary in the coal mine moment for many, many Democrats and not a few Republicans.

I'm not a fan of Ron Paul and his winning the straw vote may be the canary in the coal mine moment for the Tea Party movement itself. The nation as a whole is a bit right of center, so a far right politician is only marginally more acceptable to the bulk of voters than a far left one.

CPAC didn't kill anything..... (Below threshold)

CPAC didn't kill anything...

The Paulbots are STILL out there and they are part of the "I'm, mad as hell..." crowd too.

Still, they can go pound sand until they shed the loons.

I don't think the Ron Paul ... (Below threshold)

I don't think the Ron Paul vote is significant at all. Sure, he got 33% against everyone, but judging from the widespread boos that dominated the reaction to his victory, I'm guessing he would also only net 33% against anyone.

So, he's the top choice for 33% of the attendees, and the bottom choice for 67%.

if you hate ron paul then y... (Below threshold)
bill king:

if you hate ron paul then you must love war

CPAC just killed t... (Below threshold)
Brett Buck:
CPAC just killed their credibility. Ron Paul has a record of no accomplishments.

Sadly, I think we have already proven that this is no barrier to high office.

"Ron Paul has a record of n... (Below threshold)

"Ron Paul has a record of no accomplishments."

Hmmmm...just like Barry Obama.

Ron Paul is I-N-S-A-N-E. e... (Below threshold)

Ron Paul is I-N-S-A-N-E. end of story.

he does NOT represent Conservatives...PERIOD!

This straw poll means littl... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

This straw poll means little, because both Ron Paul and Mitt Romney would have problems getting the GOP nomination, while Palin would find it impossible to win the general election. The likely nominee would have to be someone else to have a decent shot at getting both the nomination as well as winning the election.

The Libertarians haven't fi... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

The Libertarians haven't figured out yet that if they don't help get the Republican Party back to it's conservative roots and defeat the liberal, statists we will ALL be the Dependent Party.

48% of those voting in the ... (Below threshold)

48% of those voting in the CPAC straw poll are students.


Hey, they're conservative, we love 'em.


I don't expect 48% of the republican voting base to be students.

At some point these students will grow up and realize how moronic support of Ron Paul is.

i can get behind some of hi... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

i can get behind some of his fiscal policies, but this guy is a straight up loony toon on foreign policy. Obama is doing a better job on foreign policy than this tool bag would do... Unfortunately the libertarian wing has this "no conflict" mentality when it comes to the world at large and wants to solve domestic problems and bury it's head in the sand while we have an islamic jihad called on our way of life. it's short sighted at best.

Prepare for a feeding frenz... (Below threshold)

Prepare for a feeding frenzie as it always is with these rotten liberal left-wing journalists just like with DICK CHENEY and his hunting accedent

"This straw poll means l... (Below threshold)

"This straw poll means little, because both Ron Paul and Mitt Romney would have problems getting the GOP nomination, while Palin would find it impossible to win the general election"

Actually it's Barry Suckama that will find it impossible to win the general election. The biggest crock of shit joke ever perpetrated on the American electorate.

Did you say "Maypole Dance"... (Below threshold)
The New and Improved Steve Green:

Did you say "Maypole Dance", BrainD?

Ron Paul might win the Iron... (Below threshold)

Ron Paul might win the Ironman Triathlon, the New York and Boston Marathons, Augusta's Green Jacket, clean sweep the Australian, French and US Opens, wow the Windsors at Wimbledon and a Hundred Million Dollar Powerball. And the rest of the GPAC shower might take turns at "also ran."

But every one of them has less than a snow-ball's chance in Hell of ever becoming the Republican Party's nominee for national office.

Although, given the degree of her disgust with CPAC, little wonder that a CPAC-run "poll" put Mr Paul ahead of President-Elect Palin.

For CPAC is run by one Dave Keene, who also runs the American Conservative Union (ACU) -- and Mr Keene not long ago tried to shakedown FedEx for $2 million for a lobbying campaign against the unionization of FedEx workers. Fred Smith said no thanks -- so in order to bash its rival FedEx, Mr Keene got a contract with the (Teamsters dominated) UPS.

Little wonder then that President-Elect Palin will have nothing to do with Jesse Jackson-cloned stand-over and shakedown artist of the right, Mr Keene -- and that she turned both him and CPAC down.

Good for President-Elect Palin who has , principles, impeccable moral integrity AND really savvy political smarts.

As was demonstrated one more time when she stayed completely clear of Mr Brown's race in fascissocialist Massachusetts and didn't endorse him. She knew that would hurt him in New England but ever since he won, President-Elect Palin has led the singing of the Hallelujah Chorus.

President-Elect Palin has already hit the 2010 trail, exactly the strategy she'll need to have every one of the scores of governors, congress-critters, and senators she'll help into office, come November, owe her big-time. And thus will she harness those who will comprise the Republican House and Senate majorities of 2011.

Which is when President-Elect Palin will start talking about her 2012 election.

Indeed, Ron Paul does</i... (Below threshold)

Indeed, Ron Paul does represent true conservatism. Long before Irving Kristol repackaged the new conservatism, which traces its roots to Woodrow Wilson's progressive movement, we had Robert Taft, Mr. Republican, as the leading opponent of the FDR's Raw Deal. As U.S. Senator from 1939 to 1953, he led the successful effort by the conservative coalition to curb the power of labor unions, and was a major proponent of the foreign policy of non-interventionism. So-called conservatives who believe that conservatism can be traced to Barry Goldwater should acquaint themselves with names like Edmund Burke, Russell Kirk, Richard Weaver, and George Nash.

What most are missing about the Tea Parties is that they are just as much as an indictment on the establishment GOP as they are Democrats. Those who think that the Republicans are a shoo-in for office in 2010 should prepare to have their hearts broken.

Justrand, I question your familiarity with Ayn Rand and her philosophy. Otherwise, you would understand that most of the Republicans in office do not consistently hold the views of free markets and non-interventionism. You could not have read her books and say what you did about Ron Paul.

And c'mon Mac. Paul is far right? It's just that we've become so myopic in comprehending the intellectual conservative movement in America. That's why there is so little difference between the parties.

Maybe <a href="http://www.y... (Below threshold)
James H:

Maybe this girl can release another song, then?

Ron Paul and his associated... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Ron Paul and his associated nuts would have us living under a Soviet boot. Their "non-interventionist foreign policy" stands against foreign bases and deployment of US troops except in a defensive war after being attacked. Had their INSANE policy been in effect after WWII, there would have been no protection for Europe and Japan, no rebuilding and democratization, the devastated nations would have been left to Soviet tanks.

As would the rest of the world, because Paulbots wouldn't lift a finger until they were coming up the Mississippi River in rowboats.

Paul keeps pumping gold, although even an idiot like him must know there isn't enough gold in the world to back the currency. What he doesn't advertise is that his personal wealth has been entirely in gold mining stocks for decades, so anything he can do to boost the price of gold lines his own pockets.

Paul is one of the biggest earmarkers in Congress. He always makes sure to put his pork in the spending bills, then votes AGAINST them so he can claim to be anti-spending. Naturally, his followers are too stupid to understand this.

Ron Paul: traitor, thief, hypocrite, and hero to morons.

In related news, I hear tha... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

In related news, I hear that Dexy's Midnight Runners are making a comeback.






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