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"The reality is that it is hard, but we are there for a very important reason."

General Petraeus on our fight in Afghanistan:

The head of US Central Command has said the current offensive around the southern Afghan town of Marjah is the initial operation of a long campaign.

Gen David Petraeus told NBC that the offensive was part of a revised strategy for combating insurgents that would probably last "12 to 18 months".

He said Taliban resistance to Operation Moshtarak, which is in its second week, had been "formidable" but "disjointed".

Nato commanders have said it may take another month to fully secure Marjah.


Gen Petraeus said the US public should expect further losses, much like there were following the so-called troop surge in Iraq.

"When we go on the offensive... they are going to fight back. And we are seeing that in Marjah. We will see that in other areas. But we are going after them across the spectrum," he told NBC's Meet The Press programme.

"The reality is that it is hard, but we are there for a very important reason."

The general, who oversees the wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq, said that in Marjah there had been "tough fighting going on without question".

"[The Taliban] are formidable. They are a bit disjointed at this point in time. The way the operation was conducted leaped over some of them."

He said it was important to realise that Operation Moshtarak marked the beginning of what would be a 12 to 18-month campaign, as mapped out by the commander of US and Nato forces in Afghanistan, Gen Stanley McChrystal.

"We have spent the last year getting the inputs right in Afghanistan, getting the structure and organizations necessary for a comprehensive civil-military campaign, putting the best leaders we can find in charge of those," he said.

"Now we are starting to see the first of the output. The Marjah operation is the initial salvo," he added.

If you're a praying person, say a prayer for our men and women over there, say a prayer for their leaders, ask for God's guidance and protection and that His purposes be fulfilled.

And if you're not a praying person, then know that you damned well ought to be.



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Comments (10)

Well, if Uncle Sam is going... (Below threshold)

Well, if Uncle Sam is going to take our IRA's and Keogh accounts, then we might as well ALL get the arms and training it will take to protect ourselves and our families, bD.

I will gladly say a prayer ... (Below threshold)

I will gladly say a prayer for them; and I will pray that the folks in Washington don't undercut them.

I have no idea what BryanD is ranting about. I wonder if he does?

I read Wizbang every day, b... (Below threshold)

I read Wizbang every day, but I hardly ever read the comments because all too often there is there is something nasty from bryanD. It seems that he is angry all the time and wants to make everyone else angry too. Sad. Don't know why I scrolled on down today, but sure enough - there he is, and not only is he angry, but it's not even clear how his comment relates to the article at hand.

I disagree, turanar. I thin... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

I disagree, turanar. I think the comments section of this, or any, political blog is where the real fun is.

I also take issue with your characterization of BryanD. He doesn't seem angry to me. He usually posts cryptic, crazy comments with kernels of truth mixed in with the jokes, obscure literary and historical references, and sarcasm. Very entertaining if you have a sense of humor. Often leaves me wondering exactly what the hell he meant, but very entertaining nonetheless.

I've never detected anger in any of bryanD's comments. Scorn, maybe. Ridicule and derision, sure. But anger? Nope.

Now, Marc, 914, Garandfan, ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Now, Marc, 914, Garandfan, Justrand, and RM -- THOSE are some angry mofos!

So... now BH is calling me ... (Below threshold)

So... now BH is calling me a mother fucker.

You haven't seen angry from me asshole, you, and all your relatives should feel relieved.

#5 BHThank's for ... (Below threshold)

#5 BH

Thank's for Your ass kissing opinion ignoramous. Next time share it with Yourself.

I apologise, Marc. Didn't m... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

I apologise, Marc. Didn't mean it literally. It's just a figure of speech around my house.

I get the veiled threat. That's not why I'm apologising. It's just that it's plain that I went too far. Again, I didn't mean it literally. But let me make myself clear: I am not scared of you or any man. So threaten all you want.

And, 914, it's "ignoramus." That's funny. Calling someone a name you can't spell. Priceless.

I apologise also to the editors for derailing things. Some of these are jokes, ladies and gentlemen. Is this thing on?

"And, 914, it's "ignoram... (Below threshold)

"And, 914, it's "ignoramus." That's funny. Calling someone a name you can't spell. Priceless."


Glad to see You know how to spell Your name!

Also, 914, look up "rules f... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Also, 914, look up "rules for capitalization" and "quotation marks inside other quotation marks."

You are a genius, dude.






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