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Fit To A "Tea"

The "Tea Party" movement has been the subject of much debate.

Speculation runs rampant over the airwaves, with talking heads debating what function and influence the movement possesses on the national and state-wide political landscapes. Opinions have mostly been over or understated, depending on which side of the political spectrum analysis originates.

A number of notable pundits, from both quasi-conservative outlets looking to project an air of centrism, to giddy liberal kooks wishing to see the "Tea Party" fail, have made the observation that the movement does not possess a central base of operation, and, more specifically, lacks a unifying representative that can be pointed to as a "leader."

In the traditional political camps of Liberalism and Conservatism, this lack of a political structure seems a foreign, dysfunctional concept, and is viewed by many as a sign of weakness. A weakness which will ultimately serve to invalidate the ideals behind the motivation, and lessen the common bonds of principle which unify the different factions from which the movement has evolved.

It is, however, precisely that lack of a central leadership which gives the movement its greatest strength, allowing for many variations of the movement to be adopted under one grass-roots ideology, yet which has at their center principles inclusive to all.

It is a benefit to not have some uniform, concocted platform which would ultimately morph into a meaningless litany of talking points, where candidates would have the predictable chance of tailoring their "message" to some easily bought-off entity. The movement would do well to remain one built on widespread yet common principles than to become one where a centralized leadership could be prostituted as just another "constituency." This is the ideal "big tent" scenario, not one which houses myopic views which produce either acceptance or abandonment over one issue, but that which embraces variations on a common theme. It is this characteristic that would serve to produce a more focused candidate. One who could no longer just court people with rhetoric and platitudes, but where they would be forced to take a road of honesty and integrity in presenting their values, or risk rapid widespread disillusionment of the whole.

This movement was born out of Conservative principles: Limited government, limited spending, low taxes, a strong military, and immigration enforcement. It has flourished most notably out of frustration and disgust brought about by the forced radical, reckless actions of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid triumvirate, actions which include governmental intrusion into our lives, a march toward more European doctrines, and unlimited spending resulting in unprecedented deficits and debt.

Though it is easy to just recognize and demonize the elected leftist majority of our institutions, the "Tea Party" also invokes just as much scrutiny of those on the Right who declare themselves Conservative. Yet they have either abandoned true Conservative principles, or never demonstrated any adherence to them in the first place.

This frustration, felt by both Independents and Conservatives voters, has emancipated people to vent their contempt toward these self-preserving politicians. The members who identify themselves with the ideals of the "Tea Party," whether with their own silent agreement or by actionable cause, are not advocates of some "right-wing zealotry" as many leftist hacks would charge, but are believers in the original, simple principles from which this nation's founders framed our government for generations of Americans.

The swift evolution of this phenomenon has given many a true sense of hope and inclusion. Those who once felt their calls went unnoticed now have a sincere feeling of political empowerment. The media establishment and their political puppeteers no longer possess a monopoly of information, which has been used for decades to adeptly convey their slanted messages to a people pigeon-holed into accepting their packaged view of political reality.

This hope has not arisen from some hollow political jingle. It has not come from some executive neophyte who employs slick propaganda artists and scripted screeds read off of tele-promters.

This new song has been heard by thousands joining a chorus filled with previously dispirited voices, and though many have varying styles, all sing a common theme.

As with every ideological movement, there are extremists. Though these people may sing out of key, they are drowned out by the harmony of the whole. The liberal media has attempted to discredit the movement by focusing on a few examples of this extremism. They would like nothing more than to silence the voices of people who have finally found their own political acumen. Try as they may, they will fail to weaken the resolve of this movement.

Many times, the media have described the "Tea Party", whether viewed in town halls or protest rallies held across the nation, as consisting of little more than "angry, old, white people." Though this description lacks truth about the actual demographic make-up of this constituency, it is worth noting this same older generation has traditionally been a reliable Democratic voting block. But now, these same people who were once heralded by the media as "The Greatest Generation," who defeated Fascism and Communism and helped build the most powerful industrial revolution this world has ever known, are now painted as extremists, all because they have personally witnessed the unveiling of a political facade, designed to stunt free-thinking, and encourage blind obedience over conviction of principle.

The stench of hypocrisy and desperation from those on the left does a great disservice to these citizens who have sacrificed so much for the safety and prosperity of this nation, and the outright slander of them should be loudly proclaimed as an abomination.

They simply have gotten fed-up with they way in which their government arrogantly ignores them, or routinely takes them for granted. People, both young and old, have gotten a taste of self-empowerment in the political theater, and will not be denied their rightful place in the process any longer.

The Conservative movement is experiencing a reawakening, one which has been desperately needed for for some time. For years, like a team whose farm club has been depleted of exciting, new prospects, we have been subjected to the same canned Republicans running for our elected office, who pretend to be "moderates," willing to compromise what little Conservative principles they once had in a futile bid to gain liberal votes and move toward a center which is not only impotent, but realistically does not exist.

Now, with the rise of this movement, we are witnessing the birth of a new generation of individuals who possess political ambition and raw talent, tempered with the virtue of honesty and sincerity. People who are not vested in attaining or retaining power because they can, but because they feel they can create real political change. People who will not ditch their beliefs for the blessing of a corrupt machine, nor will pervert the process into a game of political brinkmanship.

Though they may be political novices, they're the ones who, by that very virtue, will bring about real change.

It is finally happening, for all to see. It should be embraced and encouraged. We should rejoice in the feeling that we are all not hopelessly doomed to follow a path of predictable failure, and that we are still the ones who have the power to enact real change in our lives, and our country.

It's in the tea leaves.

You just have to believe.


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Comments (21)

It's nice to see you're all... (Below threshold)

It's nice to see you're all excited, but your (understandable) frustration with 'traditional' politicians has led you to put way too much faith in the TPs.

They're not responsible for the opposition to Obama's policies, they're an outgrowth of those policies, nor are they responsible for Obama's low performance ratings, the TPs are merely the face of those who disapprove of Obama. Put another way, the TP doesn't lead, they simply reflect a slice of popular opinion and are nothing more than an outlet for people who dislike what is going on. Instead of sitting at home and complaining to the walls, you get to meet and hang out with and complain with a bunch of other like-minded people.

Nor are they influencing elections, the recent elections would have gone GOP even without the TPs - unless you want to argue that people who dislike Obamacare and the bailouts would have voted for the Democrats but for the fact that a bunch of angry conservatives have been protesting?

Spinning a little fast ther... (Below threshold)

Spinning a little fast there SS?

You know, if we could steve... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

You know, if we could steve sturm up to a generator we would need coal-fired electric plants!

Independent people don't wa... (Below threshold)

Independent people don't want to be led.

Hard to kill a conservative... (Below threshold)

Hard to kill a conservative movement based on an idea that is populated by all sides of the political spectrum bound with a common goal SS.

Ya'll just keep on spinning, there's a storm coming and you can't stop it.

"Nor are they influencing e... (Below threshold)

"Nor are they influencing elections"

You state that as FACT. Now support it.

davidt, you are correct. Co... (Below threshold)

davidt, you are correct. Conservatives do not necessarily need a leader. We are much more independent. Liberals on the other hand have to follow someone. That is the main reason why the liberals cannot get their mind around this movement.

I have attended Tea Party's in Texas and despite the lies of the left, they are very positive gatherings. Encouraging people to get involved in the process. To share our views with others, etc. The angry white myth is just that. ww

I've been to a Tea Party ra... (Below threshold)

I've been to a Tea Party rally. Today I voted in the Republican primary where I live. I voted for the most conservative candidates on the ballot.

People that go to Tea Party events are more likely to also get up off the couch and vote, I think.

"Put another way, the TP... (Below threshold)

"Put another way, the TP doesn't lead, they simply reflect a slice of popular opinion and are nothing more than an outlet for people who dislike what is going on."


How do you know it wasn't the other way around? Perhaps much or at least some of the public opinion was a direct result of the influence brought to bare by the Tea Party movement.

And nowhere did I advance the notion that any election has yet to be won or lost due to direct action from the TP.

We get one shot at this. Th... (Below threshold)

We get one shot at this. The dumbest thing we can do is to organize an official party and try to slate actual candidates. All that will do is split the conservative vote and guarantee Obama another four years of economic destruction. I love the idea that the arsonists in journalism and all the lefty "opposition research" people in Washington have no targets to shoot at. We're the Viet Cong of American politics, man.

Kinda off point, I was amazed last week to hear The Grand Bloviator Bill O'Really's limited understanding of "The Tea Party" and how he estimated that "10% of Tea Party members" were kooks, racists, Troothers, neo-nazis and other ne'er do wells. His guest for the segment was Sarah Palin, who was apparently too polite to point out to him that "The Tea Party" is not a party at all and that he had his head up his butt. Incredibly, O'Really didn't seem to know this. I mean clueless.

As far as Tea Party folks being nothing more than the face of people opposed to Obama, as Steve suggests, we'll see how it turns out.

Just as soon as Obama gets handed his ass in the November elections.

Hey Keefums! Put up or SHU... (Below threshold)
Shawn: possible the TP were... (Below threshold)

Shawn: possible the TP were the egg rather than the chicken, but I doubt it, no proof, just a hunch.

Why must a movement have a ... (Below threshold)

Why must a movement have a "leader" and a platform?

There was once a "movement" in America that was supported by only about 30% of the population. It had diverse individuals and ideas from around the country, with many "leaders" supporting regional and state interests. Through this they had a common goal of self governing, independence from a controlling government, and individual liberty. History has shown us the big leaders but any student of History knows they weren't the only movers and shakers in this movement.

The Tea Party movement is alot like that other movement in it's early years. Hard to define, not supported by overwhelming majorities, diverse ideas, sometimes limited to state or regional issues BUT also like that other movement it has some core issues; A need for limited self government, and an end to centralized control from a government that is distant and controlling. Time will tell whether or not the momentum continues.

If "they" don't get the Tea... (Below threshold)

If "they" don't get the Tea Parties by now "they" never will. My guess is that the organized Dems and Reps get it really good. The Dems don't want to know and the Reps want to co-opt the TP'ers 'cause they blew their fiscally responsible rep and need to get it back. My advice, start at the local level, both parties, be patient and take 'em over.

More of us than there are of them.

"Instead o... (Below threshold)

"Instead of sitting at home and complaining to the walls, you get to meet and hang out with and complain with a bunch of other like-minded people"

Just irks You that Barry and friend's ( conspirator's ) honeymoon was short-lived and the divorce is now imminent doesn't it Steve.

914: you indicate your igno... (Below threshold)

914: you indicate your ignorance and bias by knee jerk acting as if anyone who doesn't agree with you must be an Obama supporter, you're not even close to right.

And are you even attempting to address the substance of my post or are you just acting like Democrats do when challenged to support their positions... with a lot of bluster, name calling, but nothing on point?

DavidTindependant pe... (Below threshold)

independant people recognize the value of leadership and followership.The key is knowing when to do which.Lead humbly with vision and commitment. Follow as a partner with loyalty.

"And are you even attemp... (Below threshold)

"And are you even attempting to address the substance of my post or are you just acting like Democrats do when challenged to support their positions..."

I wasn't challenged to do anything as it was My initial response to an illogical ruse for TP minimizing.

If I were acting like the Democrats I would simply say "We inherited it" and let the msm spin their collective asses off.

By the way, what is the substance?

thought it was clear, but s... (Below threshold)

thought it was clear, but since it wasn't:

The TP are less of a factor and will have less of an impact on politics and governance than their supporters claim.

will have less ... (Below threshold)
will have less of an impact on politics and governance than their supporters claim.
Wait -- people who support something claim it will be more important than it actually will be?

That NEVER happens!

Don't fret 914, steve is wo... (Below threshold)

Don't fret 914, steve is worried to death because of recent facts.

"The TP are less of a factor and will have less of an impact on politics and governance than their supporters claim."

Sound of fury, ya know.






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