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Or a spotted owl... or a baby seal... or gay... or a Muslim...




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It's sad that many liberals... (Below threshold)

It's sad that many liberals think more of saving a tree, a spotted owl-or really any animal but could care less about an unborn baby.

They are simply selfish and self centered.

They have elevated mere ani... (Below threshold)
Don L:

They have elevated mere animals to an equal species with humans -and now they are actually expect humans to reduce themselves on behalf of the animals.

This diabolically smokescreeen is just attempting to reduce the dignity with which we have been endowed by our Creator and that is who they battle as St. Paul knew well.
Thanks for this great post!

well it makes sense (in a s... (Below threshold)

well it makes sense (in a sick way). They are all about the supremacy of the state not of the individual.

Provocative. I approve who... (Below threshold)

Provocative. I approve wholeheartedly.

I like it.If libs ... (Below threshold)

I like it.

If libs took care of the environment the way they are about abortion, we'd be living in a desert.

Unfortunate, but true.... (Below threshold)

Unfortunate, but true.

The ruckus over the Tebow ad demonstrated that they are not so much pro-choice as they are pro-abortion.

Conundrum:It needs... (Below threshold)


It needs to be a baby of color or its racist (except if it was it would be racist).

Yep, them unborn's like the... (Below threshold)

Yep, them unborn's like the one pictured are a big threat to socialist's everywhere.

Pro-choice - as long as the... (Below threshold)

Pro-choice - as long as they choose for you.

One question I've never hea... (Below threshold)

One question I've never heard a lefty answer is how they can be simultaneously opposed to the death penalty and adamantly support unrestricted "abortion rights".

And I've never understood how lefties can possibly be in favor of killing potential taxpayers, a majority of whom would logically be potential democrat voters. They're eating their own future.

One question I'... (Below threshold)
One question I've never heard a lefty answer is how they can be simultaneously opposed to the death penalty and adamantly support unrestricted "abortion rights".
I got an answer from one, many years ago. It was essentially, "Innocence is nonsense."
It is simple but powerful m... (Below threshold)

It is simple but powerful messages such as this that will change the debate on abortion.

Bravo, Well Done!

This should be a bumper sti... (Below threshold)

This should be a bumper sticker ...

Its disturbing that plowing... (Below threshold)

Its disturbing that plowing up the habitat of a endangred lizard or mouse is a bigger crime that aborting a fetus






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