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Are you one who doubts the hypocrisy of The Left?

I hope this removes all doubt:


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No...And should be... (Below threshold)


And should be filed under: Asshats for diplomats!

Devastating. I hope this vi... (Below threshold)

Devastating. I hope this video goes viral.

You could also look at it a... (Below threshold)

You could also look at it as: "Bush was right. Obama had to come around to his point of view by learning it the hard way."

Great stuff. Why isn't the... (Below threshold)

Great stuff. Why isn't the GOP running this on network TV every night? And if they can't get the air time on the networks, why aren't they at least trying and then collecting the free advertising that comes with the inevitable discussion of the network's refusal?

When you've got great material like this, why isn't the GOP shouting this on every available opportunity?

They need to get off their collective rear-ends. A poll out today states that most Americans blame the GOP for the lack of bipartisanship in Washington.

You are forgetting two simp... (Below threshold)

You are forgetting two simple, but very important things.

1) Rules do NOT apply to the democrats

2) What was said by Democrats only applies when being used against a Republican(s)

It follows along the o-BAM-a line with Blagojevich.
0-BAM-a never meet Blagojevich, only saw him across a stadium. Never mind all the pictures of them them talking and laughing together. Never mind all the handshakes and photo ops. o-BAM-a says he never meet Blagojevich and, by golly, he NEVER did! Because o-BAM-a and the media say so!
(Now if they could just figure out how to erase all those pictures and counter stories from the internet.

Stupid bloggers, spreading the TRUTH!

But.... but.... didn't Ding... (Below threshold)

But.... but.... didn't Dingy Harry blame it all on the rethuglians 'cause they used the nuclear option more than the dems?

This needs to air on Beck</... (Below threshold)
Constitution First:

This needs to air on Beck

'But.... but.... didn't ... (Below threshold)

'But.... but.... didn't Dingy Harry blame it all on the rethuglians 'cause they used the nuclear option more than the dems?"

Yes and yes, Subliminality has its Congressional priveledges!

In seems Wizbang and their ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

In seems Wizbang and their chorous of commentators, some of whom should run for the Senate yourselves as Republicans, are being disingenous, as usual, in talking only about the hypocrisy of the Demos. Both parties, particularly the GOP, thinkprogress.org/2009/03/24/budget-reconciliation/" violently denounce reconciliation, when in opposition,

BOND Sen (R-MO): "In this post-partisan time of Barack Obama, we're seeing a little Chicago politics. They steamroller those who disagree with them, then, I guess in Chicago, they coat them in cement and drop them in the river." [NPR, 3/24/09]

but when in power, in both Congress and the Executive, each party has indeed, used it as a matter of last resort, well earlier than that for the GOP and far .buzzbox.com/top/default/preview/majority_rule_is_the_nuclear_option/?id=564989&topic Nuclear_Blast%3AOption less reluctantly and more frequently, than the Dems.

Great links, Mr Crickmore.<... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Great links, Mr Crickmore.

And filibustering a bunch of selected judicial appointments is slightly different than threatening to filibuster EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF LEGISLATION that comes before the Senate.

Also, is there a serious attempt afoot by Democrats to change the Senate rules? I've heard some rumblings, but I was unaware of any serious proposals. Perhaps I'm simply uninformed?

I don't see how this demons... (Below threshold)

I don't see how this demonstrates hypocrisy. Are you trying to relate it to the Democrat's frustration at the republican filibustering? These strong worded speeches are all about an entirely different issue - obviously. Is it not true that what Bush proposed and what Obama proposed are entirely different?






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