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Conservative + Hispanic = Coconut?

Apparently Donny Deutsch thinks so. He labeled Marco Rubio as such on Joy Behar's show.

To be fair, he now says that he didn't know that the term was a racial slur when he uttered it. Do you believe him? I don't. The reason I don't is that this fits into a pattern we've seen time and again.

If you don't believe what they believe, you get tagged with an undesirable label. Racist, Nazi, Teabagger. And that's just the polite stuff for any generic conservative.

The real venom is directed at those "persons of color" who dare break ranks with the leftist agenda. I won't repeat those slurs here, but for a quick primer on how vile it can get just take a peek at what they say about Condi Rice.

The bad news for them is that the conservative tent is growing, and many of the entrants are, how shall I put it......not white. Gasp! Horror! INCONCEIVABLE!

Don't believe it? Go stick your head back in the sand then. Meanwhile, we find that fully one half of Texas Hispanics consider themselves conservative! Holy Churros Batman! The details:

...more than half of Texas Hispanics call themselves conservative, and a surprising 23 percent say they might participate in Tuesday's GOP primary.

How can this be, you might ask? Lydia Camarillo, vice president of the nonpartisan Southwest Voter Registration Education Project has the answer:

The poll found that only 18 percent of Texas Hispanics say they're liberal or progressive, while 54 percent say they're conservative, moderate conservative or religiously conservative.

But Camarillo said many Hispanics who identify themselves as conservative aren't talking about "less taxes, less government," the way white conservatives would.

"When a Latino says that he or she is conservative, they're thinking about how they are raising the kids and ... the family," she said. "It's more about work ethic, and that when you give your word, you give your word. Those kinds of things are what they're thinking of. It's a different frame of mind, and pollsters have yet to define it."

Oh I see it now. Hispanics are too dumb to understand what the word "conservative" means and they need it to be explained to them. They couldn't possibly know what conservative really means, and self-identify with those values. No-way.

Listen up Lady: Hispanics don't need you (or anyone else) to tell them the definitions of liberal or conservative. They know the difference!

Now go chew on that for a while and come up with something better. Maybe you should call Donny. No doubt he will say:

"They are all Coconuts. Just like Marco Rubio."


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So do we get a discount now... (Below threshold)

So do we get a discount now?

If you weren't going for th... (Below threshold)

If you weren't going for the slam, why would you call someone a "coconut"? How could you think it is intended as anything but derogatory in some way? Even if you aren't smart enough to understand the obvious implications of a coconut "brown on the outside, white on the inside", shouldn't you be smart enough to shut up.......Oh wait, I am using logic and common sense while discussing how a liberal was/wasn't thinking.

Talk about oil and water!

"he now says that he didn't... (Below threshold)

"he now says that he didn't know that the term was a racial slur"

Yeah, Donny of the "elite intellectuals" thought that it was a compliment.

What an a$$hole!

he now says that h... (Below threshold)
he now says that he didn't know that the term was a racial slur when he uttered it

Isn't that the same thing George Allen said about macaca? Yet that wasn't accepted by his opponents, even after he apologized.

Shouldn't the same standard get applied to a guy with has a nationally televised show as to a politician?

With very rare exceptions w... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

With very rare exceptions white leftists reflexively hate not only themselves but also people of color, especially if the latter are politically conservative.

Deutsch simply is projecting aloud what that vast majority of leftists feel inside.

It doesn't matter whether h... (Below threshold)

It doesn't matter whether he knew the word is a racial "slur" -- it's not the *word* that is offensive, it's the *idea* that it expresses.

A "coconut" is a person of brown skin who thinks and acts like a person with white skin. And that there's something wrong with that.

The fundamentally racist part of this is the idea that people of a certain skin color should think and act in a certain way because of their skin color.

It isn't that he picked the wrong word -- it's that he expressed a deeply racist idea.

Donnie is a banana. Trust ... (Below threshold)

Donnie is a banana. Trust he knows how to use it also.

So who wants to bother list... (Below threshold)

So who wants to bother listening to DONNY DORKHEAD and his stupid blabbering bull kaka

You would never beleive wha... (Below threshold)

You would never beleive what they said about Alberto Gonzales.






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