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I Bet This Guy Can Tell Us What The Queers Are Doing To The Soil

After last weekend's CPAC, a guy from "Renew America" has decided that since Hot Air has been bought by a conservative Christian conglomerate and isn't properly outrageously outraged over all things teh ghey, conservatives can write off Hot Air. That, combined with an anti-gay-rights zealot getting booed at CPAC, has this one particular writer convinced that we're all going the way of Sodom and Gamorrah.

I figured I'd take a look at this guy's general perspective on life, and man was it educational. Does this guy ever have a hard-on for have a hair across his ass over have some issues with gays. Here are some of his more recent titles:

  • Obama's new military: Gays showering with straights
  • The bitter fruit of decriminalizing homosexual behavior
  • If homosexuality were against the law
  • Why homosexual behavior should be against the law
  • Are legal sanctions for homosexual behavior biblical?
  • Why CBS should reject pro-gay ads

And that's just in the last month. Going back farther, we have "Lurching toward Sodom and Gomorrah" and "Gay activist: ENDA may lead to homosexual outing, quotas in the workplace."

Me, I describe myself as "straight, but not narrow." I'm a vocal proponent of gay marriage (as long as it's made legal properly, by some sort of public vote of acceptance, and not judicial fiat) and have applied a certain logic to my attitudes towards others in regards to their sexual orientation: I like heterosexual and bisexual women, because that's my targeted orientation; I like gay men, because they're not competing with me for women; and I'm suspicious of my fellow heterosexual men, because they're the competition. Bisexual men, I'm just vaguely suspicious of.

This Mr. Fischer has issues, it's clear. He apparently sees himself as some sort of champion of heterosexuality, defending it from assaults from pervs and freaks.

There are a lot of terms for people of the homosexual orientation. I'm sure that Mr. Fischer knows quite a few of them. "Homos." Queers." "Fags." "Sodomites." "Fruits."

Here are a few more, Mr. Fischer, ones that have even more weight." "Citizens." "Voters."

And even "Americans."

They're here. They're queer. And we ain't putting millions of Babys back in the closet.

That's reality, Mr. Fischer. Accept it. I have. The majority of Americans have, too.


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Comments (32)

Gay marriage is good. I thi... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Gay marriage is good. I think there's a solid difference between allowing (anyone) the legal sharing of wealth -tax advantages etc. based upon cohabitation etc. and that of societal approval of a further errosion of the foundation od society -the intact family, not to mention a corruption of nature. In case you haven't yet noticed -sperm does not chase sperm.

Don L, I'll side with your ... (Below threshold)

Don L, I'll side with your point when we have a de-population crisis. Until then, I don't really see that non-reproductive status of a gay couple as a problem, either short-term or long-term.


Landing strips for gay Mart... (Below threshold)

Landing strips for gay Martians, I bet.

There are a lot... (Below threshold)
There are a lot of terms for people of the homosexual orientation. I'm sure that Mr. Fischer knows quite a few of them. "Homos." Queers." "Fags." "Sodomites." "Fruits."

Here are a few more, Mr. Fischer, ones that have even more weight." "Citizens." "Voters."

And even "Americans."

From what I've seen of frothy homophobes like Mr. Fischer, I think another term of a person of the homosexual orientation might very well turn out to be, "Mr. Fischer."


You'd really know he had a ... (Below threshold)

You'd really know he had a problem with homosexuals if he were a proponent of gay marriage, but also wanted to outlaw gay divorce.

I am not for gay marriage a... (Below threshold)

I am not for gay marriage and personally, I do think their sexual deviants. However, I work with and are friendly with many homosexuals who know my opinion and do not agree but honor it as they do know I want no harm to come to anyone.

JT, your analogy to "citizen" and "voter" can be applied to any person in our country. That does not prove a point. Great post though. I think Mr. Fischer is full of hate and a confused individual. ww

I have no problem with gays... (Below threshold)

I have no problem with gays in the military. When the shit hits the fan and we're goin into battle, I'll be behind them all the way....

I propose this man be given... (Below threshold)
James H:

I propose this man be given an invitation to a national Pink Pistols convention.

"Obama's new military: Gays... (Below threshold)

"Obama's new military: Gays showering with straights"

I hope they measure up.

What the proponents of gay ... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

What the proponents of gay marriage want is all of the benefits of marriage that men to women have. The rational they use would open up a Pandora's box. Two people ,or three, could "marry". Why not? They want the right to sue anyone for discrimination over anything. It would clog the legal system way beyond what it is already. Two men or two women, can go to an attorney and set up what would be a "marriage". I don't have a problem with that at all. It's their business certainly not mine. What I have a problem with is, they want the rest of society to change the institution to fit their way of life.

RLD, I've actually read a h... (Below threshold)

RLD, I've actually read a hell of a good argument about how gay marriage will NOT lead to polygamy. And it sold me.

When a couple gets divorced, the parties are once again single people. When a polyamorous group dissolves -- say, a man with two wives -- it's considerably more complicated.

If it's the guy who wants out, what happens to the legal relationship between the two women?

If one of the women wants out, are the other two still married? They didn't "sign up" as a couple.

Conversely, what if they want to remain married, but the marriage document specifies Adam and Eve and Eva, and Eva wants out? Do they have to get married all over again? When would they celebrate and count their anniversary?

It's kind of like "annulment" in the Catholic Church. Somehow, the marriage never happened, but the children born during the "non-marriage" somehow aren't considered born out of wedlock.

Simpler to just say "marriage is two consenting adults" and stop it there.

I got no problem with that.

But I've never been married, so I'm either utterly unqualified to judge, or a completely impartial observer.


"What the proponents of ... (Below threshold)

"What the proponents of gay marriage want is all of the benefits of marriage that men to women have."

Since that is impossible, the only recourse is to denigrate the whole institution.

Jay, you put a bunch of ins... (Below threshold)
Village Idiot:

Jay, you put a bunch of insulting words for gays in quotes. "Homos." Queers." "Fags." "Sodomites." "Fruits."

You falsely gave the impression that the person you are criticising used these words.

What would you think if a leftist wrote an article about you, including all kinds of racist words for blacks, and saying that beneath your conservative views you are basically full of hatred and racism.

It's stupid right? So is what you are doing.
If you don't agree with his position on gay marriage, or gays in the military, how about arguing this intelligently and honestly without conjuring up all kinds of hateful words and stuffing them dishonestly in his mouth.

Because those hateful words... (Below threshold)

Because those hateful words are already out there! To NOT include them is tantamount to voting "present", without the oblivious consequences.

You're right, Village, he d... (Below threshold)

You're right, Village, he didn't use 'em. I also don't think I implied that he did -- and I easily could have. "I'm sure you're familiar with certain terms, such as..."

He didn't use 'em. So I figured someone had to...


You forgot "poof" and my al... (Below threshold)

You forgot "poof" and my all time favorite "Rump Ranger". Troubled Pervs they are and pervs they remain to me. You are entitled to your opinion, I am entitled to mine. When I was growing up they were considered perverted, needing help. I don't see whats changed except some people don't want to seem "intolerant". They are more afraid of what others will think of them for having views against homosexuality. That they themselves will be ridiculed or unaccepted for having those views. That to me is just cowardly, like not standing up to the schoolyard bully. Don't be, it's OK to have a different view of homosexuality, without hating the homosexual. In fact its OK to hate homosexuality and find that lifestyle repugnant. Others are afraid of the names ie "intolerant " "homophobic" that may be thrown at them. Sticks and stones. I tolerate the fact that you and others accept it and think it's fine. That's your choice. I choose not to, not because I'm afraid of it or I'm "intolerant" or "homophobic", but because I thinks its wrong and immoral.

I choose not to pass judgem... (Below threshold)

I choose not to pass judgement,. Screwed up mother fucker that I am. It's hard enough just surviving hour to hour in this suc ass world.

The best part about this in... (Below threshold)

The best part about this incident was that the audience at CPAC boo'd him big time. He was allowed to speak, but the CPAC participants would have none of it. Good for them!

As a Libertarian, I support full rights for homosexuals, but I object to the way that the agenda is being pushed by avoiding the legislative process and using the courts. In particular, if you want to define marriage as a legal contract between "consenting adults", that isn't the way that we're heading. In the Supreme Court's insane rush to strike down laws against homosexuality in Lawrence v. Texas, they invented the idea that sexual liberty is protected by the 14th amendment and that state laws that interfere with that liberty must pass a very high standard to prove a legitimate state interest. They opened the door for homosexual marriage, but they also undermined social hygiene laws such as laws against bigamy, adult incest, and prostitution.

+ 1 for a "Dead Milkmen" re... (Below threshold)
Brett Buck:

+ 1 for a "Dead Milkmen" reference.

Gay is something you do in ... (Below threshold)

Gay is something you do in the dark, which is none of my business. It is a voluntary choice, and it involves private behavior.

What you do with your plumbing is not (or should not be) a legal class, it seems to me, and as such, confers no legal rights beyond leaving people alone to make their own personal choices and take responsibility for their own actions. Just like everybody else. Legally, a gay lifestyle is merely different, not special.

I have a big problem when children are introduced into the picture, because they end up victims, not only of the lifestyle, but also when these arrangements - which seldom outlast the sex that goes with it - disintegrate. Kids deserve a clean start in life. Some may see raising kids in a gay lifestyle as liberating. I don't, and I don't like to think what it does to a kid growing up with two mommies or two daddies. Or the mental anguish the kid has to somehow survive. If there is a sin in all this, that's it.

And just because gay activists scream louder and longer than straight people is no reason to rejigger our entire legal system. We've seen how affirmative action has worked out. It flat out didn't work. Why is it that conferring special legal status on personal behavior is going to turn out any differently?

Like many redundant gun laws, take all the gay hate crime laws that have ever been written, and all you've done is prohibit already illegal behavior with stiffer sentences. You haven't changed a thing, beside getting a politician five minutes of camera time someplace.

You can decide for yourself about whether gay marriage makes sense. You get to make that choice. I know where I come out.

I don't understand, why wou... (Below threshold)

I don't understand, why would the "Queers" do anything to the soil? What has the soil done to them?

"I don't understand, why... (Below threshold)

"I don't understand, why would the "Queers" do anything to the soil? What has the soil done to them?"

Soilent Steve Green?

Either that, or they are pounding dirt relentlessly?

Matt, check out the song "S... (Below threshold)

Matt, check out the song "Stuart" by The Dead Milkmen. It's both funny as hell and disturbing as the dickens.

And it's given the world one of the all-time great catchphrases -- "Do you know what the queers are doing to the soil?"


I like heterosexual and bis... (Below threshold)
Sean Sorrentino:

I like heterosexual and bisexual women...
I like gay men, because ...
I'm suspicious of my fellow heterosexual men...
Bisexual men, I'm just vaguely suspicious of....

Don't forget to send some love out to the lesbians out there. Granted, they are be competing with you for the bi girls. But the same way you know your hetero male buddies understand the pains of dealing with women and all their special issues, the lesbians are dealing with the same issues. You at least get to use the excuse that you are a guy and don't know any better.

Crap... Sean, you'... (Below threshold)


Sean, you're absolutely right. I forgot the lesbians, who I can't condemn because I agree with them on orientation.

I plead brain-fart. Thanks.


"Crap... Se... (Below threshold)


Sean, you're absolutely right. I forgot the lesbians, who I can't condemn because I agree with them on orientation."

I agree with them on anatomy! Woo hoo~!

anyone who says that full l... (Below threshold)

anyone who says that full legal civil unions aren't the same as marriage for gay couples is not asking for equal rights. They are trying to change marriage. I don't care why but I'm sure they are not concerned about equal rights.

I don't understand... (Below threshold)
I don't understand, why would the "Queers" do anything to the soil?

You know Matt, I *like* you. You're not like the other people, here in the trailer park.

p.s. it's my considered opinion that ALL life's issue can be addressed with either Simpson's quotes or Dead Milkmen lyrics.

Or emergency legislation, B... (Below threshold)

Or emergency legislation, Brett.

J,I don't think you ... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

I don't think you have to have married to make a judgment about gay marriage you are a citizen and a voter I presume. That's part of the point. It should be left to the voters to decide. And, they have. What we have is a judiciary that is legislating from the bench. Anyway, I'm tired. Worked late. Going to bed.
Let's see consenting adults...two brothers or, a brother and a sister or a father and a daughter or, cousins. All strictly platonic mind you. What a nightmare.

Does anyone know what Mr. B... (Below threshold)

Does anyone know what Mr. Burns looks like? I've never watched the Simpsons but keep getting told someone I work with looks like Him?

Having served with homosexu... (Below threshold)

Having served with homosexuals of both genders while in the military I can tell you that there is no difference in their duty performance than "straight" soldiers. That includes in the field and in combat conditions. Some of them I knew were gay at the time, and a few, after months of serving alongside of them. Like racism, homophobia is a learned attitude. Look through the archives and see how many HIGHLY decorated soldiers later admitted they were "gay". If some of you are so freakin insecure in your sexuality, then perhaps you need some help.

In addition, on a blog site that seems to be predominately republican oriented (my leaning also) meaning more individual freedom and less government intervention - why are a lot of you so adamant that being gay, having an abortion, etc is any of your business - those are personal choices and between them and the God they believe in.
If God gave us free will and choice, who are you to dictate another's lifestyle, much less judge it?






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