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Romney Endorses McCain... Again

Mitt Romney announced this morning his endorsement of John McCain, who is facing a stiff primary challenge from conservative J. D. Hayworth for the Republican nomination for Arizona Senator. In a prepared statement, Romney said it would be "hard to imagine the United States Senate without John McCain, especially in the critical times we find ourselves in." While not unexpected, this endorsement of McCain provides insight into the path Romney believes may lead him to a successful pursuit of the Republican nomination in 2012.

According to author David S. Bernstein, Romney's soon-to-be-released book, No Apology, supports the notion that he will move back to the left. In the book, Romney approves of the 2008 TARP bailout, saying it, "did in fact keep our economy from total meltdown." He also praised the Obama stimulus, claiming it would "...accelerate the timing of the start of the recovery." Romney also criticizes conservative ideas such as the Fair Tax and privatization of Social Security.

Possibly the most surprising comment in the book is Romney's contention that "climate change is occurring" and is caused at least in part by human activity. "Global warming is a real and present danger," says Romney.

Sarah Palin has also supported McCain in this race, but she may have felt a certain obligation to do so. Romney's endorsement, along with the content of his new book, suggests he is planning on running a far more centrist campaign than he did two years ago, hoping that conservatives split their votes as they did to McCain's benefit in 2008.


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Comments (24)

Stuck on stupid... (Below threshold)

Stuck on stupid

Mitt can go pound sand.... (Below threshold)

Mitt can go pound sand.

He's on the wrong side of history and isn't going to catch the conservative wave to ride it into office.

Well, now there are 2 peopl... (Below threshold)

Well, now there are 2 people I won't be supporting or voting for.

Hey, talk to Iowa and New H... (Below threshold)

Hey, talk to Iowa and New Hampshire. You and I have no say in who will be the next Republican Party nominee for President of the United States.

GOP pundits(Rush, et al.) a... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

GOP pundits(Rush, et al.) are outraged, again, at Indies' disrespecting them. Well...

Lets assume Romney is just ... (Below threshold)

Lets assume Romney is just to the right of McCain because he's as conservative/hawkish on foreign policy, but also more conservative, even not tremendously more conservative than McCain domestically.

You're telling me you wouldn't vote for him? And you're telling me that many, many disaffected Independents and Democrats won't either? They/We all will/would.

Whatever the purity/origin/stupidity of it is, McCain was burned in 2008 by a liar, as were many, many people. And we weren't burned.

It's a winning combo folks.

What is more dangerous that... (Below threshold)
Don L:

What is more dangerous that a man weighing 200 lbs sitting in a rowboat in the middle of the ocean that was designed to hold 200 lbs maximum and having a man named Romney jump into it with you?

The good news:the boat sinks.

300 million people in America - we can do a lot better than either of these two compulsive RINO candidates, who always wait for the tide to turn before they start rowing in the right direction.

GOP pundits(Rus... (Below threshold)
GOP pundits(Rush, et al.) are outraged, again, at Indies' disrespecting them.
Are you saying Mitt Romney -- who sought the Republican presidential nomination in 2008 and probably will again in 2012 -- is an independent?

Maybe you need to look that word up again, Gary.

Mitt seems to be the annoin... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Mitt seems to be the annointed one among the Republican effete. He may be another McCain. That is, we get told by the establishment who the Republican nominee is going to be and "we will hold our noses and vote for him" redux. If that happens, the Republican party is dead.

I hope to not see any of th... (Below threshold)

I hope to not see any of the above 3 names on the ballot in the '12 Presidential election.

McCain comes in for a lot o... (Below threshold)
Sean P:

McCain comes in for a lot of flack on these pages, especially after losing to ear leader. But it should be noted that most of McCain's defenders during the Primary (myself included) constantly poked holes in the "Romney is a true conservative" argument and claimed his conservative conversion was a fraud. Well, I wasn't exactly right about McCain's electibility, but I sure as hell was right about Romney's commitment to conservatism, and I really need to gloat about something right now.

Oh, and if he was the nominee, damn straight I'd vote for him. But he isn't the nominee yet.

A very smart political move... (Below threshold)

A very smart political move for Romney. That is, after all, what this is about. ww

Romney is playing follow th... (Below threshold)

Romney is playing follow the leader.

I don't get why Romney did ... (Below threshold)
Village Idiot:

I don't get why Romney did this.
It seems so stupid.

"I don't get why Romney did... (Below threshold)

"I don't get why Romney did this.
It seems so stupid."

Maybe, perchance, He's just stuck on stupid?

Fine. Now I can hate him wi... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

Fine. Now I can hate him with the white hot passion of 1000 suns, just like I do McCain.

Now he can go sit in the co... (Below threshold)

Now he can go sit in the corner of irrelevance with Ron Paul.

Ha ha ha ha ha... (Below threshold)

Ha ha ha ha ha

'Now he can go sit in the c... (Below threshold)

'Now he can go sit in the corner of irrelevance with Ron Paul"

That corner is reserved for Willie Oleson..

Great timing.Just ... (Below threshold)

Great timing.

Just as the Tea Party movement gathers momentum, this political genius thinks what it is rebelling against will propel him to the WH.

Romney may be smart about some things, but he's a fool about politics.

There's Sarah! Ain't she gr... (Below threshold)

There's Sarah! Ain't she great. And full disclosure: Sarah is a Fox News contributor."

Yes She is,, Don't cha just loves it? BRYAN?

No to Romney, no to McCain.... (Below threshold)

No to Romney, no to McCain.

I would rather listen to Sarah Palin contributions to news than the blithering idiots in DC making the news.

Fun Fact of the day:<... (Below threshold)

Fun Fact of the day:

Michael Crapo (Idaho-R)
Harry Reid (Nevada-D)
Gordon Smith (Oregon-R)
Robert Bennett (Utah-R)
Orrin Hatch (Utah-R)

All "mormons", members of a non partisan, unafilliated church who continually announces its complete removal as a "sect" from politics. BryanD sounds like Obama with the religion rhetoric.

Go ahead and bash us, trash us, and deny us here - we're accustomed to it; judgement day will come.

Mitt once was a respectable and viable candidate for the REPUBLICAN party as a whole, a center right party. as he moves further from the right and more towards the center left, he's lost his charm which is all too disappointing. The one financial guru that could have fixed the mess just keeps sticking his foot into his own jowls.


Mitt just soiled his sacred... (Below threshold)

Mitt just soiled his sacred garments beyond redemption.






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