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Breaking: Massive Earthquake in Chile Sends Tsunami Towards Hawaii

Reported, well everywhere, a massive 8.8-magnitude earthquake in Chile has sent a tsunami towards Hawaii and other areas of the Pacific. FOXNews:

President Michele Bachelet declared a state of catastrophe in central Chile after a massive 8.8-magnitude earthquake struck early Saturday.

The most powerful quake to hit the country in a half century cut electricity, water and phone lines to many areas, meaning there was no word of death or damage from many outlying areas.


A tsunami set off by the quake threatened every nation around the Pacific Ocean -- roughly a quarter of the globe. Warnings were issued over a wide area, including South America, Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand, Japan, the Philippines, Russia and many Pacific islands.

Updates as details are published.


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Comments (10)

Hugo Chavez will be out sho... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Hugo Chavez will be out shortly blaming it on the US.

Eco-wanks will say its becu... (Below threshold)

Eco-wanks will say its becuase GAIA the pagan earth godess they belive in and and JIM inded that swaggering pig face CHAVEZ will claim we have a earthquake machine SCREW CHAVEZ

Run to the hills.... (Below threshold)

Run to the hills.

I enjoy watching all those ... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

I enjoy watching all those crazy brave surfers.

There are countless people ... (Below threshold)

There are countless people standing on little hills, right on beaches in Hawaii, waiting to SEE the tidal wave!!! I certainly don't claim to be a genius but...you have to be kidding me!! If a true tidal wave should hit, their bodies won't be found for days, perhaps weeks.

We expect a less than one f... (Below threshold)

We expect a less than one foot wave here in half an hour. Significant Darwinian activity expected as the tide is going out, and though there may not be a "Big Wave" there will be all sorts of unusual eddies, undertows and increases in currents. As well as VERY STUPID people here, plus its a weekend and its the Fisher Poets weekend. The Columbia Bar should be very interesting - going to see if I can find a good vantage point from the top of our hill here (at over 350 feet ASL I think we'll be OK).

Darn, Nada.... (Below threshold)

Darn, Nada.

Chavez never said that US c... (Below threshold)

Chavez never said that US caused the Earthquake in Haiti. It was ABC Spaniard newspaper that said so based on article published on a Venezuelan blog.

Don't keep feeding your bitterness against Hugo Chavez, that would never help you chaps to understand, maybe you would never bother anyway, but we all must be alert is in which way we might help the Haitian and Chilean, without invade them.

GREENPEACE will blame GLOBA... (Below threshold)

GREENPEACE will blame GLOBAL WARMIG like these knuckleheads did with the 2004 tsunami

I think that we should help... (Below threshold)

I think that we should help hatian and chilean people and pray for the people that live in the pacific ocean god bless please god listen to my prayer.






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