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You know the blush may have faded from the Obama mystique

...when you see this:

Drop Box

...in San Jose CA.


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Comments (14)

Hahahahahaha!!!!!!... (Below threshold)


wonderful! I'm operating b... (Below threshold)

wonderful! I'm operating behind enemy lines here in the San Jose area...nice to know I've got a wing-man or two! :)

Justrand,San Jose ... (Below threshold)


San Jose was a conservative place in my youth...

required bumper sticker for... (Below threshold)
jim m:

required bumper sticker for every GM vehicle.

jim m,More like "r... (Below threshold)

jim m,

More like "required bumper sticker for every GM vehicle."

Rodney...Um. Isn't ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Um. Isn't that what I said?

jim m,Sadly, yes. ... (Below threshold)

jim m,

Sadly, yes. I had used the delete tag to line out GM, which showed fine in the preview pane but worked not at all in the actual comment.

For the record, the Ford F150 in the picture is not mine, nor does it belong to a friend of mine. It's parked along the path of our four times a day dog walking and belongs to someone I know only well enough to say "Hello" to in passing.

Is that ALL you got bryanD?... (Below threshold)

Is that ALL you got bryanD? What's the matter, your masters didn't cover things like this in their 'talking points'?

GF,He's off searchin... (Below threshold)

He's off searching DU and the black helicopter bulletin boards for evidence that either the Joooooos or the Catholic Church are behind this truck decal. When that doesn't work, he'll post an off topic Youtube link.
But hey, at least it keeps him in his basement and away from the local playground.

[A case book example of lef... (Below threshold)

[A case book example of leftard projection. See also "Coffee Party."]

See the back of BryanD's bald skull for further instructions.

914,The only picture... (Below threshold)

The only picture I've found was from the last time he was picked up for being too close to St Patrick's school for girls, again, despite the court order. It doesn't back...

Now will all those liberals... (Below threshold)

Now will all those liberals please remove your OBAMA window and bumper stickers from your cars and deposit them in the trash their worthless junk like OBAMAS adminastration

Flu-Bird,Already h... (Below threshold)


Already happening around here. Obama stickers are less and less prevalent...

I'm in the Baltimore area f... (Below threshold)

I'm in the Baltimore area for work this week, and I saw the same giant sticker on a car. Loved it.






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