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A Reason To Like Senator Bunning

The Left is just apoplectic about the unapologetic behavior of Kentucky Republican Senator Jim Bunning, who recently voted no on a thirty day extension of unemployment benefits. In between hyperventilating breaths Democrats are coming unhinged at the antics of the retiring senator because he is behaving as if he has nothing to lose (which is true). But before the wailing and gnashing of teeth gets too carried away it's perhaps wise to remember why Bunning is voting no:

Bunning objected to moving forward with an emergency, 30-day extension of unemployment benefits Thursday night over concerns that the measure hadn't been paid for. The Kentucky senator, who will retire at the end of his term in Congress next year, wants the extension paid for by unspent stimulus funds.

That's reasonable. Why not pay for this out of the $800 billion dollar stimulus passed last year instead of borrowing even more money? I've yet to see a reasonable argument against that among the finger pointing, elevator hogging, bird flipping accusations being tossed around by the Left.

But there is a more important element at work in this kerfluffle. Mr. Bunning is acting like a term limited legislator. He no longer requires the currency of favor in his own caucus and he certainly doesn't need the approval of Democrats. This sort of independence is refreshing. If term limits were a reality perhaps there would be less insanity in Washington.


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I'll be very disappointed i... (Below threshold)

I'll be very disappointed if bryanD doesn't show up soon with some thinly veiled, sophomoric, tedious remarks about Bunning's sexuality and/or his connection with the faked moon landings.

Bunning is one of the greatest pitchers in major league history, of course, which really pisses off the libs.

Who hasn't wanted to flip t... (Below threshold)

Who hasn't wanted to flip the bird to a reporter these days? Hell, half the reporters I know often wish they could flip themselves off.

"That's reasonable. Why ... (Below threshold)

"That's reasonable. Why not pay for this out of the $800 billion dollar stimulus passed last year instead of borrowing even more money"

Better yet, pay for it out of all the soon to be kicked out of office democrats pensions.

Bunning acting like a term ... (Below threshold)

Bunning acting like a term limited is a good thing in this case. On the other hand, Democrats in Congress who are retiring or who seem likely to lose their seats may act ni the same unfettered manner when it comes to ObamaCare, which would be a decidedly bad thing.

Good intentions, but Bunnin... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Good intentions, but Bunning's plan backfired. Reid to Neutralize Bunning's Objection Over Unemployment Aid Bill

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid plans to get around Sen. Jim Bunning's objections to a $10 billion jobless aid bill by moving straight to the much-larger $100 billion permanent version of the bill this week, sources told Fox News.
Innumerable times in 2009 w... (Below threshold)

Innumerable times in 2009 when unemployment continued to climb and we conservatives said the Stimulus was a failure the defense from the Left was, "But only 7% of the Stimulus package has been spent, unemployment will be halted or reversed when the Stimulus has been distributed."

Now here we are in 2010, the original Stimulus package that had to be passed post haste because there was no time to lose, yet has still not been spent and the Democrats want a Stimulus 1.5 to be passed to save jobs right now 'cause Jeeze Louise it's a CRISIS!!11!!
Why hasn't the original Stimulus been all spent?
Did the government borrow the money at zero interest?

Then why the urgency in borrowing when there has been no concomitant urgency in applying the money to the pupose for which it was borrowed?

Now Senator Jim Bunning says "No." and he's the bad guy?

The bad guys are the Democrats.
They like to say, "Never waste a crisis." and they never do.

They also never have a solution to the crises, most of which are engineered or ginned up by the Democrats themselves.

Memo to Democrats:
You can't be the arsonist and play the hero by being the firefighter too, especially when you don't put out the fires you started but instead run around pouring benzine on everything.

If term limits wer... (Below threshold)
James H:
If term limits were a reality perhaps there would be less insanity in Washington.

If members were term-limited, I woudl worry about three things:

1) How much influence would lobbyists and staffers wield over inexperienced legislators?

2) How many legislators would curry favor with industries they regulate in hopes of a favorable job after their limted terms are up? I admit it's pretty damned unsightly right now, but I wonder if it would get worse.

3) How many legislators would act totally without accountability? If they're term limited, they would have no reason to effectively represent their constituents.

Good for Bunning. Why isn'... (Below threshold)

Good for Bunning. Why isn't Barry applauding him? Didn't Barry PROMISE fiscal responsibility? Or did he put that off until the end of 2016?

The issue isn't complicated... (Below threshold)

The issue isn't complicated... debt is sky rocketing... Obama just gave a state of the union speech in support of PAYGO... everyone favors PAYGO... this guy is asking for cuts to offset increases- ie, PAYGO... and he is the bad guy.

Low and away, low and away,... (Below threshold)

Low and away, low and away, then bam! with the eye-high fastball, but Reid was sittin-on for a breaking ball. Fastballs out of the zone are wasted on hitters with slider speed bats.

Term limits are not a panac... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

Term limits are not a panacea. California for example has had term limits for its state legislators for quite some time, and that state still is a fiasco of a farce.

Fewer Democrats holding public offices is the answer, although unfortunately that obvious solution often gets overlooked or ignored.

As for Bunning, good for him.

"antics of the retiring sen... (Below threshold)
Rick Caird:

"antics of the retiring senator because he is behaving as if he has nothing to lose ". Now, think about the "nothing to lose" in terms of reconciliation for health care. That is the problem.

Plus, there is plenty of room for bribing those Democrats who may lose if they vote for the health care. "Nice legislative job you have there. It would be a shame if we had to get you a lobbyist job at about 5x the salary".

A special salute for ABC ne... (Below threshold)

A special salute for ABC news:


If term limits were a reali... (Below threshold)

If term limits were a reality, then the progressives would abuse the new system just like they do the current one. Since they are going to be prevented from running for office in the future, progressives can vote for anything, and never have to face the voters for it. Have to remember, they have no morals, that is why they are almost at the edge of passing ObamaCare, because they know that it will ensure a permanent progressive future in this country. What other legacies do you think progressives would be happy to push, if they never had to face the voters? The reason is that today, they can amass power over time, a better retirement the more years served, can vie for lucrative positions on committees, so they willing play slow progressive in general in order to obtain those perks. Take away those incentives, and it is anyone's guess as to what their new perks would be. Think someone like Soros would not promise them a nice lifestyle if you voted for something he wanted?

progressives ca... (Below threshold)
progressives can vote for anything, and never have to face the voters for it.
Really? They don't have to go back home and live among a bunch of very angry people who know where they live?

If they've feathered their own nests that much in just three congressional terms, let's see what they can do with only two.

Do I hear one?

It isn't just Democrats hyp... (Below threshold)

It isn't just Democrats hyperventilating, it's also the 1.2 million Americans losing benefits. And yet FOX News will defend this vote to the death:






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