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Monday Morning Water Cooler - Where's "Joe Cool" Obama?


You know who I'm talkin' about. Barack Obama. Fist Bump. Shades. Shirtless. The epitome of "cool."

Europeans thought he was cool. Liberal bloggers thought he was cool. The mainstream media thought he was cool. Hollywood thought he was super cool.

Yet since taking office, a new Obama seems to have emerged: irritable, arrogant, condescending, prickly. That was the Obama we saw at last week's Health Care Summit -- "I don't count my time because I'm the President;" "We're not campaigning any more. The election's over," etc.


Alas, how the mighty have fallen. So what happened? Did Barack Obama really "lose his cool"? Or was his "cool" simply one of the best examples of projection by an obsessed fan base that this blogger has ever witnessed?

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He's a nerd. ... (Below threshold)

He's a nerd.

I told my husband, after wa... (Below threshold)

I told my husband, after watching parts of the summit meeting, that it finally came to me what one of his biggest problems is.

He has a chip on his shoulder.

No matter the criticism, big or small, he takes it as a personal affront and feels he must remind others that HE is the President: HE won.

...as if this magically exempts him from any criticism and effectively dismisses it. Anyone that finds fault with his ideas must remember this.

I was especially taken aback at his remark to McCain about the election being over. Rather than anwser to the charge that on numerous occasions he assured people that healthcare reform negotiations would be aired on CSPAN he dismissed it with a wave of his hand.

And they say Gorge Bush couldn't admit wrong? This guy takes the cake.

Nah, nerds by definition ca... (Below threshold)

Nah, nerds by definition can NEVER be cool. Obama WAS cool at one point, therefore he's not a nerd. Nerds also have to have some field of expertise outside of mainstream culture that is not appreciated by the vast unwashed masses - Obama's shown no competence or knowledge like that, other than a startling ability to get elected without any evidence of suitability for the job.

I think his 'cool' WAS projection - when he was happy. When everything was going his way, when everyone was convinced he was capable and competent. But image only takes you so far - and when the shit starts raining down, you've got to know which end of the shovel does what - and so far he's not shown he even knows what a shovel's for, much less how to work efficiently with one.

The poor sap's finding out that it's one thing to campaign - it's something else entirely again when you get into office. And that Chicago-style politics aren't too well respected in the rest of the country...

Purely projection. Besides... (Below threshold)

Purely projection. Besides, anyone who engages in "nose mining" on national TV should be a candidate for etiquette school not the presidency.

You're right, Oyster - ever... (Below threshold)

You're right, Oyster - everything's about HIM. Every criticism of a policy or proposal isn't a problem with the proposal - it's a direct attack on his ego.

He's so thin-skinned it's ridiculous.

Politics are the problem, M... (Below threshold)

Politics are the problem, Mr. Lawson. Ever since Obama took office, he's been all politics, all the time. It's all about him.

The real measure of a president is how he leads the country. It's not how often he can stick it to his opposition, or how many speeches he can give. It's about focus and effectiveness.

A leader would notice the elephant in the room, which is the economy. One American out of five doesn't have a job. We have barely discussed the collapse of our housing market. The decline in disposable income has produced a near suicidal consumer sentiment. State and local governments have almost no way of dealing with the resulting decline in their tax revenues. And congress seems to think that government handouts and uncontrolled spending on pork barrel projects will solve all of our problems, completely ignoring the debt they've piled up. We're facing a looming currency crisis like we've never seen before.

But what is it we've spent the past year bickering about in Washington? Finding some sneaky way to force the country to swallow a gigantic nationalization of our health care system, whether the American people want it or not.

We've spent a year wasting time on one liberal giveaway program after another, and one government takeover after another, and an endless list of complaints about how Bush did his job. A leader would step up and start fixing problems instead of fixing blame on somebody else.

Obama's first obligation as president is to lead the country, and he has failed miserably at it. A leader would be focusing on getting America back to work. He would know enough about fundamental economics to understand that government starts with people feeding their families, going to work, paying their employees and earning a living. That's where jobs come from, that's where tax revenues come from, and that's where a strong country begins.

A real president would clearly see this. Instead, we're off in the weeds, bickering about silly shit, while Rome burns.

I thought "That is so co... (Below threshold)

I thought "That is so cool!" when I saw the video of Obama walking into a window in the White House thinking it was a door.

I'm sorry, I guess I was projecting just a little.

Obama can't be a nerd. Nerds are smart. The first thing Obama did last year was turn his domestic agenda over to Nancy Pelosi. One year later and Nancy is now telling her Democrats they have to commit political suicide to pass her bill. That can't be smart unless Obama's plan all along was to be a one term president.

Oyster, I agree. I think y... (Below threshold)

Oyster, I agree. I think you have put me on to a new nickname for him: "Chip". I can't wait to use it around my liberal friends.

It boils down to this:... (Below threshold)

It boils down to this:

Obama loves the perks of being President, and loves the attention when he has photo ops and has celebrities and the MSM gush over him.

He hates actually doing the job, which requires his actually placing his ego away. There are people who didn't like George Bush, but he didn't take differences with his opponents personally.

Obama's arrogance and thin-skin can no longer be hidden by the MSM; despite their tremendos efforts to continue the 'cool' myth.

"o" showed himself to be wh... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

"o" showed himself to be what he really is at the summit, a small thinking smart ass. Good analysis at the link.


Sorry, but really cool guys... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Sorry, but really cool guys NEVER wear PINK ties!

For me it goes back to former Senator Daschle close to tears on the Senate floor over some trivial crap....while sporting a pink tie. Ugh.

The Obamassiah was CREATED ... (Below threshold)

The Obamassiah was CREATED by the MSM. They knew nothing about him and did not try to find out anything about him. More time was spent "investigating" Sarah Palin (VICE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE)then on the guy running for President.

It's amazing what the MSM can make of an empty suit. You can take an arrogant, narcissistic egomaniac and project all that you want in a leader onto him. Only problem is that reality comes along and kicks you in the groin. You then find that "Super Fly" embodies none of the nobel traits you tired to imbue him with.
The hangover is going to be horrific.

Bobdog -Obama's... (Below threshold)

Bobdog -

Obama's first obligation as president is to lead the country, and he has failed miserably at it. A leader would be focusing on getting America back to work. He would know enough about fundamental economics to understand that government starts with people feeding their families, going to work, paying their employees and earning a living. That's where jobs come from, that's where tax revenues come from, and that's where a strong country begins.

A real president would clearly see this. Instead, we're off in the weeds, bickering about silly shit, while Rome burns.
The problem is really pretty simple - Obama doesn't know any different.

He spent years teaching people how to get more and more out of government and business as a community activist, and as a state senator. His education and experience taught him that government is one big massive money tree, and all that you've got to do is shake it enough and the money will magically fall into your hands.

And as President, he thought that he could REALLY shake that money tree and get more down to his supporters than anyone ever imagined. There's always been enough before when there was a shakedown (and yes, it's a deliberate choice of term there...) so there always WOULD be, no matter what he did to the tree! Poison the ground, cut off the branches, there'd always be enough and more!

I seriously can't believe he doesn't understand when the government doesn't have money it can't give it out without borrowing. And I suppose it's conceivable (though just barely) that he doesn't understand just how LARGE an amount our national debt is. (I think a good example would be a very large aircraft hanger stuffed to the gills with $100 bills...) Bu this current ignoring of the will of the electorate as far as healt care reform goes is politically suicidal - especially considering the jobs climate. And can he really argue with a straight face that after seeing how BADLY a relatively simple prgram like Cash4Clunkers was handled that government could do a better job than the private sector managing health care? Or that the way to make jobs is by taxing the companies that provide jobs, then paying the companies through tax incentives to hire people?

I think he's realizing that 'President' isn't the same as 'King'. Kings don't have to worry about whether their wants and wishes will be obeyed - they don't have to provide justification to their subjects or worry about where the money will come from. What I'd like to see some day is a Youtube splice of Obama in full campaign mode with Scotty from Star Trek interjecting things like "Ye canna' change the laws of physics!" and "I'm givin' ye all she's got, Captain!", ending up with "Aye, the haggis is in the fire for sure." and "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

Of course, Scotty always found some way to come through so Kirk could 'win' - but Obama's no Kirk and Rham's no Scotty. And we could but wish Obama was a fictional character in a novel you could read and go "No practiced politician would EVER be so damn stupid!" and then throw said novel across the room, vowing to buy nothing ever written by that author again.

Well, the hope and change mantra's getting a trifle more applicable. We're hoping there's going to be some change left by the end of Obama's

0-Bambi: The Man-Child... (Below threshold)
Constitution First:

0-Bambi: The Man-Child

Yes he has had a big chip o... (Below threshold)

Yes he has had a big chip on his incapable shoulders ever since he was forced to leave the pews of the wrong reverend wright. That and not being able to socialize America in Alinsky like fashion and be loved for it.

Firstly, Brocko comes from ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Firstly, Brocko comes from a subset of America that has been taught to be permanently aggrieved; that has been taught that America discriminates against this subset; that has been taught that this subset is 'owed' something from America.

He and his subset have learned that they can guilt and bully America to give the subset free stuff and excuse almost any bad behavior by the subset.

Secondly, Brocko also comes from a background marinated in Leftist ideology. All through his childhood, school, college, career in academia, not having a career in the private sector - all his life has been Of The Left.

Putting those two things together, he has history of being a Rebel against The Man.

And almost universally, being a Rebel against The Man is cool. (Well, it's cool to children, the spoiled and the perpetually immature, mostly.)

Well now he is The Man. The only thing he can rebel against now is America itself, not some vaguely defined boogie man called The Man.

A lot more Americans are finally waking up to the extreme changes he trying to make against America; and they are beginning to realize how bad it will be personally to them. And suddenly it's not so cool anymore.

Wimps aren't cool.... (Below threshold)

Wimps aren't cool.

Joe CoolGot taken... (Below threshold)

Joe Cool
Got taken to school
Sittin' at the summit table
Lookin' a fool

(w/ apologies to Charles Schulz)

I never thought he was cool... (Below threshold)
Listen up:

I never thought he was cool. I have always thought he i arrogant and ignorant.

Ya know, I'm starting to th... (Below threshold)

Ya know, I'm starting to think Obama has a problem.

While I was visiting a client at a self-storage facility on Chicago's south side this weekend, one of their customers, a nice middle-aged black guy from the inner city struck up a conversation with us. Strictly small talk, but I expected this guy to defend Obama, so I was pretty reserved in my remarks until I could figure out where he was coming from.

He was just an ordinary guy, not especially well informed, and didn't waste any time on fancy talk, but it was clear he knew what's going on.

I was honestly surprised at how blunt he was about the economy and what a terrible job Obama's doing. He had that "we got screwed" look you see these days. I mentioned that real unemployment was almost 20% these days and getting worse. He answered, "It's a little worse than that in my neighborhood, you know. People got to get back to work or we're in real trouble. I don't know what those guys in Washington think they're doing for us. I can't see they're doing anything at all."

When even folks from the inner city start figuring things out, the folks who voted almost unanimously for Obama and cried when he was elected, the game is up.

Obama is a fantasy. The spi... (Below threshold)

Obama is a fantasy. The spin doctors took a blank slate and molded it into a "Presidential Candidate". Ayers got hold of Obama years ago, brought him to Columbia, wrote his autobiography, and then dragged him out to Chicago to finish the job.

Obama himself has said he is a screen onto which people can project whatever they want him to be. Like a bunch of lovesick schoolgirls, the MSM refused to look too closely at Obama during the 2008 presidential run. David Brooks & his comments about how Obama's pants leg has such a perfect crease, and Chrissy Matthews getting that tingle up his leg, that's the kind of thing girls in jr high talk about. Not exactly the way to pick the leader of the free world.

I wonder if Brooks or Matthews scribbled doodles on their notepads, with little curlicues and flourishes, President Barack Obama, My President!!! With a little smiley face drawn on the capital "O", and hearts substituted for the dotted "i" in President.

He's a bully who lacks conf... (Below threshold)

He's a bully who lacks confidence. When you question him, the only thing he knows to do is to strike back.

God help us all.

I have to agree with my c... (Below threshold)

I have to agree with my coworkers. O seems mentally unstable.

JLawson,As some co... (Below threshold)


As some comedian pointed out, Barry's so thin skinned he has a reservoir tip.

And THAT'S a comparision I ... (Below threshold)

And THAT'S a comparision I could have happily done without... ;)

The "cool" was Obama as J, ... (Below threshold)

The "cool" was Obama as J, commenting to George Bush as K, "You know what the difference is between you and me? I make this look good."

That "cool" lasted until he got smacked backward by the Noisy Cricket, Nancy Pelosi.

Obama as cool as a inferno ... (Below threshold)

Obama as cool as a inferno as dull as ever and extremly annoying






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