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Report: Obama's Doctors Recommend "Moderation of Alcohol Intake"

Last night a blogger friend emailed me this UK Guardian report that said Barack Obama's doctors recommended "'moderation of alcohol intake.'"

When a person is told to moderate his alcohol consumption, that tells me he's drinking too much. And I'm not the only one who interpreted the word "moderation" in that way. Ann Althouse asks:

How many beers a day would Obama need to be drinking before his doctor would recommend "moderation of alcohol intake"?

Interesting question.

Now, some could argue that moderation also could mean that he should increase his alcohol intake in order to get the optimal health benefits, but I highly doubt it. It's clear President Obama enjoys adult beverages from all pictures of him in various settings with some kind of adult beverage in his hand, whether it's a beer or a glass of wine at White House dinners and parties, which according to reports he has quite often.

We don't exactly know much President Obama is drinking, but the Mayo Clinic, a hospital system that President Obama praised for its ability to provide outstanding medical care while keeping health care costs down, says this about moderate drinking:

You've likely heard to drink in moderation, but what does that mean? And why is moderation important?

Moderate alcohol use seems to offer some health benefits, particularly for the heart. But too much alcohol raises the stakes, putting you at risk of adverse health consequences.

Whether you drink is up to you and your doctor. But here are some points on alcohol consumption to consider.

Benefits of moderation

Moderate drinking is defined as two drinks a day if you're a male 65 and younger, or one drink a day if you're a female or a male 66 and older. A drink is defined as 12 ounces (355 milliliters) of beer, 5 ounces (148 milliliters) of wine or 1.5 ounces (44 milliliters) of 80-proof distilled spirits.

So if the president's doctors recommended "moderation of alcohol intake" that signals he is drinking more than the maximum recommended two drinks a day, which in the long run can be detrimental instead of beneficial to his health. Now does that mean he's a drunk? Who knows. But I have a feeling there are a lot of bloggers out there who are right now digging through video of the president trying to find any indication that he threw back one too many before getting behind the teleprompter.

Update: There's a commenter who has taken offense at my post. He/she linked to a UK Telegraph article that didn't mention anything about alcohol intake and used it as proof that I'm a "lying racist bitch!!!!!!!"

If I'm a "lying racist bitch!!!!!!!" then so is MSNBC, because it included the alcohol intake information as well:

The doctor said Obama should:
  • Have another exam for colon cancer in five years.
  • Continue smoking cessation efforts, a daily exercise program, a healthy diet, moderation in alcohol intake, periodic dental care, and remain up to date with recommended immunizations.
  • Keep up a modified exercise regimen to strengthen his legs to ward off more difficulties with his knee.
  • Modify his diet to lower his LDL cholesterol below 130.

As I'm sure you've read in the comments, Jay Tea and I have a bit of difference of opinion about exactly what "moderation in alcohol intake" means. Jay Tea thinks it means that Obama's doctors think he should continue with his already moderate (adjective) alcohol consumption. I am of the opinion that it means that the doctors recommend that he should moderate (verb) his alcohol intake.

Even if I am right, is this earth shattering information? Not really. But it made for some fun Obamabot chain yanking.


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Comments (49)

It is not so much the drink... (Below threshold)
Listen up:

It is not so much the drinking...it is what is he smoking or snorting with his staff that concerns me.

If The One is drinking heav... (Below threshold)

If The One is drinking heavily now, standby after the mid-terms.

A later commenter actually ... (Below threshold)

A later commenter actually quotes the original report as:

"Continue smoking cessation efforts, a daily exercise program, healthy diet, moderation in alcohol intake, periodic dental care, and remain up to date with recommended immunizations."

Apparently the Guardian took things a bit out of context, for fun. Hardly unheard of in the British press.

I'm more interested at how much the British press has turned against President Obama --- could they finally be reacting to the string of slaps in the face that the Obama State Department has handed our closest allies? (*cough* Falklands *cough*)

I gotta disagree, Kim. The ... (Below threshold)

I gotta disagree, Kim. The full quote has another possible interpretation, one I think is probably more accurate:

Continue smoking cessation efforts, a daily exercise program, healthy diet, moderation in alcohol intake, periodic dental care, and remain up to date with recommended immunizations.

Or, simplified, "continue... moderation in alcohol intake." As in, "you're doing OK here, keep it up."


I agree that these could be... (Below threshold)

I agree that these could be boilerplate recommendations (expect for the smoking cessation) ...

I do have to laugh alittle about the smoking ... we are paying for his continued unhealthy choice ... and he wants to tell us he's smarter about health care than everyone in the room ...

can't even quit the coffin nails ... he's not just a liar but also a weak willed coward ...

I've never bought the "tryi... (Below threshold)

I've never bought the "trying to quit" claim about his smoking. He's got an addictive personality, what with his admission of crack use, the chain smoking claims and his obvious addition to power....the kind of power that disregards his own destructive health choices while attempting to shove a torpedo sized burden of mandates up our collective clenched bottoms.

Maybe while Michelle is lecturing us about our kids' obesity she can focus on that rather corpulent ego packed inside of the "almost cured" one.

Heal thyself oh Great One!

Well, on the bright side fo... (Below threshold)

Well, on the bright side for Barry, his job performance hasn't suffered any..

Another interpretation coul... (Below threshold)

Another interpretation could be to continue the effort to moderate his alcohol intake, meaning, keep trying to cut down on the immoderate alcohol intake.

So does this explain all of... (Below threshold)

So does this explain all of his uuhhs, uummms, and stuttering without his teleprompter?

Back a while ago, he even read the directions on the prompter, telling him to greet the dignitary he was introducing. If anybody's interested I'll go find the reference, but I remember thinking at the time that he must be quite the robot if he didn't have the commonsense to greet the person he was meeting.

I don't completely agree, J... (Below threshold)

I don't completely agree, Jay Tea. You may think I'm arguing semantics here, but I see a distinct difference in definition and usage of the word "moderation" versus "moderate." If the quote was "continue smoking cessation efforts,...moderate alcohol intake...," I would agree with you. However, the use of the words "moderation in" in this sentence is a call to action or a call to change. In other words, it's a recommendation to moderate his alcohol intake. In other words his alcohol intake has not yet been moderated.

Finally, an Obama policy *h... (Below threshold)

Finally, an Obama policy *hiccup* I can stand behind.

When a person is t... (Below threshold)
Tina S:
When a person is told to moderate his alcohol consumption, that tells me he's drinking too much.

That may be the case when the person is your buddy. Doctors typically make statements like that without knowing if the patient even drinks. When a patient has any type of condition that is affected by alcohol the doctor typically tells the patient to refrain from alcohol.

Both are valid interpretati... (Below threshold)

Both are valid interpretations, Kim. The phrasing is ambiguous enough to support both your version and mine. I tend to give Obama the benefit of the doubt whenever possible, though -- on purely strategic grounds. As Machiavelli said, "when you strike against a king, be sure to kill him."

In other words, frivolous attacks actually impair more serious ones. That's also why I slap around the "birthers" so forcefully.

There's plenty of good, solid grounds for going after Obama. I prefer to focus on those, and brush off the more "iffy" ones.


Doctors typical... (Below threshold)
Doctors typically make statements like that without knowing if the patient even drinks.
Actually, they're more likely to say that without asking if you drink -- if you're acting like an alcoholic during the examination.

Again, don't ask me how I know that.

All the Leftists that repro... (Below threshold)

All the Leftists that reproached Senator Joe McCarthy for drinking too much can shut up now.

Obama's doctors recommended "'moderation of alcohol intake.'"
Not same as "refraining" at all, which advise would be more indicative of a health condition.

The silver lining is that Muslims aren't supposed to drink so there is that suggestion that Obama isn't a Muslim if he is being told to stop his alcohol abuse.

He's not really an alcoholi... (Below threshold)

He's not really an alcoholic or even borderline - he's just a carrier.

Beer? Wine? I'm betting on ... (Below threshold)

Beer? Wine? I'm betting on Courvoisier.

Its pretty much a boilerpla... (Below threshold)

Its pretty much a boilerplate recommendation that likely comes from the EMR they are using. I have a similar one that defaults on my reports (which gets to be a pain since I keep rewriting them).

HOWEVER I don't remember seeing the same recommendations on previous president's reports.

Sometimes we providers get cute in our between the lines comments. This could be a reference to too many Beer Summits, too many expensive parties, or too much dependence upon Beer Goggles when reviewing appontees and legislation. Probably not though.

Could this have been what O... (Below threshold)

Could this have been what Obama was alluding to when he spoke of carrying on Ted Kennedy's efforts ?

"any indication that he thr... (Below threshold)

"any indication that he threw back one too many before getting behind the teleprompter."

hehehe impairment begins with the first drink!

My company "offers" a suppl... (Below threshold)

My company "offers" a supplemental health plan for people with chronic conditions (I have a bad leg and hand from injuries) to help keep costs down. Every quarter a nurse practitioner calls me office to ask if I am doing my PT, check on my weight, how often I need my cane, offer advice on things to keep the pain down etc. They also always ask how many drinks a week I have and if I smoke. This has zero relevance to a busted leg, or a nerve damaged hand.
When I said once that I have a glass of wine with most dinners, say 5 times a week, I was treated to a series of mailers suggesting ways to cut down on my alcohol consumption! I found out that any answer greater than 2 drinks a week would trigger their system to flag someone as a potential problem drinker.

So as much as I dislike the Won, this is quite possibly over lawyered BS. Remember, it is government guidelines that can declare someone fat based only on height and mass, with no other details taken into account. :)

I think mocking Obama is a ... (Below threshold)

I think mocking Obama is a welcome anodyne to the MSM's worship of him. So ...

Telling a black man to moderate his alcohol intake is clearly racist. Are all black men DRUNKS? His doctor is probably a JEW (or as bryanD would put it, a NEOCON). Why can't Obama find a BLACK MAN to be his doctor? I think that guy that used to treat Michael Jackson is available.

Michelle O's motto:<p... (Below threshold)

Michelle O's motto:

Hey, you fat kids, back away from the trough!

I will eat all the baked Alaska I want and Barry will smoke like a chimney, but you fat kids better shape up pronto!

My husband and I just had c... (Below threshold)

My husband and I just had complete physical exams, including blood work and EKG, and that wording about alcohol intake did not show up in our reports nor did our physician see the need to say it.

He's not a small man so if ... (Below threshold)

He's not a small man so if he were putting the equivalent of 2 to 3 beers a day I wouldn't say it was excessive. Hell, considering the stress the office holds I wouldn't begrudge him an extra one.

There are so many far more significant things to dislike about the man's policies can't we just let him slide on the drinking? I mean, really, if we have to word smith an MSM story to look for stuff we aren't even trying...

Ann Althouse has since upda... (Below threshold)

Ann Althouse has since updated her post.

One of her commenters linked to the actual medical report.

Here is a link to the full ... (Below threshold)

Here is a link to the full report and it says not a damn thing about alcohol intake.
The poster is a lying racist bitch!!!!!!!


to add:When you vi... (Below threshold)

to add:

When you visit military clinics you fill out forms before the doctor's visit. Family practice is done on a team basis-that means that you are assigned to a "group" of Doctors. Since the docs will go TDY with the squadrons that they are assigned to. I'm sure this is the same for the Navy.

Consistently for years now-the form has asked about the frequency of smoking and drinking.

Trust me I am not a Liberal but this angle really needs to be nipped in the bud-so to speak. If you read the comment section at Althouse perhpas the better question is the credibility of the press.

The question over there being-if they report like this about Obama imagine the liberties they have taken when reporting about Bush, or the US military, or the war on terrorism.

Myrrha-Take a chil... (Below threshold)


Take a chill pill-why don't you go throw that attack at The Guardian-? They're the ones reporting it in the manner that they are.

Myrrha - are you off your m... (Below threshold)

Myrrha - are you off your meds? Your reaction to what was probably an innocent error is somewhat over-the-top. Nobody wants our President to be ill. The main reason we want President Obama healthy is a little situation called Joe Biden!

Military physicians will au... (Below threshold)

Military physicians will automatically respond to the form questionnaire. It's regimented-literally.

The correct wording of the ... (Below threshold)

The correct wording of the phrase in question is "moderation in alcohol intake" not "moderation of alcohol intake".


Kim,You're quoting... (Below threshold)


You're quoting Althouse, who is quoting Drudge, who is quoting The Guardian, and you all have it wrong.

How hard is it to go to the original source document and read it for yourself?

It's real simple, in the wa... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

It's real simple, in the wake of Climategate Al Gore has been spiking his Kool Aid with 100 proof bio-booze. Obama has been drinking the stuff for way too long.

I'm glad to see the spirit ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

I'm glad to see the spirit of Ted Kennedy live on in the Democrat Party.

It's like he never left.

I diagree with this finding... (Below threshold)

I diagree with this finding in Obama's medical report:

"Mild myopia...but did not warrant correction."
Oh yes it does.

"The President is an excellent health and "fit for duty."

Says you, doc.

And he's still smoking. Way to set an example.

Mr. President, Barney Gumbl... (Below threshold)

Mr. President, Barney Gumble called. He said you are making him look like a lightweight.

Don't listen to them, Mr. P... (Below threshold)

Don't listen to them, Mr. President. AA is for quitters!"

Hell, I'd be drinking two-f... (Below threshold)

Hell, I'd be drinking two-fisted if I had to deal with the likes of Biden, Pelosi and Reid every day. Probably the only way he can keep a Secret Service pistol out of his mouth.

Probably the on... (Below threshold)
Probably the only way he can keep a Secret Service pistol out of his mouth.
Those guys are there to protect the President, even if it means dislocating his shoulder to keep him from getting hold of their sidearms.

Not that I've seen them do it or anything, but the idea of Obama getting hold of a loaded firearm is only their second worst nightmare.

Michelle is the first.... (Below threshold)

Michelle is the first.

Myrrha, it's been two hours... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Myrrha, it's been two hours since your post (#27). Considering you were demonstrably wrong on the alcohol issue (and therefore have no evidence as to your two charges), it would seem a normal, adult human being would have by now apologized.

Are you not "normal"? Or is it in the areas pertaining to being "adult" and a "human being" in which you fail?

It's not so much the speed,... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

It's not so much the speed, I just wish I hadn't drank all that cough syrup this morning.

YOU SMOKE, I smoke, ... (Below threshold)
CAM'RON wif D.J. BarryO:

I smoke,
me too,
'Cause we gonna get high tonight

Ha Ha. Booze can cause a ca... (Below threshold)

Ha Ha. Booze can cause a cardiomyopathy. You might get a fast irregular heart rate, or you might get heart block. Barry obviously uses some of the nifty cardio equipment and resistance equipment available to him (how else can you get those photoshopped pecs?.

He got a boilerplate recommendation. FFD means different things in different services, but generally no disabling mental issues and he has a pulse (albeit a low one as pointed out by bD) is all the docs do. We love to hammer folks about what they enjoy - no smoking, cut down on drinking, only have sex with your own spouse, and stop eating all that good tasting stuff.

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha.

And to think that Winston C... (Below threshold)
Captain Ned:

And to think that Winston Churchill managed on a mere fifth of Scotch every night.

Screw the doctors, I'm following Winston's path.

HOW DO YOU COMPAIR???... (Below threshold)





While it's interesting to i... (Below threshold)

While it's interesting to imagine our President with a drinking problem, the fact that the surrounding paragraph starts with "continue" and also contains "dental care" (which one would assume he receives, due to those picture-perfect pearly-whites), suggests to me that if he does drink, it's already in moderation, or at least relatively close to moderate.

However, I wish he was more moderate in other things.

His drinking would explain ... (Below threshold)

His drinking would explain why he called Sheriff Dupnik to thank him: DRUNK DIALING!

I wrote about it today at my blog and linked to this post:







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