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"I Will Not Poke Lizards With Sticks. I Will Not Poke Lizards With Sticks."

"I will not poke lizards with sticks."

You know, "write something 100 times" had a hell of a lot more disciplinary value in the days before cutting and pasting.

Congratulations are in order. I have now joined the illustrious club of "People Charles Johnson Has Lied About."

Last week, Charles accused me of being a registered commenter at his site. I didn't hear about it for a while, but when I did, I sent him an e-mail -- which he promptly announced:

Jay Tea from Wizbang just sent me a long ranting diatribe, after I exposed him as trolling LGF under the name 'BunnyThief'. This guy is a flat out kook. I read the first sentence and filed it in the abuse folder.

I wrote that message quite carefully. There was very little "ranting," and the first sentences could hardly be considered "abusive." But that didn't fit Charles' narrative, so he had to fantasize up some screed to justify his persecution complex. Here's the complete, unedited letter -- I learned last fall that you can always trust Charles to delete anything he might find embarrassing:

Dear Charles:

I was quite surprised to see you drop my name in a comment on your blog. After all, you banned me last September.

In case it escaped your memory, I commented on Killgore Trout's midnight raid on Hot Air. I found what he did incredibly disgusting and morally repugnant, and knowing that he was one of your trusted "monitor lizards," I knew where I could find him to tell him so.

In that thread, I very carefully abided by every single one of your stated comments policies. I did not violate a single one of them.

Oh, but I sure as hell broke your unwritten, unpublished, unacknowledged rules. Cheerfully, in fact. I confronted and denounced one of your chosen pets, and called upon you to equally enforce other of your unpublished rules -- mainly, the one where your commenters are held accountable for what they do on other sites.

To no great surprise, I was banned and my comments were deleted.

Killgore is, as noted, one of your more trusted minions. He did something that I (and a great many others) consider absolutely reprehensible. You claim that you had no foreknowledge of KT's attack, and I believe you.

But you endorsed it after the fact. Both in your refusal to condemn it, and your refusal to hold up the "what you do elsewhere will be held against you at LGF" rule. So therefore, you "own" KT and his attack.

In that thread where I was eventually banned, I was attacked for comments made on Wizbang. One in particular was posted on a thread I didn't write, a year before I joined the site. I rejected that attack, but it didn't matter. I was banned.

I took it in stride. Hell, I even got mileage out of it -- I got a great article about your "LGF Dictionary," and how that remarkable resource was completely at odds with your current attitudes. Shortly thereafter, it disappeared.

No, that's not fair. You got rid of it. It was too "hateful" to tolerate. Plus, it referred to too many once-loyal Lizardoids who you have banished and tried to erase from history.

You also gave me a great principle -- the "charles Johnson Rule." "Sometimes, when you get the most flak, you're over the right target. But when you're getting the most flak from what used to be friendly territory, you just might be bombing the wrong target."

Now, as for your accusation about me coming back under a new identity: I don't think I'll answer that, one way or another. For one, I have a principle that I ban people for what they do, not who they are. If I ban someone and they come back under a new identity, I generally ignore it -- they'll either behave themselves with a lesson learned, or pull the same kind of stuff that got them banned in the first place and I'll do it all over again. Either way, I don't fixate on looking for enemies to punish. I've got better things to do with my time.

You'll either ban your commenter or you won't, but I don't particularly feel like assisting you in making that choice. I feel pretty comfortable in wagering that you will, because that is your natural bent -- someone says or does things you don't like, you get rid of them to preserve the sanctity of your precious (but ever-diminishing) echo chamber.

By the way, kudos on your stellar investigative work into the associations of the sponsors of CPAC. Netroots Nation has announced its list of sponsors for its upcoming conference -- will you turn your steely lizard eye towards these groups and their associations as well? http://www.netrootsnation.org/sponsors

Charles, LGF was one of the first blogs I discovered (through Meryl Yourish). You were a major influence in my deciding to take up blogging, and I have heaped tons of praise on you over the years. I have unabashedly lifted from you on numerous occasions (giving credit most of the time, but I might have missed once or twice) and still occasionally plumb your archives for material -- your "Palestinian Child Abuse" series is always good for superb material). I will always be indebted to you for my blogging "career."

Best wishes,


P.S.: Feel free to publish this on LGF, if you like. I doubt you will, though -- you can't call it "hate mail."

Was I wrong about that last part. He could, and did.

I'd consider suing him for defamation, but nowadays "denounced and lied about by Charles Johnson" is becoming a badge of honor. I'd never prove damages -- rather, I almost have to claim his denunciation as an asset.

I stand by everything I did last September. When I challenged Charles' pet minion Kilgore Trout about his midnight raid on Hot Air at LGF, I very carefully abided by every single stated commenting rule on Charles' blog. I knew I was breaking the unwritten rules, but I was curious how far I could push them -- and I found out.

That's entirely Charles' option. His site, his rules, his choices. It'd be nice if he'd actually abide by the ones he publishes, and publish the ones he abides by, but he's the one who pays the bills and he can do whatever he wants. And that includes just plain lying to his ever-diminishing circle of sycophants.

Kevin, it might be time to remove LGF from the blogroll. It's even losing its "train wreck' appeal.

Oh, and Charles? You deleted my "Jay Tea" account. I would wager you've also blocked the "BunnyThief" one. (Again, I don't particularly feel like admitting or denying ownership of that one. I don't see how it was germane -- but I'd love to hear what "BunnyThief" or "Jay Tea" ever said at LGF that violated any of your rules.) But I still have two or three logins I created at random times when you held open registrations that I might -- or might not -- use in the future.

Have fun, Charles. I know I have.


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Comments (21)

I wonder if Charles is suff... (Below threshold)

I wonder if Charles is suffering from the same dementia as Andrew "I'm a Lefty, So Anything Illegal I Do Does Not Affect My Immigration Status" Sullivan?

What a shame - Johnson prov... (Below threshold)

What a shame - Johnson provided a tremendous public service in analyzing and shredding the See-BS / Rather bogus TNG memo scam.

Now he's resigned himself to be a Palin-basher and True Believer in Gore's Scam of the Republic. What a friggin' shame that, while Charles has been tilting at Palin's windmill, his site's devolved into something completely irrelevant.

Charles Johnson doesn't hav... (Below threshold)

Charles Johnson doesn't have any credibility any more.

I think you expended more energy on this than it was worth

Charles who?... (Below threshold)

Charles who?

Interesting how he suddenly... (Below threshold)

Interesting how he suddenly decided it was a great idea to rip others to shreds publicly while eliminating any challenge to anything he says or does in his tiny sphere. Has he become that insecure? Charles is quite entitled to believe anything he wants and to shout it from his roof if he sees fit, but to behave in the fashion he is over the whole thing is frankly bizarre. I stopped visiting there a long time ago. I don't have any interest at all in watching that particular train wreck.

How about "I will not poke ... (Below threshold)

How about "I will not poke Charles' lil green johnson with a stick?"

(warning: high ick factor)

Seriously, Jay. I think you wasted about 214 sentences too many on that guy.

So Charles reads wizbang?</... (Below threshold)

So Charles reads wizbang?

Good. Maybe he'll learn something.

Where else are you going to... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Where else are you going to go for amateur photos presented in hopes of revealing some untapped reservoir of artistic nuance?

Whatever smelly old liberal... (Below threshold)

Whatever smelly old liberal hippies with pony tails have to blog about these days is irrelevant as Al Gore.

LGF and Charles Johnson jumped the shark long ago. Now he's relegated to the kook fringe.

Bryan, I haven't banned you... (Below threshold)

Bryan, I haven't banned you. If I did, you'd know it.

I don't ban lightly. In either sense of the word.

You're simply not worth the effort.


"You're simply not worth th... (Below threshold)

"You're simply not worth the effort."

You're kept around for the hilarity factor!

Cahrles Johnson comments as... (Below threshold)

Cahrles Johnson comments as BryanD on this site.

"You're kept around for the... (Below threshold)

"You're kept around for the hilarity factor!"
12. Posted by GarandFan

That's a perfectly sound reason.
14. Posted by bryanD

For once we actually agree on something!

Ban meBan meT... (Below threshold)

Ban me
Ban me
They ought to take a rope and hang me
Tie me from the highest treeeee
Oh, woman would you weep for me

-- Roger Miller, Poet Emeritus

Yes BrianD we hold you in h... (Below threshold)

Yes BrianD we hold you in high esteem as an example of a real nut.

ooops! sorry "brYanD"... (Below threshold)

ooops! sorry "brYanD"

For LGF-man I can only misq... (Below threshold)

For LGF-man I can only misquote Gandalf (in the movie not the book):

"Tell me...friend...when did Charles Johnson abandon reason for madness?"

To be honest Jay I never ca... (Below threshold)

To be honest Jay I never cared for the style at LGF. Something always felt less than honest or was twisted just a few degrees maybe just for effect. I knew it was a popular site so stopping in to look regularly left me not wanting to continue.

I found Polipundit where Lori Byrd and DJ Drummond hooked me on reading blogs. It was the big squabble about ideology over there that brought us all here .

I've never been treated better or read any more insightful people than I've encountered here. Even dumb ole bryanD has a place.


CJ and his lizard minions c... (Below threshold)

CJ and his lizard minions can do what ever they want in the safe confines of the LGF lounge. Personally, it will be a cold day in hell before I even look to see if my account was banned or not, I just don't care. I lost interest in the site when they stopped making posts of interest and devolved into a suckfest.

I would suggest walking away and not looking back, to many pixels have been wasted on him as it is.

I used to read LGF every da... (Below threshold)

I used to read LGF every day - much like I used to read the Daily Dish. Unfortunately, after Johnson and Sullivan went off the dead end and started writing (and behaving) like lunatics, I don't read their stuff any more. And since no one seems interested in their opinions, they've gone to great lengths to try to stir up controversy.

Next stop on the road to non-relevance: writing for MSNBC.

So Chuckie Johnson may have... (Below threshold)

So Chuckie Johnson may have been a decent blogger before he entered menopause.

Now he is just a paranoid GLO-BALL cultist and mutated liberal, just a BIG fish in his small pond....


Getting hit by the LGF slime sitck is an honor..
Wear it well Mr. Jay Tea, wear it well.






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