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Rabid Ratigan Running Rampant At MSNBC

"Anger in America"

That was the name and focus of a segment on the little watched MSNBC program, "The Dylan Ratigan Show."

On today's episode, Mr. Ratigan had "Tea Party" leader Mark Williams on as a guest, apparently to discuss, well, "Anger in America."

Instead of engaging his guest in a lively conversation, Ratigan embarked on a loud, self-indulgent tirade against Mr. Williams, largely doing more to embarrass himself than his guest.

I'll let the clip speak for itself:

This guy is supposed to be the host of a program where people engage in conversation. A question is asked. An answer is given. Discussion ensues.

At least that's how it should be.

Instead, Ratigan transforms himself into a raving lunatic, like Olbermann without the goose-stepping sycophantic guests.

Back in December, Ratigan employed the same tactics against Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. While she may be a leftist freak-a-zoid in her own right, she was a guest on his show. He yelled at and drowned her out so much she claimed to Ratigan, "You could be your own guest."

This is the kind of exhibition you'd be appalled to see in a bar, let alone a cable news program.

That's some operation they've got over there.

Anger in America, indeed.


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Comments (21)

How many viewers they got n... (Below threshold)

How many viewers they got now, 2, 3?

I think if you sat Mr Ratig... (Below threshold)

I think if you sat Mr Ratigan down and played this in front of him he would still be too dumb to be embarrassed for himself.

Never heard of this Ratigan... (Below threshold)

Never heard of this Ratigan guy before.
Correct me if I'm wrong but:
A) the Tea Party is a movement, not a Political Party, that doesn't have leaders.

B) I've never seen signs or protesters pushing anything like "Kill all the Blacks and Jews" that Ratigan is claiming. This is all a Ratigan smear.

Therefore, Ratigan has asked a guest onto his show to confront the guest with a straw-man of Ratigan's own making and tries to force the guest to answer for a straw-man that never existed in the first place.

Who?... (Below threshold)


The subtitle says, "Anger i... (Below threshold)

The subtitle says, "Anger in America".
The host says, "What's wrong with dialog in America".

ANSWER: Unhinged TV hosts like this bozo in MSNBC, the cable network that gives a microphone to every left-wing lunatic in America.

What an arrogant POS scumba... (Below threshold)

What an arrogant POS scumbag. Walking away from the camera, LIVE no effing less?!?!
Does PMSNBC even have a freaking level of management that actually oversees any of this nonsense?! Their bias is sooooooooooo outta control at this stage it's borderline insanity. But i digress.

That network needs to go ba... (Below threshold)

That network needs to go back to its Microsoft roots and crash.

Never heard of him. Don't ... (Below threshold)

Never heard of him. Don't particularly care to watch him, either.

And Cheney W. Halliburton - I think we're seeing events leading up to a BSOD for a network. They got subprocesses going on that are really fouling up things for the entire channel OS - and they're getting out of control. A reboot is definitely in order...

I wonder how ashamed Mr. Ra... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I wonder how ashamed Mr. Ratigan was of MoveOn.org, ANSWR, DailyKos, the DU, Wade Churchill, Michael Moore, Rev. Wright, Cindy Sheehan, Code Pink, Olbermann, Matthews, Krugman etc. was of those people between the years of 2000-9. While I agree with his basic point that fringe radicals and hatemongers should be told their disgusting views aren't welcome, dollars to donuts says he doesn't practice what he preaches.

Little known fact: The surn... (Below threshold)

Little known fact: The surname Ratigan is derived from the Norwegian word ratykkån, meaning "one who forgets to take his medication."

That deserved only one kind... (Below threshold)

That deserved only one kind of response, play into his hate:

"Fuck you asshole, let me know when you want/need to be civil, til then FOAD. Oh WAIT, you're already "dead," on MSNBC!"

I do like how the split scr... (Below threshold)

I do like how the split screen plays with the subheading, for hilarious results.

Ratigan is "anger" while Williams is "responds to extremism."

RATIGAN was the villian in ... (Below threshold)

RATIGAN was the villian in THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE and a liberal as well

One more reason to continue... (Below threshold)

One more reason to continue NOT watching MSLSD.

TYPICAL... (Below threshold)


It's Rat-again.... (Below threshold)

It's Rat-again.

Does MSNBC even care that t... (Below threshold)

Does MSNBC even care that the brand is in the toilet? Are they deliberately committing suicide?

MSNBC should soften their p... (Below threshold)

MSNBC should soften their profile a bit. They could take advantage of the death of Air America and hire Randi Rhodes and Al Franken so they can present a more balanced view of current events.

No...wait...I guess Al Franken got some other job already.

Yet more of the same: Step ... (Below threshold)

Yet more of the same: Step all over the guest, then accuse him of not answering the questions. More optical illusions created by the MSM to make it appear as if the Tea Party movement is racist.

Race-baiting ad hominem attacks from Ratigan are a sign that he already lost the argument. There are a few crazies in any movement, yet the MSM uses sweeping generalizations to try and smear the whole movement as being racist or accepting racism.

Ratigan never once stated that they might be infiltrators posing as Tea Partiers to make the movement look bad, as infiltration of movements is also common.

And in addition to my post ... (Below threshold)

And in addition to my post right above this one, Speller in post #3 points out another tactic that Ratigan used - a tactic so low that one wonders if Ratigans own mother would slap him over it.

Rat-i-gan is totally unprof... (Below threshold)
Susan Snyder:

Rat-i-gan is totally unprofessional. Did you ever see him in those nutty clothes dressed as George Washington.

Ratigan is not a journalist in any sense. I worked on Capitol Hill and treat my worst enemies with more respect and dignity.

MSNBC should fire the bum.






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