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Skelton reverses position on greenhouse gases

Yesterday, Ike Skelton (D-MO) reversed his position on greenhouse gases and the EPA's authority to regulate them. In the past, Skelton has been a supporter of cap-and-trade.

Last June, Skelton voted with his party leadership for a cap-and-trade bill. The measure passed the House 219-212.

According to Politico, Skelton has tried to present his cap-and-trade vote to the folks back home as an effort to protect people from the EPA. The thinking here is that since it would be Congress, not the Obama administration, writing the emissions reduction rules, it would be much better.

It would seem that his constituents aren't buying that message, especially in light of all the climate change science revelations. Skeleton has now changed his position on the subject.
Republicans, the Chamber of Commerce and now Democrats like House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson, D-Minn., are pushing legislation to prevent that.

Skelton has signed on to Peterson's bill, which would reverse the EPA finding that greenhouse gases are a pollutant.

A small step but at least it is in the right direction.

Hat tip: Instapundit.


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Comments (6)

Baby steps.Maybe b... (Below threshold)

Baby steps.

Maybe baby is learning that listening to constituents could advance his political survival.

Now if only the GOP could learn the trick, Republican voters wouldn't stay home as often.

Reality: It's fun, it's scary, and it's better than the Tooth Fairy.

Nancy ain't gonna like the ... (Below threshold)

Nancy ain't gonna like the lemmings deviating from going over the cliff. After all SHE'S TRYING TO SAVE THE EARTH!

Skelton has decided not to ... (Below threshold)

Skelton has decided not to join the Voluntary Political Extinction Movement.

Line one should read "rever... (Below threshold)

Line one should read "reversed" not "revered"

[Ed. Thank you. -DK]

He's 78 years old, wanting ... (Below threshold)

He's 78 years old, wanting to go again.

You look at the leadership - and it's looking like the Altzheimers' wing of the assisted living facility my folks are at. Pelosi's what - 106? Reid's got to be at least as old. Have either of them been tested for senile dementia?

We need term limits, and mandatory retirement ages. As it is, you get the old folks in power and they'll stay there until they stop breathing one day in a Senate elevator or bathroom. In the mean time, they block any sort of advancement or fresh thinking - with a predictable result.

It's time for him to GO.

As always liberals will pas... (Below threshold)

As always liberals will pass anything the people oppose they did it in the USSR and NAZI GERMANY






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