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Tea Party Continues to Confuse and Anger Liberals

Yesterday Shawn shared video of MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan going berserk in a segment on "Anger in America" saying Tea Party members allowed those who wanted to "kill black people and kill Jews" to be associated with them. Today Hot Air links to Michael Bader's piece at AlterNet about those nutty Tea Party people.

These Tea Party folks seem to most liberals -- well, to most of us who live in the "reality community," or, as I like to call it, "reality" --- like crazy f*ckers.

As a recent New York Times article reports, this hodgepodge of people and groups spout frankly paranoid beliefs as received wisdom, e.g. the Federal Reserve is our enemy and should be abolished; citizens should stock up on ammo, gold; and survival food in anticipation of an impending Civil War; states should "nullify" federal laws and even secede; medical records are being shipped to federal bureaucrats; the army is seeking "Internment/Resettlement" specialists; and Obama is trying to create crises in order to destroy the economy, convert Interpol into his personal police force and create a New World Order.

Conspiracy theories involving shadowy elites like the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations have resurfaced. Self-defense and armed resistance are frequently called for. Racist stereotypes, innuendo and hostility run rampant. The Constitution is its sacred text and Glenn Beck its most beloved prophet. They don't usually wear aluminum hats but perhaps they should.

I hate these folks but I also understand them. And, well, uh, I also empathize with them. They share the same psychology as the paranoid patients I treat every day. The only difference is that the paranoid beliefs of the Tea Party movement are political while those in my consulting room are of a more personal nature. The causes and dynamics, however, are the same.

I wonder just how many tea parties Michael Bader has attended. Is he basing his hatred of these folks on anything other than a New York Times report? He thinks tea partiers are "paranoid," engaging in "racial stereotypes" and "innuendo"? Has he seen an episode of Countdown with Keith Olbermann, or Dylan Ratigan's show for that matter? Instead of analyzing the MSNBC paranoid haters on parade, or the "left-wing conspiracy theorists" he later mentions, he focuses on a NYT description of tea party participants and psychoanalyzes them. Then he offers his analysis of the role the "right-wing media" plays in feeding this paranoia.
It is also obvious that left-wing conspiracy theorists share much of the same pathology as those on the right wing of the spectrum. For new Tea Party members, however, the drift toward paranoia is facilitated by the right-wing media machine that offers several ready-made narratives perfectly designed to help its consumers clear up their confusion, understand their helplessness, absolve them of any blame and offer a way out. The conspiratorial alliance of business and government, a growing tyranny intended to disenfranchise, disarm and exploit ordinary citizens, secret pacts to overthrow the Constitution, etc. all currently led by an un-American, godless, colored, elitist, contemptuous foreigner: Barack Hussein Obama.
Goodness, that is an awfully long sentence fragment. Where the heck is Bader getting the reference to the "colored" president? What is the obsession liberal critics of the tea parties have with race? I have been to two tea parties -- one in North Carolina and one in DC. I have read and looked at pictures fro dozens more over the past year. I know a few wackos have shown up at some tea parties (just as some wackos show up at liberal protests), but they are a tiny minority of those associating themselves with the tea party movement. You have to make an effort to specifically look for them and then you have to ignore 99.9 percent of the hard working, rational, respectful participants in order to define the tea party groups as racist and paranoid. On the other hand, all it takes to find paranoid, race-obsessed wackos associating themselves with those on the left is to turn on a television and set the channel to MSNBC's prime time lineup.


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Comments (32)

Projection...Its a... (Below threshold)


Its all they have when the people of the country stand up and say "Can you hear me now!" and "No, hell no!"

When is comes to <a href="h... (Below threshold)

When is comes to demagogy, the left has never metanarrative they didn't like.

Lorie, of course he's never... (Below threshold)

Lorie, of course he's never been to a Tea Party. He is of 'the elite intellegensia'. God forbid that he actually associate and interact with these people.

The Tea Party movement need... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

The Tea Party movement needs to be more narrowly focused, such as advocating lower and more streamlined taxes. My business taxes are a living nightmare to figure out.

"The Tea Party movement ... (Below threshold)

"The Tea Party movement needs to be more narrowly focused, such as advocating lower and more streamlined taxes. My business taxes are a living nightmare to figure out."

Yes Paul, well remember that the next time its all about YOU!

Lorie, of cours... (Below threshold)
Lorie, of course he's never been to a Tea Party. He is of 'the elite intelligentsia'.
Absolutely -- and as such it is possible for him to know things without ever having to learn them.
It's real simple, the Tea P... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

It's real simple, the Tea Party movement poses a real threat to the liberal gains made in 2006 and 2008. Because the Tea Party movement is not a political party or a defined group that has a leader or even a structure it's hard for the liberal dirt machine to find a specific target to attack. That strength is also the Tea Party movement's weakness in that no one speaks for it, at least not with authority. Thus, liberals like the NYT and Ratigan want to define the Tea Party movement as nothing but kooks, nuts, racists, and whackos. Obviously, the liberal goal is to so damage the image of the Tea Party movement that the only people who will want to be associated with it are real kooks, nuts, racists, and whackos.

The fundamental problem with the Tea Party movement is that different people want it to stand for different things and at some point some group may try to take control of it and define it. In doing so, that group will alienate many others and get into a fight with the rest. The best outcome is for the Tea Party movement to imprint its fiscal conservative and small government principles upon the Republican Party, but never itself become an organized group.

the Tea Party movement disa... (Below threshold)

the Tea Party movement disagrees with Obama, Pelosi and Reid because they are lying, cynical jerks who refuse to do their jobs.
Race and gender have nothing to do with it.

I lifted the following from... (Below threshold)

I lifted the following from this article:

"In capitalism's creative chaos, the leftist intelligentsia sees only chaos. And only a limited role for themselves.

Therein lies the leftist intelligentsia's first falling out with capitalism. They envision themselves a privileged group. Self-seen as the most capable, they find their elitist birthright frustrated by capitalism's egalitarianism."

Tea Party: average Americans advocating fiscal responsibility, free markets, constitutionally limited government. These radical ideas are indeed threats to the self-proclaimed elites of any political stripe.

as someone who has attended... (Below threshold)

as someone who has attended two Tea Parties (one HUGE, the other medium sized) I can tell you that the Tea Party movement is all about people wanting the Government to SHRINK, in size and reach.

Lower taxes would be a RESULT!!

Michael Bader sounds like h... (Below threshold)

Michael Bader sounds like he has gotten his talking points from the Southern Poverty Law Center. This is the kind of hate that they have been spouting there for the last 25 years or so. The SPLC is definitely a left wing wacko outfit that sees kook right wing militias under every blade of grass and rock. This group is also in the pocket of the left wing elites that want to run their own private utopia, thus they are out to stifle any kind of dissent that they don't like.

You mean to tell me this gu... (Below threshold)

You mean to tell me this guy treats the mentally ill? Talk about inmates running the asylum.....

Wasn't it Chris Matthews wh... (Below threshold)

Wasn't it Chris Matthews who finally had a moment during one of Obama's speeches that he didn't think about Obama as black?

Tea Party is scaring many of the elites from both sides. They want smaller government and controlled spending. That takes power away from politicians and the parties and they don't like that. Yes the politicians will make claims for controlled spending but their actions say another thing entirely.

One of the reasons the Left... (Below threshold)

One of the reasons the Left is so frustrated with the Tea party movement, is that they can't use their usual Alinsky tactics and attack a single leader or group of leaders. They simply can't pin down one individual. Yes, there is Sarah Palin, but she is not the leader, but an advocate of the Tea Party movement.

They keep firing, but it's a shotgun approach rather than a marksmanlike approach. The only hard they can do is to themselves because they are attacking in too many directions, and people cannot take them seriously.

OK...I should clarify. Only the 'elite' people take it seriously, since it is one their own that is doing the attacking; but it's like 'preaching to the choir'.

It isn't going to work for the working stiff who is watching more and more being taken out of his paycheck and seeing nothing but Chicago-style corruption and graft. If he hears guys like Bader slam Tea Party members with some psychobabble, the working stiff is going to know that it's a bunch of elitist BS.

I hate these folks... (Below threshold)
I hate these folks but I also understand them.

What a combination of ignorance, arrogance, and delusion. The only thing this writer understands is his contempt for a caricature of his own creation. As with most leftists, what drives him to such drivel is a faith that their religion is so righteous that no honest and intelligent being would ever disagree with their hyper-genius policy agendas tied with the belief that there are many folks just to stupid to comprehend that brilliance. As exemplified by Thomas Franks Whats the Matter with Kansas, and manifested by Dem leadership (esp. Pelosi, Reid, Obama), the American people should just shut-up and accept what the genius Vanguard deems best for them.

Someone needs to tell Micha... (Below threshold)

Someone needs to tell Michael Bader that we aren't "colored". Nobody "colored" us. If he must affix a label to my skin tone, I prefer Black or Afro-American.

It is also obvious... (Below threshold)
It is also obvious that left-wing conspiracy theorists share much of the same pathology as those on the right wing of the spectrum.
bryanD... calling bryanD... call for bryanD at the PINK courtesy phone.
"I could explain it for him... (Below threshold)

"I could explain it for him, but I couldn't understand it for him."

Gotta go. There's a Klan meeting tonight at the John Birch Memorial Shooting Range.

I have been to several Tea ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I have been to several Tea Party events. Not a single one of the descriptives in the second paragraph of the Bader quote are accurate of even the most fringe participants.

What scares liberals is that this is a movement that is calling for less dependence on government not more. It calls for less government intervention in people's lives not more.

For people who live in he same alternate 'reality' that Bader lives in (live my university professor brother and his wife) they honestly believe that they have higher knowledge and greater wisdom than anyone else. They know that Global Warming is real. They know that communism works, but that it just needs someone as enlightened as they are to implement it. They know that vegan is the healthiest diet even if they don't subscribe to it. They know that gun ownership should be illegal and that pet ownership is akin to slavery.

Likewise they know that conservatives are violently racist and the only thing standing in the way of public lynchings is their enlightened influence on society. Just as they know that minorities would ever get into their universities on their own so they need to keep in place discriminatory admission practices.

What they know about the real world would leave appreciable room in a thimble. What they think they know would fill endless volumes.

Liberals hate anyone who th... (Below threshold)

Liberals hate anyone who they can't control or tell how to think or live. It's why they react so strongly to a woman like Palin who doesn't conform to the feminist anti-male or to a African-American conservative. In the latter case liberals seem more like overseers out of the antebellum South beating their slaves and insisting their name is Toby...

"Tea Party Continues to Con... (Below threshold)

"Tea Party Continues to Confuse and Anger Liberals"

In other news, Barry promises to continue his assclown agenda and screw confused liberals right up the ass!!!!

All those lefty guys are go... (Below threshold)

All those lefty guys are going to be sitting around in January with their thumbs up their butts wondering what the hell just happened.

I read Bader's rant - on al... (Below threshold)

I read Bader's rant - on alternet? Are you kidding me? Let's see what alternet's mission is : "AlterNet's aim is to inspire action and advocacy on the environment, human rights and civil liberties, social justice, media, health care issues, and more."

Social justice? Ahhh - I see. A lefty douchebag site.

Of course, I had to follow the link to the numb-nut's site. I delved into the recesses of that nuck-fut's content, and lo-and-behold - it reveals itself:

"I was always a lefty. My father was the only liberal in a family and community of racist republicans."

Sorry - Bader's just a fuckin' douchenozzle and not fit for wasting any more good electrons (or time)..

BryanDWhat??????</... (Below threshold)
jim m:



Please see your doctor. That post has to win for weirdest non sequitur yet.

I love how you managed to weave in references to Nascar, the Gulf of Tonkin and the John Birch Society.

I can no longer tell if your problem is that you are under medicated or over medicated. You need help, but please keep the tin foil hat on until you can get some.

I do wonder why anyone woul... (Below threshold)

I do wonder why anyone would read enough of a bryanD comment to have any response to it other than TL;DR -- "too looney; didn't read."

It seems like only yesterda... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

It seems like only yesterday that you argued that the Tea Party® was bipartisan, Lorie.

When did it change?

The Tea Party is bipartisan... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

The Tea Party is bipartisan, Brownie. Rational moderate Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents have joined up and started speaking out against the massive fraud, waste, and abuse being committed by our government. Does it favor Republicans? To a limited extent, but only because they are more likely to waste less than the Democrats. They are still being held accountable for their own wasteful ways.

Not much room there for your favorite little goosestepping fascist wannabes though. It's a big tent, but not all-encompassing. National socialists like yourself need not apply.

Q: Why do liberals hate the... (Below threshold)

Q: Why do liberals hate the middle class?

A: We remind them of their mothers.

Q: Why do liberals hate ... (Below threshold)

Q: Why do liberals hate the middle class?

A: We remind them of their mothers.

Perhaps, but we all don't have middle aged liberals living in our basements.

Kirtz1 -"Q: Why do... (Below threshold)

Kirtz1 -

"Q: Why do liberals hate the middle class?"

Because we're results-oriented? It's not enough to tell us we're having gobs of money grabbed out for a nebulous return, we actually have to see things IMPROVING for the money spent.

Whereas if you're ideas-oriented, it doesn't MATTER that the results don't match up with projections - it simply means you didn't have enough money in the first place so you're going to need more.

If the shingles on a roof needs replacing, the results-oriented way is:

Look at roof.
Decide to repair roof.
Get estimates - as many as you think reasonable.
Figure out where money is going to come from.
Check out preferred contractor's last jobs.
Commit to contractor for repair.
Expect contractor to show on date specified, with materials specified.
Stay out of contractor's way.
Expect contractor to perform work to your satisfaction.
Pay contractor.
Enjoy sight of new roof, secure in knowing you won't have to mess with it for another 30 years.

The ideas-oriented way is:

Look at roof.
Decide roof must be replaced.
Call for one estimate.
Don't check references.
Put deposit on credit card.
If contractor doesn't show, wait. Rainy season is long way off!
When contractor DOES show, change mind on what sort of shingles you want. Demand what has already been bought be returned, new shingles ordered.
Complain to neighbors contractor is incompetent.
Micromanage contractor time when new shingles arrive, supervising everything you can, whether you know what he's doing or not.
Change mind on new shingles halfway through job. Insist installed shingles be removed, returned, previous choice was better.
Complain about, yet pay for additional labor to remove, return, reorder shingles.
Complain about job taking too long.
Complain about second choice of shingles when they're partially reinstalled.
Find different shingle on internet, demand those be ordered and what's been installed already be removed and returned for credit.
Ignore contractor's dirty looks.
Pay for additional labor for removal and reinstallation.
Step on roofing nail while wandering barefoot through construction debris in the yard.
Sue contractor for pain and suffering because contractor didn't clean up after job was finished.
Ignore protests that job wasn't finished.
Pay contractor extra to finish roof before rainy season starts.
New shingles arrive - installation restarts, is halfway completed before ideas-oriented homeowner decides he wants Tyvek house wrap AND tar paper down before shingles are installed.
Contractor removes shingles, installs Tyvek and tar paper. Demands more for job.
Ideas-oriented takes contractor to court for failure to perform installation to satisfaction.
Loses. Pays fees.
Then calls up wanting job finished. Contractor demands more money.
Shingles get changed one more time.
Rainy season starts.
Roof finally finished.
Ideas-oriented paints roof white to help with 'global warming'.

When the IDEA is more important than the results it generates, then there's something wrong.

Including Denial and Pathol... (Below threshold)

Including Denial and Pathological Projection Syndrome, Mister Bader demonstrates several of the symptoms of the FasciSSocialist Psychosis: - the (il)liberal's deeper and defining underlying malaise.

Do none of them ever self-examine? Or read? I recommend Mister Bader begin with Doctor Lyle Rossiter's, "The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness."

Although in Mister Bader's case, the Truth might very well be more than he can handle. And/or be too little, too late.

Thus, liberals lik... (Below threshold)
Thus, liberals like the NYT and Ratigan want to define the Tea Party movement as nothing but kooks, nuts, racists, and whackos. Obviously, the liberal goal is to so damage the image of the Tea Party movement that the only people who will want to be associated with it are real kooks, nuts, racists, and whackos.

LOL! That is the joke - the people who are joining the Tea Party movement have no interest in reading the NYT or watching MSNBC and are immune to the smears emerging from the MSM, while the people who do read the NYT and watch MSNBC would never in a million years have ever considered joining (or really understanding) the Tea Party movement.

The liberal idiocracy is so narcissistic that they believe that only their world view has merit. Everyone else is to be pitied, mocked or crushed. Check back on this story in a few years to see how that attitude worked out for them.

For the record I graduated from a top ranked university in 3 years, have an MBA from the top university, own over 8 thousands books (oddly none are authored by Beck or Palin) and have 34 years of executive experience. And I proudly belong to the Tea Party movement.






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