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Calling A You-Know-What A You-Know-What

When the tide finally started turning against Congressman Charlie Rangel, one of his last staunch defenders was the Congressional Black Caucus. They sent a strong letter to Speaker Pelosi objecting to his removal from his chairmanship of the Ways And Means Committee..

This sounded oddly familiar to me. I don't spend much time thinking about the CBC, but every now and then they make the news -- and in ways that don't reflect very favorably upon them.

Back in 2006, when Representative William "Cold Cash" Jefferson was at the heart of a major FBI investigation for corruption (that resolved with a conviction, and William Jefferson Clinton (dammit, I thought I was over that!) was given 13 years in prison), there was a move to get him off the very powerful and influential Ways And Means Committee. The CBC, again in the strongest of terms, protested the move.

Also in 2006, when the Democrats took control of the House, there was a bit of a squabble about who would get chairmanship of the House Intelligence Committee. The ranking member, Jane Harman, is a rival of Pelosi's (as well as being insufficiently partisan, I hear), so she got passed over. Next in line was Alcee Hastings, who had the fierce backing of the CBC -- to the point of almost demanding he get the position.

Representative Hastings used to be known as Judge Hastings, until he was impeached and removed from office in 1989 for taking bribes and other offenses. Enough of a stink was raised that Pelosi did manage to not appoint Hastings to the powerful seat -- but the CBC remembered that she had slighted one of their members.

Then there's their pesky membership requirements. Officially, they're open to all black members of Congress. But -- in clear contravention of Congressional rules -- ideology also counts. When the exceptionally conservative J. C. Watts was elected, he chose to not join, citing their de facto status as a subset of the Democratic caucus -- and the CBC agreed with him that he would not be welcome.

But to say race trumps ideology would be inaccurate. Representative Pete Stark is white, but a liberal's liberal and represents a district that is mostly black, but he was denied membership, too.

No, it's fairer to say that with the CBC, race and ideology hold equal sway -- one must measure up on both counts for membership.

And it's even fairer to say that race and ideology trump everything else -- including ethics. It's beyond dispute that Charles Rangel is one of the most corrupt politicians currently holding office. William Jefferson's corruption was compounded with remarkable arrogance and stupidity, and sooner or later he'll report to prison to begin serving his sentence. And Hastings was removed from office on a 413-3 vote by the House and 69-36 69-26 in the Senate, at a time when Democrats held both houses -- a thoroughly bipartisan decision.

So the next time someone brings up the Congressional Black Caucus, keep in mind their core belief -- that being black and liberal is the only thing that matters to them. If you've got that going for you, you can do no wrong.

And if you cross them, you're a RAAAAACIST.


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I think the Congressional B... (Below threshold)

I think the Congressional Black Caucus has done a good thing in calling so many people racists down through the years. The formerly explosive charge is now so diluted that only a few RINOs ever pay attention anymore.

Probably I'm doing the same thing by overusing the term "liberal troll." Soon bryanD won't mind at all.

"Congressional Black Caucus... (Below threshold)

"Congressional Black Caucus" - actually that should be 'Congressional Black Circus'.

The CBC should be listed un... (Below threshold)

The CBC should be listed under comedy.

Get this from Wiki...

"The Caucus is officially non-partisan,..."

I live so deep in flyover c... (Below threshold)

I live so deep in flyover country that I was twenty seven and a half years old before I learned "corrupt Democrat" was two seperate words.

The CBC members have a long... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

The CBC members have a long track record of accepting "gifts" from lobbyists, especially all-expense-paid trips to "conferences" which coincidentally were held in luxury hotels in the Carribean or other desirable vacation spots. The CBC was among the most vociferous voices arguing against the latest limitations on gifts to members of Congress.

While they are hardly the only Representatives who have enriched themselves while "serving the public," their membership has been the most blatant about it, secure in the knowledge the Democratic Party will look the other way and the Republicans are too frightened of being labeled "racist!" to dare point out the ongoing corruption without the cover of an FBI sting (which you can bet won't happen under this Administration).

So the knee-jerk reaction to defend any other CBC member accused of corruption isn't a racial move. It's self preservation: they know that at any moment any of their finances might come under scrutiny; they defend their colleagues in the hope of future reciprocation.

Jim, just think of it as "r... (Below threshold)

Jim, just think of it as "reparations", I'm sure Maxine Waters does.

"...secure in the knowledge... (Below threshold)

"...secure in the knowledge the Democratic Party will look the other way..."

Much the same way you are secure in the knowledge that Wizbang will look the other way when you make remarks about needing more "hemp" for "rope" in order to deal with politicians you don't like? I'd love to hear you spell out exactly how you plan on using that "rope", Jim Addison.

"Congressional Black Caucus... (Below threshold)

"Congressional Black Caucus"

Also known as "Black Panthers".

Based on the members like J... (Below threshold)

Based on the members like Jefferson and Rangle, the CBC might take the recommendation to change their name to the Criminal Black Caucus. Seems a fitting name to me. Of course it would be deemed racist, so there is a recommendation for the dems to form the White Criminal Caucus.

There, I said it. It's there in black and white for all to see.

You got it - in spades.... (Below threshold)

You got it - in spades.

Look at the membership of t... (Below threshold)

Look at the membership of this group. Good lord, what a sack full of dingbats and crooks. Next up for admission? Robert Mugabe.

Hell, being black and liber... (Below threshold)

Hell, being black and liberal are all that matter to democrats PERIOD! Look what's in the White House!!

Learn to read, bryanD. No o... (Below threshold)

Learn to read, bryanD. No one here ever calls you a "Jooooo".

BryanD, I am fairly comfort... (Below threshold)

BryanD, I am fairly comfortable that you have not been the subject of any anti-Semitic slurs here. I happen to have a particular sensitivity to that, and I'd have smacked down anyone who did that as soon as it caught my eye.


Like I did with Mick yesterday.

If it happens, you let me know. I will NOT have that bullshit happening around here. Not on my watch.


Blog buggery is not a racia... (Below threshold)

Blog buggery is not a racial term.

Lying about being racially epitheted is not much different that a person of a certain race putting up a noose in a university library and screaming racial unrest.

CBC, c'mon how could a grou... (Below threshold)

CBC, c'mon how could a group that basically represents a 90+% demographic voting block be WRONG!??? 90+%!!!!!!!!

It's an illusion, the CBC is the most impartial fair minded group in Congress...


Jonah Goldberg referred to ... (Below threshold)

Jonah Goldberg referred to CBC as (paraphrasing) biggest collection of communists & kooks in our gov't. Very true.

69-36 vote in Senate? Unless we reached Obama's 57 states. ;-)

BryanD, how would anyone kn... (Below threshold)

BryanD, how would anyone know you're a Jooooooo?

No one's been able to give ... (Below threshold)

No one's been able to give me a definitive answer why the CBC is necessary - or how it in any way, shape or form promotes post-racialism.

From Bryan:
"I get called a "Jooooo" here all the time."

Really? I'd like to see that. I'll admit I don't read every comment here or even every post by the authors. But I've never seen anyone come even close to saying that you're Jewish - or even a "Joooo".

Not that it would be a slur in any way. I've been called a Christian and I wasn't offended. I simply informed the person I wasn't.






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