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ObamaCare, Pelosi and Inertia

The dream season that began in 2009 is ending on a sour note for the Democrats. Allah observes that some Democrats are beginning to distance themselves from the White House deadline imposed for passing ObamaCare.

So how long did Gibbs's "March 18 or bust" ultimatum last? Four hours maybe?

Decide for yourselves what this means. Either Obama's own caucus no longer takes him seriously or he's so removed from the political realities of this vote in the House that he's placing literally impossible demands on them. "Both" is an acceptable answer.

As any politician (or businessman) worth his salt knows, the enemy of any deal is inertia. If a deal is not moving forward it is always in imminent danger. Inertia in politics is a lot like stress because it's a silent killer. And Nancy Pelosi is feeling the stress right now as she attempts to rebut the straightforward opposition of members of her caucus like Democratic Representative Bart Stupak (MI). Stupak specifically referenced the language in the Senate bill that concerns him about abortion:

Stupak also fired back at Speaker Nancy Pelosi, disputing her claims at a news conference three hours earlier that the Senate health bill won't allow federal funding for abortion.

"She's incorrect," he said. "I'd ask the speaker to direct her attention to page 2069 through page 2078. There are two ways in those pages where you pay for abortion. Number one, you get tax breaks that subsidize your insurance policy that will pay for abortion. Number two, when you read the legislation, one dollar per month for all enrollees, must go into this fund for 'reproductive care,' which includes abortion coverage."

Here's Pelosi's brilliant retort:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi got exasperated when asked at her weekly news conference about the unwillingness of some Democrats - including Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) - to support the health bill because of abortion language.

"Let me say this: This is not about abortion! This is a bill about providing quality, affordable health care for all Americans," she said, more eager than ever to stay on message as her legacy becomes increasingly tied to what happens in the next few weeks.

This is the language of a lost and confused politician who lacks the legislative and pursuasive skills necessary to lead a large caucus on a major legislative effort. (George Mithchell could have done it. So could Tip O'Neill, Lyndon Johnson or Sam Rayburn to name just a few Democrats, but not Nancy Pelosi) Maybe the Democrat's new mantra should be "when in doubt just shout". The same could be said about this White House. Both are in the throes of a slow political death that hasn't been so publicly on display since Watergate.

Update: Majority Leader Stenny Hoyer (MD) says he may try to carve out a provision on abortion to placate the Stupak objections.

Unfortunately, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin already called BS on that maneuver:

But while Hoyer proposed that an additional bill could be a viable route forward, the feasibility of that option remains in serious question. As recently as Tuesday, Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said that "there is no conversation" about a "clean-up" bill in the Senate to resolve Stupak's qualms.

Asked whether abortion language is the major sticking point in moving forward to a final bill, Hoyer ducked the question.

The only question remaining now is at what point do we start to use the Generalissimo Fransisco Franco "still dead" parodies when discussing this legislation.

That didn't take long.

Delahunt has had enough.

WASHINGTON -- Representative William Delahunt will not seek re-election to Congress, the seven-term Democrat will announce tomorrow, ending a nearly 40-year career in elected office and giving Republicans hope of capturing the seat, which stretches from Cape Cod to the South Shore.

"It's got nothing to do with politics," the Quincy Democrat said today. "Life is about change. I think it's healthy. It's time."

That's change you can believe in.


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Comments (18)

Nancy isn't interested in p... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Nancy isn't interested in persuading. Her sole interest is what is it going to cost to buy those votes.

The dems don't care what it takes. They have already bought votes in the Senate. They are prepared to subvert the Senate rules to get this through. They now only need to buy the 15 or 20 dem votes in the House to get it through.

The House dems have no souls to sell, but Pelosi will have to pay them for forgoing a multi-decade career in DC in return for voting for this bill.

"This is a bill about provi... (Below threshold)

"This is a bill about providing quality, affordable health care for all Americans"

When in doubt, repeat a talking point. Then repeat it again. And again. And again. Until people want to strangle you.

Nancy has no bribes to offer. She's used up her IOU's in Porkulus, Crap & Trade and pushing the House version of 'health reform'. She can scream and threaten all she wants. The response will be the same; "What are you going to do to me Nancy; you won't be Speaker in 2011 and you sure as hell won't be minority leader in 2011. So tell me Nancy, how are you going to punish me?"

Nancy will go down in history....as one of those responsible for the destruction of the Democratic Party.

If I were the GOP, I'd thre... (Below threshold)

If I were the GOP, I'd threaten filibuster any clean-up bills offered just to throw salt on the wound.

This is the langua... (Below threshold)
This is the language of a lost and confused politician who lacks the legislative and pursuasive skills necessary to lead a large caucus on a major legislative effort.

This is the language of a lost and confused politician who lacks the legislative and pursuasive skills necessary to lead a large caucus on a major legislative effort and is a complete, vacuous dolt.

You should add that the rea... (Below threshold)

You should add that the reason for inertia is that at least one of the parties has concluded that either they have little to gain from a deal or they have something to lose from a deal - no motivation, no deal.

The Democrat takeover of He... (Below threshold)

The Democrat takeover of Healthcare has been pronounced dead how many times now? And they still keep trying.

I'll believe it's dead if/when it hasn't been passed yet if/when the Republicans are sworn into the majority in January 2011. Until then we must assume the Democrats will keep trying every trick imaginable to pass this monstrosity.

Hope for the best but plan for the worst.

"Nightmare on Capital Hill ... (Below threshold)

"Nightmare on Capital Hill LXIX"...Freedie Kruger (aka: Barack Obama) is BACK!

The Dems want something...ANYTHING...just pass "It", and we'll "fix" it later!

Just throw a bucket of wate... (Below threshold)

Just throw a bucket of water on pelosi...it worked for Dorothy...

"the Quincy Democrat sai... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"the Quincy Democrat said today. 'Life is about change...'"

Finally there's a change I can believe in!

Story is that Obama is abou... (Below threshold)

Story is that Obama is about to throw Holder under the bus and try KSM by military court. Seeing this, do the Democrats in the House REALLY BELIEVE Obama is concerned about their wishes on health care? If they pass the Senate bill, Obama has what he wants. He'll find a big bus and throw the House right under it.

"The Dems want something...... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"The Dems want something...ANYTHING...just pass "It", and we'll "fix" it later!"

That's the funny thing, though. The Dem leadership hasn't backed off on anything; they are still going pedal to the metal for the whole ball of wax all at once, stat. Even though the People don't want it. Even though the rank-and-file Dem pols aren't happy with it.

The hardcore Dem leaders may actually end up killing this thing by asking for too much too soon.
Of course, if they succeed they will have effectively made America a socialist state.

We are living in very dangerous times.
Keep up the pressure. Keep calling the Senators and House members. Keep speaking out against this monstrosity. This bastard won't be dead until Reid and Pelosi are out and Brocko finishes his first and only term.

Abort this abomination and ... (Below threshold)

Abort this abomination and abort blinky and stick a stake in her as well.

The Delahunt announcement i... (Below threshold)
jim m:

The Delahunt announcement is only the official announcement. Word of his impending retirement leaked out the very day that Prof Bishop gunned down her colleagues and news started hitting the airwaves that he had a hand in getting her released without any police investigation when he was DA.

With a district that went something like 56% for Brown, Delahunt knew the writing was on the wall.

Still, he will be a reliable vote for Obamcare until the end of the year.

"Health Care" is American p... (Below threshold)

"Health Care" is American politics new third rail.

Once it passes the rot will have so aggressively taken hold that America's ever-accelerating and irreversible spiraling into totalitarian tyranny will be an absolute certainty.

Notwithstanding the awful and existential threat posed our nation and Judeo-Christian/Western/Human Civilization by the manifestation of evil that is the Islamanazi ideology, neither America nor the very Civilization we vanguard and whose security is totally dependent upon us, has ever faced a foe as deadly dangerous as is represented in the person of Buraq Hussayn 0zero!

I keep hearing how all this... (Below threshold)

I keep hearing how all this is the fault of Republican obstruction, most recently from Michigan's John Dingell, but almost daily from Obama, Pelosi and Reid. The only way that could possibly be true is if Republicans outnumbered Democrats by three to one. Everyone in the country knows it's more than Republicans who oppose this bill. It includes most Independents and a good number of Democrats as well.

House Democrats are expected to believe that the Senate will honor its promise to clean up differences between the two versions of the bill.

Almost anybody who's paying attention knows it won't happen. House Democrats should realize that the Senate has no reason to honor the promise. They are about to fall on their swords for nothing in return.

The bill is based on accounting lies, partisan payoffs, sweetheart deals, the bitter exclusion of any reasonable input from moderates, unprecedented arrogance, and absolutely no respect for the will of the American people. For reasons that completely elude me, Obama is betting his entire presidency, majority control of both houses, and a failing economy on this bill. I can only conclude that Mr. Obama is an idiot who doesn't deserve to be reelected.

I've never seen anything this horrendous from politicians in my lifetime.

"Everyone in the country... (Below threshold)

"Everyone in the country knows it's more than Republicans who oppose this bill. "

bobdog, I was thinking the same thing this morning. When Republicans oppose a bill they're obstructionists! Any Democrats that oppose the same bill are principled! (at least until they can get a few hundred million on the side or a special exemption. Then they're pragmatic!)

re: "accounting lies, parti... (Below threshold)

re: "accounting lies, partisan payoffs, sweetheart deals, the bitter exclusion of any reasonable input from moderates, unprecedented arrogance, and absolutely no respect for the will of the American people."

Ah yes, the democrat party platform summed up rather nicely.

I'm getting the vibe that A... (Below threshold)

I'm getting the vibe that Americans don't like to be pushed around and Congresspersons even less. I keep wondering what these politicians must think having Obama constantly riding them to pass legislation that will shape his legacy at the expense of their own jobs.






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