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We Don't Need More Education...

News flash: "Education" is not the solution to all things.

President Obama, pretty much ever since he started his health care finance reform kick, has repeatedly stated that he simply needs to communicate the details of his plan more and more clearly, and people will eventually come to support it. He is absolutely convinced that if he just keeps talking and talking, eventually he will win.

The theory behind it is that the opposition to his plan is based on ignorance, and once he properly teaches everyone what it is really all about, then he will win.

That is wrong. And if we're lucky, fatally so.

The details of his plan are quite well known. Hell, at last week's summit, one of his opponents brought the actual plan with him -- and was denounced for pulling a "stunt." And by saying that his critics are based on "ignorance," it lets him ignore the very serious, very profound, very principled opposition that exists. And while Obama fights the "education" fight, he is not answering those concerns presented by his opponents.

Ignorance is not the root of all political disagreements, and education is no panacea.

For example, one of the arguments put forth in favor of health care finance reform is the general health of the average American. Many of the problems suffered by Americans do not come from lack of health care or lack of health education, and will not be cured by increased access and education. Let me cite two examples.

First up, myself. I've mentioned before that I have health issues. I don't discuss them too openly, but I will say this: I have a genetic disease that is incurable and will eventually kill me (if something doesn't get me first, and that's also a distinct possibility), but not before making my life a living hell. I can control it, I can regulate it, I can delay or possibly even prevent the nastiest complications by certain preventive measures and taking care of myself.

Which I don't do very well at all.

My failings are not ones I can attribute to ignorance. I know full well when I'm doing things bad for me, I know what I should be doing to help myself, but I generally don't do them.

Nor are my failings because of a lack of access to medical care. I have halfway decent insurance, and have had some pretty good doctors and medical care.

No, my failings are entirely a result of lack of willpower and resolve and other personal flaws. And no change in the law will affect that. My own fate is in my hands, and the failings are entirely my responsibility.

For my second example, let's look at President Obama. The results of his recent physical exam were released, and if you read between the lines, it's clear that he's still occasionally smoking.

Now, does anyone think for an instant that Obama is ignorant of the harm done by his smoking? Does anyone think that he needs more education on the dangers of tobacco?

Further, does anyone think that Obama does not have access to the best medical care in the world?

All this, and yet he smokes.

For god's sake, DOESN'T HE KNOW BETTER? Won't someone tell him that smoking's bad for him?

Then there's sex education. Sex is not that complicated a matter -- Tab A goes into Slot B, and quite often Fetus C develops in Slot B. The overriding principle behind responsible sexuality is making certain that certain bodily fluids do not go from one partner to the other unless you really want them to -- and the ways of taking care of that are multiple and nigh-omnipresent.

When you look at the general health of the American people, the problems Obama and I have (obesity and smoking) are predominant in causes of ill health. Both are exceptionally simple to address -- diet, exercise, and cessation of smoking. In other words, get off our butts and off the butts. And it's clear that "education" is not going to fix either of those.

I'm overweight and unhealthy because I have yet to find a reason to change that that exceeds the all-too-transient pleasures involved in not taking care of myself. (Curse you, Reese's!) Obama smokes because the pleasures of it overpower his knowledge of what the consequences will be. And unplanned pregnancies and STDs continue largely not because people are unaware of the risks or the ways to minimize them, but because they choose not to avail themselves of the safer approaches.

In a sense, Obama's push for the reconciliation process (an ironic name; by pushing for it, Obama is admitting that he cannot reconcile what he wants with what his opponents want) is an admission that education is not the cure-all. It's recognizing that the opposition simply can't be talked into submission, that their reasons for standing against him are based on something far more substantive than "ignorance," and that if he wants to win, he has to use not words, but force majeure.

Will it work? Does he have the numbers in Congress to push this through?

We'll see, Mr. President. We'll see.


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Jay TeaGood post b... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Jay Tea

Good post but based on a faulty premise (at least according to liberal view points).

You have the "right" to do with your body what you want. We dont have the "right" to make you go on a diet (though notice the libs are trying really hard), use STD preventatives or stop smoking.

However, according to the libs they have the "right" to take your money and spend it how they see fit.

Mr. Jay Tea(Address ... (Below threshold)

Mr. Jay Tea
(Address withheld)
(City withheld), New Hampshire


Based on the recommendations of your friends and neighbors, and after several warnings from your personal physicians, it has become clear that your failure to behave responsibly represents a danger to yourself, your community, and the American economy. Intervention is now required.

Accordingly, you are hereby ordered to report to your village hall at 4:00AM EST for transport to the nearest Obama Re-Education Center at a location to be determined by the Local Board. Compliance with this order is mandatory.

The duration of your stay at this facility will be determined on your arrival. You may bring one small suitcase with personal effects. All transportation, uniforms, lodging and meals will be provided for you for the duration of your stay. Absolutely no food, recreational drugs, alcohol, cell phones, laptop computers, weapons, reading material or any other personal effects will be permitted and will be confiscated as contraband without recompense during the initial strip search upon your arrival at the Intake Center.

A Federal Treatment Plan (Form 2657A) will be prepared after your initial group examination by the Re-Education Committee. This plan will be tailored to your individual needs and Performance Targets, to be determined based on the Optimal Health Profile of your local community. You will be given an opportunity to confess during your Welcoming Interrogation. Your full cooperation is a condition of your release, and the punishments for your failure to comply will be severe.

Failure to report as ordered is a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines.

When the polls show that 99... (Below threshold)

When the polls show that 99% of the American people hate the health care bill that is in its current form, maybe "Walks on Water" will finally get hit with a clue by four. Somehow, I kind of doubt that. Being the narcissist, that he is, he will never realize that his Marxist dream of public health care is just a pipe dream.

If Obama is so smart how di... (Below threshold)

If Obama is so smart how did he end up with Michelle as a wife ?

That is unfair to Michelle, she's obviously the smart one ...

bobdog knows what kind of C... (Below threshold)

bobdog knows what kind of Chicago-style education The President is talking about.

"He is absolutely convinced... (Below threshold)

"He is absolutely convinced that if he just keeps talking and talking, eventually he will win"

Well, what else is there for Obama to fall back on? His whole career is based on his marvelous ability to read/speak in soaring rhetorical flourishes.

Sure, he's tried the Chicago way behind the scenes but that doesn't work so well outside Illinois.

Talk is all he has. And he never gets tired of hearing his own voice.

ps. bobdog, it appears you can see into the future. Not looking forward to that.

there a cheer done at High ... (Below threshold)

there a cheer done at High School games that we've all heard. It goes:
"We're from [school name], and couldn't be prouder. And if you can't hear us, we'll yell a little louder"

Of course, the other side of the venue hears you the FIRST time...but it's a cheer, ok?

Sadly, the Obama Regime has adopted this approach to "educating" us on ObamaCare. And yes, Dear Leader, we heard you the first 35 times you tried to "educate" us. It IS possible to HEAR our Putz-in-Chief and NOT agree with him.

A concept he finds totally alien.

A line I planned on includi... (Below threshold)

A line I planned on including, but forgot about:

Among certain religious people, there's a saying that God answers all prayers. Sometimes, though, the answer is "no." Obama could stand to learn that lesson.


This administration's failu... (Below threshold)

This administration's failure is a direct result of Obama living in an intellectual echo chamber his whole life.

More and More the "affirmative action" meme is making sense.

The desire for health care ... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

The desire for health care for all has always been the "Holy Grail" of the Marxist, socialist, Stalinist, Bismarkist, liberal statist, whatever. When I was a unrecovered liberal democrat I thought, "How wonderful we are to want everybody to have whatever they need and paid for all by all those that have won the "lottery of life". I finally realized that it was never based on benevolence but, on control of the masses. "O", Nancy and "dingy" Harry are not benevolent. And a majority of the country see that.

Universal Health Care is th... (Below threshold)

Universal Health Care is their foot in the door of remaking the American landscape. It won't succeed for the simple reason that the American people who were momentarily stupid enough to vote for this pustule on the body politic are sufficiently intelligent to not buy the crap that he's selling!

Surely you don't believe Hu... (Below threshold)

Surely you don't believe Hussein Care actually has anything to do with either health or care??!!

I've come to the conclusion... (Below threshold)

I've come to the conclusion that The One just likes to hear himself talk. And will look for any excuse to continue to do so. Just like Castro and Chavez. They can also talk for hours, and like Obama, say absolutely nothing.

"If Obama is so smart how d... (Below threshold)

"If Obama is so smart how did he end up with Michelle as a wife ?"

He needs to stay with her until she gives him back his man package she keeps in that lock box.

That term "intellectual" needs to bandied about in a more negative way. We keep hearing how incredibly smart Obambi is when all I see is a programmed subordinate to a cultic dogma. As with many university elites and 60's potheads he's incapable of accepting the tragedies and failures of the progressive movement as it pertains to free markets, free speech and free peoples. Bad enough he's an enemy of private enterprise and property..........but he swallows whole the concept that America is the cause of all the misery in the last 150 years.....a time frame that progressivism has been pursued,defeated and ressurected by self loathing crack heads who have a sociopathic desire to destroy that which pleases most free people...... only to coerce the vast majority of the unwilling to accept a subjugation to their ideals.

He ain't that smart but he sure is a jerk.

The far left thinks they ca... (Below threshold)

The far left thinks they can run everything better. The sad fact is that, as you pointed out, Jay Tea, no one can run everything better. Not individuals and certainly not the government. Life is what it is and those transient pleasures you speak of tend to have the most power. The best way to get those transient pleasures is wealth.

If the individual has more money he can choose better health care. This seems fair, but it leaves out the people who can't afford it.

If the government has more money it can choose better health care for all. This seems more fair, therefore, the liberals want it.

The problem with theories is they don't work in the real world.

The individual has to work for his money. He treasures it and doles it out as he sees fit.

The government does not work for the money. It is easier to spend, it is easier to waste. The end product will be the same - those with money will continue to have the best health care and the rest will have equally poorer health care. And it will indeed be poorer. Maybe not tomorrow or in five years, but look where every other nation that has tried it ends up.

This push for reconcilia... (Below threshold)

This push for reconciliation is just a scam. Why one may ask? Simple. The bill that Obama wants the House of Representatives to vote on, is the one that was passed by the Senate. If the House votes for the Senate bill, as written, the Bill goes to the White House and signed into law by the One. So when the media says that the reconciliation is going to be on the table, they really mean the already passed Senate bill. The Dems and Obama know this. One thing here, though, Pelosi and Co don't have the votes to pass the Senate Bill.

That's bold talk for... (Below threshold)

That's bold talk for a one-eyed fat man, Rooster...

(Sorry Stan. Couldn't resist.)

Education is the ans... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Education is the answer if you are a socialist like Obama.

If the people don't understand educate them. If they still resist your intelligent policies, re-educate them. If Obama had his way he'd be setting up re-education camps across the country and billing them as a solution to the unemployment problem.

This post has been linked f... (Below threshold)

This post has been linked for the HOT5 Daily 3/5/2010, at The Unreligious Right

You have the give ol'Barwha... (Below threshold)
I KilleD JesUs:

You have the give ol'Barwhacky Obama credit where it's due: like a true narcisstic, self-centered sociopath he knows how to talk just to hear how good it'll look replayed on the 11:00 news.

This dimwit keeps shoveling his "free health-care for all" overall down the throats of the American populace at the expense of his own party members and their standing as the majority party. I guarantee he'll spend the next 8 months peddling and peddling, holding more fau paux "summits" with Republican leaders in an effort to look bipartisan and try to pass it anyway, and when his party gets wiped out in November, he'll still try to pass it. And, to make it even more comical, this dummy tacked on another 1 billion in spending after the ego-aid in his ear blocked out the massive public outcry and opposition against its original price tag.

Insanity is repeating an experiment the same way every time and expecting a different outcome each time.






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