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Patient Destroys Doctor's Anti-ObamaCare Posters

President Obama's health care reforms have already undermined one doctor/patient relationship. Barbara Gabriel who is expecting her first baby was a patient at The Woman's Group, a Tampa obstetrics and gynecology office where she had been seeing Dr. Madalyn Bulter, one of the office's founders. Dr. Butler does not like President Obama's health care reforms, so she displays Florida Medical Association-endorsed posters that urge people to contact their representatives and tell them to not support the current health care bills in Congress.

Ms. Gabriel supports the president's health care reforms and was offended by Dr. Butler's posters. Instead of having an adult conversation with Dr. Butler about her views on health care, Ms. Gabriel tore down the posters and threw them away. She followed up her destruction of Dr. Butler's private property with a nasty letter in which she said this, among other things:

"The bloated salaries that specialists such as the physicians at The Woman's Group earn are a symptom of the sickness that currently plagues our broken healthcare system... For you to suggest to your patients that healthcare reform is coming in between you and those you serve is, quite frankly, disgusting."

Dr. Butler responded to Ms. Gabriel with a letter of her own that said she supported her right to express her opinion but that destroying her private property was unacceptable and the hostile tone of her letter undermined the trust that was necessary for a healthy doctor/patient relationship; therefore, she needed to find another doctor.

What was Ms. Gabriel's response? She was "surprised" that defacing Dr. Butler's office and calling her and her associates the scourge of the health care industry got her fired as a patient. I guess she thought she could just walk into Dr. Butler's place of business and tell her what opinions she could and could not express without getting any kind of negative reaction.

Ms. Gabriel can grouse about her obstetrician's so called "bloated" salary all she wants, but it won't change the fact that one of the problems that plagues our health care system is that people like her feel entitled to the life saving medical care that doctors like Dr. Butler provide, while begrudging them the income they get in return.


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Comments (44)

Why does Ms Gabriel's attit... (Below threshold)

Why does Ms Gabriel's attitude NOT surprise me?

Another mixed nut under Bar... (Below threshold)

Another mixed nut under Barry's post hypnotic delusion. The more he is spurned the weirder they get.

Child of Boomer strikes.</p... (Below threshold)

Child of Boomer strikes.

For some reason, this lady ... (Below threshold)

For some reason, this lady reminds me of Murray Roman's "You Can't Beat People Up And Have Them Say I Love You"

Awww c'mon folks, haven't y... (Below threshold)

Awww c'mon folks, haven't you ever had to deal with a pregnant lady before? The hormones do incredible things to stimulate moon-battery.

Ya think maybe Barack might be pregnant? I sure hope not...

For destroying private prop... (Below threshold)

For destroying private property the bitch got what she deserved.

It is a typical characteris... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

It is a typical characteristic of the moonbat left that they believe their childish, senseless acts of meaningless and destructive symbolic protest carry such deep significance as to transcend mere laws or norms of civilized conduct so long as they reflect a sincere feeling and are perpetrated spontaneously (they call it "being in the now" - it's sort of like McKuen's "listen to the warm," only different) with the intent of expressing opposition to oppression, capitalism, or American interests.

Kudos to the doctor who gave her the boot in the keister. One more blow for reality.

Place your bets now....how ... (Below threshold)

Place your bets now....how long before the aggrieved PregnantLady finds a SympatheticLawyer who will sue the pants off Dr.BloatedOBGyn?

Having just had our second ... (Below threshold)
Opinionated Vogon:

Having just had our second child in 3 years we have spent a lot of time with our OB/gyn and she absolutely loathes taking Medicaid/Medicare patients. When asked why she replied that they all have an "entitlement" mentality. They make demands of her that are unrelated to the patient's health, such as how they can get other government handouts.

This is just another of the... (Below threshold)

This is just another of the many examples I have come across of people thinking that opposing Obama's plan for healthcare reform means automatically you oppose the concept of healthcare reform. Steny Hoyer pulls this crap all the time. When confronted with points about Obama's plan that are unpopular he simply says 'Americans are looking for healthcare reform'. Well, no kidding. But that is not the point of discussion of Obama's plan.

This isn't really about hea... (Below threshold)
jim m:

This isn't really about health care when you get down to it.

This is just another example of how libs believe that they should be able to criticize everyone else for not living their lives in the way that liberals have decided is best. After all the issue as to how to best live one's life is settled is it not?

They believe that they know what is best and that they should have infinite latitude to criticize you, damage your property, defame your reputation and even injure you personally to force you to conform with their ideas.

It's all for your own good.

Sounds like a soon to be si... (Below threshold)

Sounds like a soon to be single mom too.

. . . bloated sal... (Below threshold)
. . . bloated salaries that specialists . . . earn are a symptom of the sickness that currently plagues our broken healthcare system...

This is the dangerous crux of the matter. Liberals really do believe that people should not be allowed to earn too much money. Except for actors and rock stars, of course.

Obama and the left have never clearly explained how their healthcare deform plan will stop what they claim are skyrocketing healthcare costs. I fear that what they really want to do is start dictating salaries of doctors, in which event, we're all screwed.

I, for one, want everyone in the room to have a "bloated salary" when I'm about to go under for a heart bypass operation. That way I know I'm under the care of the best there is.

Marc: "For destroying pr... (Below threshold)

Marc: "For destroying private property the bitch got what she deserved."

Actually a female dog wouldn't behave as badly as this (allegedly) human female did.

And yes, this sorry excuse for a member of the human race most likely WILL try to sue. I will personnally contribute to the Doctor's defense fund if that happens.

This is the danger... (Below threshold)
jim m:
This is the dangerous crux of the matter. Liberals really do believe that people should not be allowed to earn too much money. Except for actors and rock stars, of course.

Academics, politicians, celebrities, athletes. These are the professions that liberals think should have unlimited earnings. They all have one thing in common.

They do nothing productive for society. Even within academics, those who teach in professional fields such as engineering and accounting are decidedly second class citizens. The starts are all in some worthless 'studies' curriculum.

The greater your skills are and the more important your skills are for society the more limited your pay should be. To the extend that you lack any skills the government should provide richly for you. If you have skills that are of trivial benefit to society you deserve to earn even more fantastic sums of cash.

Click to see how many years it will take your skills to earn you as much as a man who will contribute little or nothing to improving society.

We teach this paradigm to our kids. There's a reason that the majority of physicians in med school are now foreign born. American kids are being taught that working for success is wrong and that success is really a product of luck. Since success is not earned and is just happenstance, it is therefore OK to redistribute wealth to make things 'fair'.

So in the liberal's mind this doctor didn't earn his high salary. He just got lucky. To the liberal he is ripping everyone else off.

One-time leftist icon John ... (Below threshold)

One-time leftist icon John Edwards would love ObamaCare even though his nefarious legal antics (that made him $Millions) led to the ultimate result of virtually no obstetricians in the state of North Carolina. Patients had to drive hundreds of miles for care thanks to the greed and questionable science behind Edward's legal campaign against cerebral palsy patient's doctors. May the bastard rot in the Hell he has created.

Ah Barbara, Please hold off... (Below threshold)

Ah Barbara, Please hold off your pregnancy while you go to med school and residency and see if its worth while while you go through the expense of setting up shop. paying staff and coping with the hundreds of insane regulations the government makes you comply with. Please enjoy the insurance premiums you pay to keep the tort lawyers employed.

How about the bloated salar... (Below threshold)

How about the bloated salaries of the LAWYERS??

Where is the outrage about the amount of hourly cost of a lawyer??

Don't worry Barbara Gabriel... (Below threshold)

Don't worry Barbara Gabriel, ACORN and Planned Parenthood have plenty of "Doctors" that will help you with the proper delivery and disposal of the "lump of tissue" you have.

You won't have to worry about bloated salaries, just your bloated kankles.

How about the bloa... (Below threshold)
James H:
How about the bloated salaries of the LAWYERS??

Where is the outrage about the amount of hourly cost of a lawyer??

I am outraged that lawyers are not paid more. When lawyers are not paid more, that's money out of my pocket ....

In all seriousness, this lady's a twit regardless of her politics, and good on the doctor for getting rid of her. If somebody believes she has the right to destroy your property, then she you gotta put as much distance between her and you as possible.

Addendum ... A few years ag... (Below threshold)
James H:

Addendum ... A few years ago, I saw a doctor who had posters all over his exam room ... all those posters had drug company logos on them, and all seemed to point toward this or that pharmaceutical as the solution to a particular problem.

This did not make me comfortable, as it made me quesiton my doctor's priorities. I ended up changing doctors.

Look at her picture in the ... (Below threshold)

Look at her picture in the linked article... she has the crazy pigeon eyes a lot of liberals have

"How about the bloated sala... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"How about the bloated salaries of the LAWYERS??"

How is the non-working, talentless prole supposed to get the American dream if it isn't suing the pants off of someone who earned what hey have? Unless it is suing someone who already stole it from someone else?

Lawyers get a pass because they 1) are necessary enablers of getting a legal windfall and 2) compose the political class so they are closely related to the parasites who do absolutely nothing other than make it more difficult for the rest of us to earn a living. They are part of the apparatus that will redistribute all that wealth for us.

Also, they pay huge sums of money to the dems to protect their exemption from the rules that they want to apply to the rest of us.

How about the bloa... (Below threshold)
How about the bloated salaries of the LAWYERS??

Where is the outrage about the amount of hourly cost of a lawyer??

Bite your tongue unless you want the libs to start talking about AttorneyCare. I can hear it now... "because the skyrocketing costs of legal representation are just too much and dammit everyone deserves proper and affordable representation."

Bite your tongue u... (Below threshold)
Bite your tongue unless you want the libs to start talking about AttorneyCare. I can hear it now... "because the skyrocketing costs of legal representation are just too much and dammit everyone deserves proper and affordable representation."

It'll never happen, Chip. Trial lawyer, like unions, are the life's blood of Democrats' gravy train so they will be protected to the end of time.

Note the caption that accom... (Below threshold)

Note the caption that accompanies Ms. Gabriel's picture:

Barbara Gabriel was dropped by The Woman's Group medical practice after she raised objections to posters that oppose the health care overhaul proposed by President Barack Obama.

Removing private property is euphemistically referred to as raising an objection.

Bite your tongue u... (Below threshold)
James H:
Bite your tongue unless you want the libs to start talking about AttorneyCare. I can hear it now... "because the skyrocketing costs of legal representation are just too much and dammit everyone deserves proper and affordable representation."

You already have the private-sector version of this with prepaid legal plans and various liability insurance schemes.

My accountant told me about... (Below threshold)

My accountant told me about an older gentleman client he once had that told him "I want my doctor to drive a Cadillac, I want my accountant to drive a Chevrolet". That makes a lot of sense to me.

Ahhh.... Another leftie un... (Below threshold)

Ahhh.... Another leftie unhinged. When you look at her face, is it just me, or does she have crazy a** B*TCH written all over it. Married life with her I would think would require mental emasculation. LOOK at those eyes. Somewhere between crazy and *TILT*

Read the comments section of the web page, she and her supporters are being shredded,46 pages worth as of this note,that must really sting.

Just so I have this right, ... (Below threshold)

Just so I have this right, she admonished the doctor for "introducing political propaganda in a clinical setting", but doesn't have a problem with lawmakers "introducing political propaganda in a clinical setting." Right?

And - "She said she would have told Gabriel that government should not come between the doctor-patient relationship." But doesn't have a problem with the fact that with this health "deform" (yes, I'm using that, [email protected], and you can't stop me :)) the government inserts itself deeply into the doctor - patient relationship.

There's more, but this woman is completely contradictory in everything she's said.

Nobody should be judged bas... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Nobody should be judged based on their looks (alone). However, after reading exactly what Barbara Gabriel has already done, when I look at the image in the news story all I can think is "Bunny Boiler."

Attaboy, bryanD. Your strin... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Attaboy, bryanD. Your string of stupid, inapposite comments is unbroken.

Ignornant Yanks have no clu... (Below threshold)
Terry Bennen:

Ignornant Yanks have no clue about socialized medicine. You have been fed a pack of lies and believe what you have been told about the horrors of socialized medicine. Come visit a hospital in Canada. Any hospital. They are sparkling clean with well-trained staff and have state of the art medical technology. The hospitals that I've seen in the US are grungy hell-holes. Wake up you blind fools. Don't listen to all the crap you hear. Your medical system is sick, and you are treating yourselves and people less fortunate in a sub-human way. I predict alot of ignoramuses will respond by calling me a commie or a lefty or something bad. Open your eyes and open your mind. Visit Canada and you will see, and oh yes, I forgot, the life expectancy of a Canadian is longer than of an American.
I consider my posting a success if one reader thinks differently as a result of reading this.

34. Terry,Where do... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

34. Terry,

Where do I start? How about this, if you actually were trying to have even one reader here seriously reconsider their position on socialized health care you wouldn't be using words and phrases like: Ignorant Yanks, ignoramuses and fools in your post.

And exactly how long do you wait if your doctor orders up an MRI or CAT scan for you? A business associate of mine, up there in Canada, waited 4 months for a CAT scan and a bit over a year for his hip replacement a few years back. Do you consider leaving someone virtually unable to walk for over a year, waiting for a simple hip replacement sub-human treatment?

Actually, I don't think you came here to persuade anyone. I think you're here as an agent-provocateur. So, good-bye and kindly fuck off.

35 upset old guyve... (Below threshold)

35 upset old guy

very well said-here in canada we have rationing of health care ,better known as wait lists.there's no end of fanatics like Terry who have substituted belief in God for belief in single payer health care.
the primary reason for the difference in life expectancy between the US and other western nations is in the way live births are recorded.the US is a bit more honest than the others.

reg,Pleased to mak... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:


Pleased to make your acquaintance.

We have an ample supply of birds of Terry's feather here as well. They're a vocal minority insistent on everyone else making their lives conform to the to the view of the few.


Whenever the healthcare iss... (Below threshold)

Whenever the healthcare issue arises, it isn't long before someone points out how quickly the costs are escalating. While I was looking for a reason to justify this increase it suddenly occurred to me that all facets of the industry have an expense that is growing quickly. Yes, I am including the Doctor, the Hospital, the Pharmaceutical industry, The large corporations that build all the electronic machines and Yes, even the insurance companies. they are all faced with the same exploding costs. They are all obligated to keep purchasing Senators, Representatives, Lobbyists, and even Cabinet members. Now I have never owned a Senator of my own, but I believe it would be quite expensive. A lot of people are looking for itemization of their bills. Yes, I would be quite interested in knowing what percentage of my bill goes toward buying one of my employees.

Terry has the same symptoms... (Below threshold)

Terry has the same symptoms my friends in the UK have. For them, waiting for months on end for an MRI or for any procedure (in-patient or out patient) is normal. After all, it's free!

The major problem with heal... (Below threshold)

The major problem with health care is we expect nothing less than perfection from the system and we desire to pay nothing. Name another profession that we place that expectation on??? Do you expect a car mechanic to be perfect and charge nothing? Restaurant?


I wonder if she thinks thes... (Below threshold)
i personally know of a (the... (Below threshold)

i personally know of a (then 3 yrs ago) 38 yr old man who was sent to a regional hospital due to chest pains-coronary arteries were blocked but not deemed serious for immediate surgery,so he was placed on a waiting list.within weeks he suffered a massive heart attack and was flown by helicopter to the aforementioned hospital for an immediate bypass operation.he's okay now but has had to retrain for a different occupation as his damaged heart cannot withstand the normal rigours of life. as it has been said access to a waiting list is not access to healthcare.

I get cursed at and berated... (Below threshold)

I get cursed at and berated multiple times a day by patients in my office and at the Emergency Room/Hospital (in English and in Spanish!). The loudest of these complainers are always Medicare/Medicaid recipients. The new 21% cut in my reimbursement for tasks provided is adding to my joy as a surgical specialist.

Also, I did not get paid for 3 months of the 12 months in 2009....so I am "over paid" apparently.

I gave my partners my 90 days notice last week. The decision to move was fairly simple.

This is an impression and n... (Below threshold)

This is an impression and not a scientific poll, but in the clinic I work at in an isolated area, there is an equal mixture of retired folks on Medicare, some with and some without supplemental insurance, folks with no insurance, and Medicaid patients, with a smattering of folks with conventional BCBS insurance. Other than the folks on Medicaid and L&I, most of these folks are horrified (or at least very annoyed) about the current efforts to "reform" health care. Yes, even the folks with NO insurance (except for the ones that used to have Medicaid but lost it).

The Medicaid and L&I folks, despite the entitlement mentality that some have, seem neutral and are worried they might have even worse access to care (they already have an inkling of what the Federal System might look like).

I haven't heard anyone really excited about the plans of Nancy Pelosi et al.

You have been fed ... (Below threshold)
You have been fed a pack of lies and believe what you have been told about the horrors of socialized medicine.

Apparently, Danny Williams believes that pack of lies, too.







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