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Breaking: Pakistani Officials Report American Born Al Qaeda Operative Adam Gadahn Arrested in Pakistan

USA Today is reporting the good news that Adam Gadahn, the American who sold his soul to Islamofascism, has been arrested in Pakistan:

Pakistani intelligence officers say they have arrested Adam Gadahn, the American-born spokesman for al-Qaeda.

Two officers say Gadahn was arrested in the city of Karachi in recent days.

They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release the information.

Gadahn has been wanted by the FBI since 2004 and two years later was charged with treason. There is a $1 million reward for information leading to his arrest or conviction.

He has posted videos and messages calling for the destruction of the West and for strikes against targets in the United States. The most recent was posted Sunday, praising the U.S. Army major charged with killing 13 people in Fort Hood, Texas.

The AP is also reporting of Gadahn's arrest:

Pakistani intelligence agents have arrested Adam Gadahn, the American-born spokesman for al-Qaida, in an operation in the southern city of Karachi, two officers and a government official said Sunday.

The arrest of Gadahn is a major victory in the U.S.-led battle against al-Qaida and will be taken as a sign that Pakistan is cooperating more fully with Washington. It follows the recent detentions of several Afghan Taliban commanders in Karachi.

Gadahn was arrested in the sprawling southern metropolis in recent days, two officers who took part in the operation said. A senior government official also confirmed the arrest.

Update: CBS reported earlier this evening that the man captured was not Gadahn, but McClatchy reports that Pakistani officials are adamant that it is him (hat tip: Hot Air).

JammieWearingFool writes about Pakistan's insistence that they have captured Gadahn:

If that's indeed the case they could remove any doubt by producing some photo evidence.

Yep, agreed.


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Comments (24)

Hmmmmmmmmm....should be int... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

Hmmmmmmmmm....should be interesting to see how the "O" and DOJ handle this. This could be as much of a circus as the GITMO "detainees being tried in civilian court in NY. He was or, still is, an American citizen that has committed treason. So, if we have a civilian criminal trial where is the jury of his peers going to come from. Once again it will look like America will be on trial instead of the dirt bag.

Take him out and stand him ... (Below threshold)
Eagles Dominion:

Take him out and stand him up against the wall and execute him on National TV!

Hang the bastard, NOW! The... (Below threshold)

Hang the bastard, NOW! Then let Barry and Holder take their sweet ass time trying him.

Wonder how long it will be ... (Below threshold)

Wonder how long it will be before the Obami puts pressure on the Pakistanis to release this traitor?

"Arrested"? Or "Captured"?... (Below threshold)

"Arrested"? Or "Captured"?

Or, bD, it is the natural e... (Below threshold)

Or, bD, it is the natural evolution of the approach and policies of his predecessor, whom he has emulated in many facets military in the area involved.

Has anyone else noticed ... (Below threshold)

Has anyone else noticed that Obama seems to have intimidated Pakistani leadership into pressing their erstwhile allies, the so-called Jihadists?

This may be attributable, I think, to Obama being seen by the ISI as not so full of hot air as his predecessor, and his minimalism seen as the Bridge Too Far that Pakistan advises itself not to cross regarding US mission expectations.

OK BryanD, just what has Obama ACTUALLY done to indicate this? Not generalities (he is not so full of hot air) but specifically.

All he has ever done is increased the drone attacks and increased civilian casualties and increased the number of US military personel killed. In fact about the same number this past year as were the previous 6 or 7 years.

And the liberals have all shut their eyes and played dead in contrast to when President Bush was in office.

Considering Obama's wishy washy take 4 or 5 months to make a decision and then let other countries off (like Iran) without a comment it's VERY likely NOTHING that Obama has actually done and more likely it is what is in the personal best interest of Afghanistan at this time.

Sorry, that second paragrap... (Below threshold)

Sorry, that second paragraph was supposed to be in italics indicating it was a quote from BryanD.

Whatever the reason, it is ... (Below threshold)

Whatever the reason, it is great to see this nut cracked (I mean the previous asylum that Pakistan urban and rural previously offered to our enemies). Gotta give the CinC and the US advisors undoubtedly in the thick of things a big cheer for this.

I would not be so quick to ... (Below threshold)

I would not be so quick to credit Obama for these recent arrests. Pakistan and the ISI are more than likely doing what is in their own best interests and I would in no way assume that their interests are the same as ours. I would also love to know what they may have been promised in return for this renewed cooperation. My guess is that things may well not be as they appear.

I blame Bush. As f... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

I blame Bush.

As for "Gadahn," I think he should receive a "suspended sentence," IFYKWIMAITYD.

bryanD "Has anyone els... (Below threshold)

bryanD "Has anyone else noticed that Obama seems to have intimidated Pakistani leadership into pressing their erstwhile allies, the so-called Jihadists?"

Or attributed to some Taliban members pissed at others for "talking peace" with the Paks and the US and turning them over to the ISI as has been widely reported.

Obama turning on traitors? ... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Obama turning on traitors? No wonder BryanD and other Democrats are nervous.

Once again you guys have an... (Below threshold)

Once again you guys have analyzed this all wrong. President Obama has already called for Adam Gadahn to be released and has demanded an apology from Pakistan for detaining him. Obama has plans to appoint him to a position with the Federal Reserve if he ever comes back to America. I mean, of course, if he ever comes back to America and doesn't blow himself up first.

Ha! I refreshed just in tim... (Below threshold)

Ha! I refreshed just in time to see one of bryanD's comments. I didn't read it but I can assure you it's still all drivel.

What a loser.

Let BryanD speak. I don't a... (Below threshold)

Let BryanD speak. I don't always agree with him but we conservatives are not like our liberal counterparts - we aren't afraid of someone who disagrees with our views.

Let BryanD speak!

"I would not be so quick to... (Below threshold)
Don L:

"I would not be so quick to credit Obama for these recent arrests"

Neither would I.

I suspect that our brave oranizer-in-chief was far too busy commandeering navy boats and catching Somalia pirates or something like that. I don't think he messes with Jihadists.

"In the light of our latest... (Below threshold)

"In the light of our latest information, I can say, this is not looking like Gadahn. But it is still the arrest of an important Taliban militant," said the Pakistani security official who spoke to CBS News late Sunday."

False alarm...
Someone was arrested by the Paki's but it wasn't the traitor Adam Gadahn.

"In the light of o... (Below threshold)
"In the light of our latest information, I can say, this is not looking like Gadahn. But it is still the arrest of an important Taliban militant," said the Pakistani security official who spoke to CBS News late Sunday."

Looks like a DNA test is needed here to be sure. Someone has screwed the pooch royally in this situation. Could it be that the Obami have stuck their noses into this to cover their own tracks? Anything is possible with them.

And your mangled mind.... (Below threshold)

And your mangled mind.

I think the Pakistanis beha... (Below threshold)
Barack Obama:

I think the Pakistanis behaved stupidly.

It wasn't Gadahn, by the la... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

It wasn't Gadahn, by the last reports.

The likely effect of Obama upon Pakistani efforts against certain Taliban/Qaeda elements is quite removed from what his adoring sycophants believe. The Pakistanis know Obama will cut and run at the first opportunity, but to avoid political responsibility for the consequences he will put tremendous pressure
on Karzai to reach some sort of "peace deal" before our troops are withdrawn. The ISI just wants to make sure the remaining powers in the Taliban are those loyal to them, not independents or bin Laden followers who are beyond their control.

They're preparing for the endgame. Anyone who even entertains the notion that Pakistani is reacting to Obama's "strength" is truly a complete idiot, a fawning leftist liar, or both.


On a more cheerful note, I daresay we can survive a few "mangled" threads in the course of deleting bryanD, who was always a waste of bandwidth.

I'm the one trashing BryanD... (Below threshold)

I'm the one trashing BryanD's comments as quickly as I see them. And I'm going to continue to do so. The asshole was tossing around racial epithets in a completely gratuitous fashion, and took my suggestion that he retract them as a chance to repeat them. So as fast as I find his comments, they go into the bit-bucket.

Along with his IPs.

Sooner or later the flaming fuckwad will take the hint. Because as I've said before, I don't bluff.


Sadly, like the Hydra, afte... (Below threshold)

Sadly, like the Hydra, after cutting off one, two FW's will appear to replace him.






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