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Has Obama reneged?

It's looking like it... how surprising:

High-level negotiations between the White House and the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa were taking place as late as yesterday as officials were trying to sort out who buys the beer, Ambassador David Jacobson says.

The beer in question is the case of 24 Molson Canadian - $45.40 or $43.20 (U.S.) - that U.S. President Barack Obama owes Prime Minister Stephen Harper after he lost his bet over the outcome of the Olympic gold medal men's hockey game.

In case, you missed it, the Canadians won.

Had the Canadian men's team lost last Sunday, the Prime Minister would have had to bring over a case of Yuengling. The brewery, which is the oldest in the United States, is based in Pennsylvania.

The issue over not yet having settled the bet - it's almost been a week - isn't one of availability. Mr. Jacobson says that you can buy Molson Canadian in Washington. In fact, he says you can get anything in Washington.

Rather, it seems to be one of motivation. "It's more convenient," the Ambassador says, for the beer to be purchased in Ottawa and then delivered to the Prime Minister.

However, the bet was with the President so it should really come from Washington. Mr. Jacobson is working on it, he says. "To my knowledge it hasn't been delivered yet but we've had discussions as recently as yesterday."


Fits the man well.



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Comments (18)

Let me ease the burden of o... (Below threshold)

Let me ease the burden of our trolls


Too bad Burt Reynolds won't... (Below threshold)

Too bad Burt Reynolds won't be available to deliver it in his Big Rig.

Well, once a BUM...... (Below threshold)

Well, once a BUM...

So, Barry's a welcher as we... (Below threshold)

So, Barry's a welcher as well eh' figures..

And this SURPRISES the Prim... (Below threshold)

And this SURPRISES the Prime Minister? Had Barry won, I'm sure we'd have been treated to at least one hour of speech making on his part.

Shows what happen when you ... (Below threshold)

Shows what happen when you get bureaucrats involved.

Obama lost. As long as he delivers on the bet, end of story. Any stipulations should have been done beforehand.

Although isn't betting technically illegal in most places?

With Obama track record, I ... (Below threshold)

With Obama track record, I would hate for Obama to chose me or my team to win.

What a cheap SOB.A... (Below threshold)

What a cheap SOB.

A freaking case of beer? He's to damn cheap to spring for a CASE OF BEER?

It's not like he can't get the US Envoy, or a subordinate to drive over to a package store or where ever they sell beer and buy a damn case of Molson's and then deliver it to the PM. Seriously, how hard is he really trying to be a complete ass, because he's really got the act down to a fine art.

"What a cheap SOB.</... (Below threshold)

"What a cheap SOB.

A freaking case of beer? He's to damn cheap to spring for a CASE OF BEER?"

Yes He is. Next He will attempt a takeover of Molson to cover His cheap ass..

'Next He will attempt a tak... (Below threshold)

'Next He will attempt a takeover of Molson to cover His cheap ass.'

Why not. Aren't they EVIL? Don't they try to make a PROFIT? Watch for the next speech about how EVIL beer makers are. How they exploit the working class.

He can send AF1 to NYC for ... (Below threshold)

He can send AF1 to NYC for a photo op, but he won't spring to send a case of beer to Canada.


As he acts on the small stuff, he'll act on the large. If he won't keep a commitment on a case of BEER, why do people believe he'll keep any of his OTHER promises?

I would be complaining loud... (Below threshold)

I would be complaining loud and long about my President's actions if I were not aware that it will be my Tax Dollars that actually pay for the beer.

Nobody likes a chisler.... (Below threshold)

Nobody likes a chisler.

Obama thought he bet on the... (Below threshold)

Obama thought he bet on the Canadians ...

I knew the guy got cheap gi... (Below threshold)

I knew the guy got cheap gifts for the Queen, the Prime Minister, his wife and kids; now he's also the "Chiseler in Chief". Good thing he has the Secret Service. Where I come from, you welsh on a bet, guy by the name of Knuckles comes calling. And Knuckles ain't no gentleman.

I wish Obama had bet on the... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

I wish Obama had bet on the Canadians to win-- Would've been another gold for the USA.

I hope Obama never picks one of my teams to win.

I don't understand the surp... (Below threshold)

I don't understand the surprise on this.
Obama lies constantly.
This is just another to add to his legacy and the shame he is causing America.

Funny [not really], obummer... (Below threshold)

Funny [not really], obummer had no problem finding beer for a "beer summit" in support of a race baiting judge.






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