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OK... we'll play...

Ann Althouse is listing the things she likes about Obama:

Things I Like About Obama:

1. By continuing to fight the wars that George Bush started, he has crushed the hope of the people who bought into the campaign abstraction "hope."

2. By putting his name on many of the policies that George Bush was condemned for adopting, he has rehabilitated the reputation of George Bush .

3. ...

Add your items in the comments.



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Comments (50)

By fumbling his agenda, eve... (Below threshold)
Say Hey DK:

By fumbling his agenda, even though he had majority control in both houses of Congress, he confirms that experience & leadership are still more important than "hope & change".

By putting forth a radical ... (Below threshold)

By putting forth a radical Progressive agenda which has increased the nation's debt to astronomical proportions, forgetting that the number one issue facing Americans is a poor economy, putting forth a ridiculous foreign policy agenda that has insulted our allies while making us look weak to our enemies, all the while acting like an arrogant ass who can do no wrong he has helped revive the Republican party that just a few months ago was called a regional party that will be out of power for generations, but is now poised to take back the House and Senate.

By placing his children in ... (Below threshold)

By placing his children in a private school rather than DC public schools and scrapping the DC voucher program, Obama has shown his support for education "reform".

5) Forcing the EU to recons... (Below threshold)

5) Forcing the EU to reconsider the American umbralla as maybe a good thing.

6) Uniting Conservatives to trash the DC entrenched and rinos

7) Expanding gun ownership and increased shooting too

By being elected President,... (Below threshold)

By being elected President, Obama showed that america, in its' heart, is not a racist country.

Providing the impetus behin... (Below threshold)

Providing the impetus behind the revitalization of the conservative movement.

He's showing us that a poli... (Below threshold)

He's showing us that a politician needs more than an amazing ability to win elections, that sheer photogenic charisma and glib speech patterns don't make for good leadership on the national level... or on any level, for that matter.

And that Chicago-style politics don't play well on a national level.

3. Senator Obama, the maste... (Below threshold)

3. Senator Obama, the master campaigner, was elected President, at which he has thus far been a bumbling idiot, thereby becoming the foremost living example of The Peter Principle: "In a Hierarchy Every Person Tends to Rise to His Level of Incompetence."

by not being a conjoined tw... (Below threshold)

by not being a conjoined twin, there's at least not two of him to screw things up.

that he's a decent family m... (Below threshold)

that he's a decent family man, so that when he gets thrown out of his office, at least he something positive to look forward to doing.

That he's still great at co... (Below threshold)

That he's still great at community agitatin' no matter how ill euipped he is at every other socialistic endeavor..

a. He has caused ammunition... (Below threshold)

a. He has caused ammunition manufacturers to go to 3 full shifts 24/7 to meet demand.

b. He has ensured that future presidential candidates like himself will never be nominated, much less elected.

c. He has brought Democrat party corruption out of the shadows and into the sunlight for all to see.

d. He has exposed unionism as being just a mark or two short of outright communism.

e. He has left no doubt in anyone's mind as to the state of liberal hypocrisy, complicit media partisanship, and the deranged, aberrational political and life philosophies of Progressives.

His honesty...he admitted h... (Below threshold)

His honesty...he admitted he actually lost his airplane but found it again over New York city and he did not even know it was missing...ya right.

3) Makes Jimmy Carter look... (Below threshold)

3) Makes Jimmy Carter look good

4) Woke the sleeping giant

5) Spotlighted the 'tax and spend' democrat mantra

His fair treatment of the e... (Below threshold)

His fair treatment of the extra 7 States that have never before been acknowledged!

3. Due to his incompetence,... (Below threshold)

3. Due to his incompetence, inexperience, and laziness, he's derailed or delayed the Democrats agenda. (Thank God he doesn't know what he's doing. If he did, he'd have passed healthcare reform and immigration reform by now, and he'd be very close to getting cape-and-trade done.)

4. He's brought the Republican Party back from the dead.

Obama has given the definit... (Below threshold)

Obama has given the definitive final kobash on Affirmative Action in politics.

By everything he does, in e... (Below threshold)

By everything he does, in every way that he does those things, he has begun the complete destruction of the Democratic Party and all that it stands for. For this we owe him a hearty "hoorah" as he heads off into the obscurity that he richly deserves! With Rahm in his tutu riding shotgun!

Barrys outstanding work in ... (Below threshold)

Barrys outstanding work in promoting teleprompters to celebrity status!!!

3) He has surpassed the cor... (Below threshold)

3) He has surpassed the corruption of the Harding Administration.

4) He has surpassed the incompetence of the Carter Administration.

"He put it On The Books by ... (Below threshold)

"He put it On The Books by his election, that the Bush2 Administration was seen as a failure by a majority of the American people"


3. as evidenced by bryanD, ... (Below threshold)

3. as evidenced by bryanD, obummer has spawned a new and very comical breed of troll.

JT should be along any minute to swat said troll.

Dont be so hard on yourself... (Below threshold)

Dont be so hard on yourself steve. I mean, you may be full of hate, but racist? Not really.

Obama's incompetence virtua... (Below threshold)

Obama's incompetence virtually guarantees a one-term presidency, preceded by a long overdue purge of congressional incumbents.

Right on cue, Steve G gives... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Right on cue, Steve G gives me the perfect example:

Obama has through his campaign and apologists rendered the epithet of "Racist" an empty and hollow statement. Calling someone a racist no longer has the impact it once did.

In fact, being called a racist has been transformed from an event which could significantly damage one's career to an event that marks one's arrival as a serious voice of opposition to the left.

Recent events such as those at UCSD show that the left's use of the charge of racism is self serving and in the vast majority of cases without any ground what-so-ever.

Obama is, inadvertently, the post racial president in that he has lead the charge in making the accusation of racism an empty political term devoid of any meaning for the vast majority of Americans.

He got Joe Biden out of the... (Below threshold)

He got Joe Biden out of the Senate and into the most powerless office in the American government, so that's something...


Those darned racists are at... (Below threshold)

Those darned racists are at it again.

Ya mean these guys Steve?


There's only one way to res... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

There's only one way to respond to a squaking parrot like S.G. who repeatedly and stupidly claims anyone who fights libs and Obama is a racist:

"I know you are, but what am I?"

Hey Stevie, you clear that ... (Below threshold)

Hey Stevie, you clear that 'racist' thing with Barry? I thought he was going to hold onto that for the 2012 election cycle. Don't want to wear that card out now so that it packs no wallop later. Then you'll get to drag out that BIG paint brush. No matter who disagrees with Barry, no matter what the reasoning, it's because their RACIST!!!!!!!

And you little Stevie Green, sir; like your Obamassiah are full of horse shit!

Personally, I actually like... (Below threshold)

Personally, I actually like the guy. I wish he were in the right job, though.

Steve,EXCACTLY my ... (Below threshold)
jim m:


EXCACTLY my point. You see more and more accusations of racism, but they are all reflexive accusations made to preempt the person they are accusing. Accusations of racism are becoming so ridiculous that they are approaching Godwin's law status.

You see more coverage of racist accusations because that is the narrative that the White House and MSM have chosen. It is inaccurate. People are accused of racism when they bring up substantive issues on specific matters of policy.

And yet, equally racist (or arguably more racist) comments have been made by many liberals and democrats and these statements go unnoticed by he MSM. If racism really were an issue it would be handled evenhandedly. The fact that racist remarks on the left are ignored and baseless charges of racism (like yours above) are directed at the right is evidence that they are politically motivated and not based in any objective fact.

The over use of the accusation is the cause of its demise.

Lastly, I'll note that you choose to ignore the reference to the UCSD incident where a minority student hung a noose in he school library to invoke the charge of racism against the school's white students and force the university into caving in to the demands of the minority victimhood groups.

The professor at Columbia Univ. did the same last year. Lacking real targets, the left is manufacturing racist events in order to further their agenda. It's backfiring. People see it as a fraud and they are angry at the accusations.

stevie-"... (Below threshold)


"The racists who opposed the Civil rights movement vehemently in the 60's are now openly sponsoring conservative events, and few conservatives speak up against them."

Democrats are sponsoring conservative events?? Man you need a med eval, quickly.

You'll have to forgive poor... (Below threshold)

You'll have to forgive poor li'l Stevie Green.

He's so inarticulate and unpersuasive, he couldn't sell watermelons on the side of the highway even if he had state troopers pulling people over for him.

It's a shame too,given how clean and articulate (you know, when he wants to be) Obambi is.

Why, it's almost as if li'l Stevie is very upset at all of us for not understanding just how wonderful our Magic Negro really is.

Oh well, I guess I'll just hang it up now and head down the street to my nearest 7-11 to get a soda and to hear some franchise owner speaking with an Indian accent.

The racists who op... (Below threshold)
jim m:
The racists who opposed the Civil rights movement vehemently in the 60's are now openly sponsoring conservative events, and few conservatives speak up against them.

OK. Pony up examples. Show someone (apart from the majority of House and Senate democrats) that opposed civil rights and are now openly advocating racism.

You're full of it. You are just parroting liberal talking points and have no actual facts to back up your statements.

I have backed mine up with examples from UCSD and Columbia. Where are yours???

You are calling people racists. Name actual names and give clear examples of how they are racists. Not just BS statements that you would never call out a lib for making, but real racist acts. Name a conservative that has hanged a noose in a public place for the purpose of intimidating blacks. The only people who think that way are the libs, who think of racists in a bizarre characiture.

Again Steve, you are only proving my point.

BTW Stevie, have the glacie... (Below threshold)

BTW Stevie, have the glaciers melted enough for you to see the latest poll results out of Ohio?


It's looking u-g-l-y for the dummies.

Oh well, obambi already told us that those silly typical-white people (like his grandmother) would cling bitterly to their guns and God during tough economic times.

Tough economic times.

Like right now.

Which really isn't possible.

Since obambi claimed the stimulus bill would result in unemployment topping out at 8%.

And genius-boy Sheriff Joe told us that the stimulus had already worked better than anyone dreamed.

So, I guess the economy is really doing great right now.

Since dems never lie. Or something.

BTW stevie, how'd you like the obambi decision to give those innocent victims of GWBushs illegal wars military tribunals instead of trials.

Betcha that one caught you flat-footed, eh?!!


SteveI attend the ... (Below threshold)

I attend the Tea Party and I am not racist.
The Tea Party has no leader it is a cross section of all religions, races, political party's ...
I want the government to get back to adhering to the US Constitution, review and improve the existing programs that have been in effect for many years ...

The Obama actually told the... (Below threshold)

The Obama actually told the truth, once, when he he used the term "above my pay grade."
He just limited that description of himself to a much narrower scope than he should have.

Democrats always rule from ... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Democrats always rule from the center once elected president.

As far as Steve G and his f... (Below threshold)
jim m:

As far as Steve G and his friends go I would say this: I do not make my criticisms of Obama due to racism. But even if I had the substance of my criticism remains and they have to address that. They cannot disregard indefinitely valid criticisms by hiding behind a fraudulent charge of racism.

In fact I will take it one step further. Although I do not criticize Obama due to his race, and I give clear and specific, objective reasons for my opinions, I reserve the right to criticize Obama for whatever reason I desire. My reasons for opposing Obama are not at question but the substance of those objections.

As far as Steve goes, I will say that I am criticizing Obama for whatever racist reasons he can state, for the most offensive reasons possible. For in America, Steve, thoughts are not illegal, actions are. I can criticize the president or anyone else or whatever motivation I choose. In so far as I or anyone else presents specifics and substance you must confront those specifics and substance. Motivation is irrelevant.

Steve and his friends can hide behind the fiction that everyone who disagrees with them are racists. In the end they must confront the substance of the criticisms they so blithely dismiss.

Democrats always r... (Below threshold)
jim m:
Democrats always rule from the center once elected president.

That's the problem isn't it. Democrats want to rule the people. Conservatives want to govern.

I'm not a serf or a slave. I am not property of the government. My government works for the people and its officials serve at the pleasure of the people to be dismissed when the people see fit.

American Presidents don't rule. Maybe you libs should consider that fact.

Greenie, perhaps no one ref... (Below threshold)

Greenie, perhaps no one refuted you because nobody paid any attention to you. I know that's true in my case.

But by the way, since you're such a scholar of the Birchies, when was the last time some of them were caught breaking the law? As a data point, a bunch of ACORNies were charged today with voter fraud.

I'll stand by my previous statement: the Birchers are nuts, but they're relatively harmless ones. There are a hell of a lot more dangerous nutjobs out there.

A lot of them on your side of the ideological fence, now that I think of it...


hooson "Democrats alw... (Below threshold)

hooson "Democrats always rule from the center once elected president."

And some are forced to by the then current events, Slick Willie did.

And The One has proven that he is unable to even think of shifting to a more center position, in fact he's doubled down and expects his party to jump over a cliff with him.

whether they do or not is up for grabs.

"Racism thrives where it's ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"Racism thrives where it's unopposed,"

Yeah, like in the democratic party. You know, the party that filibustered the civil rights act. That's right. 18 dems filibustered the civil rights act for 57 days.

Like the democratic party, that filibustered and defeated the Dyer Anti-Lynching bill? (Dyer was a Republican)

Racism thrives today where it always has: In the democratic party.

s green.... IGNORED as a no... (Below threshold)

s green.... IGNORED as a non-entity.

JT get out Thor's Hammer.

Steve G:Why is it ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Steve G:

Why is it that Hillary Clinto can move to NY and run for Senate, but when Harold Ford Jr, a black man, tries to do the same thing he meets shocking opposition from his own party, even though he would probably win.

I'm guessing it's because he's black.

When are you going to denounce the dems for that bit of racism? It's OK for a prominent white political figure to move to NY to run for Senate but not a minority? Harold Ford was never even allowed to run. Face it, if he had been white they would have let him at least contest the primary.

Nah, marc. That hammer (whi... (Below threshold)

Nah, marc. That hammer (which, by the way, is not Thor's, but Olaf The Troll God's) is heavy, and Greenie isn't worth the effort.


OK, back to the original di... (Below threshold)

OK, back to the original discussion...

3. By getting elected President, Obama has proven you don't have a to be a true citizen to become president.

JT, that's just a joke. Hey, put the hammer away! :-p

hooson-"Dummycr... (Below threshold)


"Dummycrats always rule from the center once selected"

There is no "rule" fool. This isn't the fuckin 12th century dipshit. Get with the program or shut the fuc up.

"43. Posted by Steve Green ... (Below threshold)

"43. Posted by Steve Green | March 9, 2010 7:39 PM | Score: -9 (11 votes cast)"

Who voted positive on this assinine adventure into self paranoia? Was it You Steve??

Back to the original thread... (Below threshold)

Back to the original thread, I despise the Socialist because he hates my country. What a dangerous experiment this country is engaged in. Thanks, all you tweenies for buying into the guilt being taught in government schools and putting this sap into office.






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