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"Marine Corps motto is do or die"

XtnYoda's lost a marine buddy... and has posted this as tribute:

He adds:

We went to high school together, Marine Boot Camp together, then lived together for a brief time before getting out, then around 8 months after getting out... helping keep each other alive in those post Nam days...

It was ultimately the agent orange that got him. He leaves behind an awesome wife and four sterling children/young adults.

I pray he also leaves behind a grateful nation.

He was valiant... in the muck of it for 13 months... decorated in battle... I'll write more later. I officiated at Danny's service... it was an honor.

The video is shared as an opening tribute. If you've never served you might have some difficulty understanding how the cadence call is inspirational to Marines... but... that's OK... it is.

We are indeed grateful Pastor.




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Comments (7)

Pre Viet Nam USMC...no sing... (Below threshold)

Pre Viet Nam USMC...no singing, no musical cadence just numbers. The best was the thud of boots to call the cadence.
To the Marines, SF now and when we meet again...

The first worst thing this ... (Below threshold)

The first worst thing this country ever did was to establish the institutions of slavery and bonded servitude in the colonies.

The second worst thing we ever did was to shit on the Vietnam era vets. They did their best to keep the promises we made to the people of SE Asia. Our failure to do so cost 10 million people their lives.

Semper Fi Marine.... (Below threshold)

Semper Fi Marine.

Semper Fi and God bless, Ma... (Below threshold)

Semper Fi and God bless, Marine.

I did MANY a run with cadences just like that! 1971-1978...USMC and proud, though humbled by the sacrifices our Marines are making today.

Semper Fi!

Marine Corps. "Corps" not "... (Below threshold)

Marine Corps. "Corps" not "Corp."

Corey H all over the media,... (Below threshold)

Corey H all over the media, and nothing about real Americans and fallen heros.

RIP Marine, your passing diminishes us all.

The military, USMC in parti... (Below threshold)

The military, USMC in particular, hits very close to home for me. Two of my brothers have serve in the Corps during my lifetime. While it was never my calling, I completely understand what it means to them.

My younger brother spent twenty-two years in service. Half of my lifetime. During that time I met many Marines. And to a man, they are the same. Call them programmed or not - they serve the county. Without question.

There is no equivocation. No questioning. No doubt. Their only question is what is the mission. After that, consider it done.

We should all simply fall to our knees and pray for these brave souls who willingly provide the freedom that allows us to fall to our knees in gratitude.

Semper Fi, Corps!






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