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RIP Corey Haim

Actor Corey Haim died early this morning at the age of 38. I didn't follow Corey Haim's recent reality show career, but was aware that he battled problems with addiction. Early reports said he died of an overdose, but other reports say he was no longer taking drugs. He recently filmed a new movie, which has not yet been released, and was attempting a comeback.

I was past the Tiger Beat age when Haim enjoyed his biggest popularity so I never had posters of him on my wall or anything, but I always liked him. I thought he was an adorable kid (who happened to look a lot like one of my cousins when he was young) and he starred in one of my favorite movies of all time, Silver Bullet. It is not as well known as The Lost Boys, which I liked as well, but (in my opinion) is every bit as good. The movie is based on a Stephen King story about a little boy in a wheelchair who battles a werewolf with the assistance of his sister and his kinda crazy, sometimes sober uncle played by Gary Busey. It was made in 1985 so the special effects are not spectacular, but the story is funny and kind of scary and sometimes even a little bit touching -- for a Stephen King werewolf movie anyway. I am not big on what critics think of movies, but they didn't all hate this one. If you have never seen it, I recommend you give it a look.


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The lost boy....R.I.P..I lo... (Below threshold)

The lost boy....R.I.P..I love You Corey~!

Haim was a third rate actor... (Below threshold)

Haim was a third rate actor, and a mostly unemployed drug addict. He spent his life bouncing between his next fix and his next rehab. He contributed nothing but another example of the self-indulgent Hollywood power celebrity culture, and he was just its latest casualty. He spent more of his life stoned than he spent acting.

He was 38, and he was lucky to have lived that long. He was a a wasted life, and he left nothing but sordid headlines, pain for his friends and family, and a pathetic obituary.

No sympathy card will follow.

And the self offing punk is... (Below threshold)

And the self offing punk is more important overdosing than Joe Shit the Ragman od'ing behind the dumpster at McDonalds why?






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