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Former Obama Advisor Steve Hildebrand Warns Of Midterm "Slaughter"

Steve Hildebrand, a key advisor to Candidate Barack Obama, is concerned that the 2010 midterm elections will result in a slaughter of Democratic office holders. Unfortunately (for Democrats), Hidebrand is right for all the wrong reasons:

Former Obama campaign adviser Steve Hildebrand is concerned Democrats could get "slaughtered" in this fall's elections if they continue to not live up to their campaign promises.

Hildebrand, one of President Barack Obama's top advisers during the campaign, told CNN in an interview aired Thursday morning that there is a "real shot" Democrats "are going to get slaughtered in elections this fall if we aren't leading the efforts to reform Washington."

"It's what we campaigned on '06 and '08, and if voters don't see that change, we haven't lived up to that promise," he said.

Hildebrand expressed disappointment with the White House's inability to prevent the ethical scandals swirling around some Democratic lawmakers.

"I don't think anybody in Washington is doing enough" to fight corruption, Hildebrand said.

There are several things wrong with this analysis. First, there isn't much even Barack Obama himself can do about corruption in Congress. The culture of corruption meme so successfully spun by Democrats in the 2006 midterm against the Republican majority will boomerang on Democrats in 2010. Notwithstanding the Massa drama, the 2010 election season saw the conviction of William "Cold Cash" Jefferson and the resignation (albeit temporary but in reality permanent) of Representative Charles Rangel (D-NY) from the most powerful position in Congress. These guys were on the take long before Barack Obama won the political lottery ticket of a lifetime (to paraphrase Dick Gephardt).

Washington, DC will not be any more reformed by a product of the Daley/Chicago political machine than by a blue blood country club Republican. Reform comes from the grass roots, the first signs of which emerged last spring in the Tea Party protests. There is a problem in Washington that afflicts every politician and inflames more voters every day. It's called Money, Power and Accountability. Money and Accountability are the twins that occupy the thoughts and minds of taxpayers every day. But Money and Power are the drivers of current legislative decision making. The 2010 midterms will be an interesting spectacle as Accountability is reintroduced to the process. Accountability is the banquet of consequences that has the Democrats worried as hell about the midterms.


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I'd say more than a 'real s... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I'd say more than a 'real shot' if this is the kind of advice Obama is getting.

Yes, the voters are pissed off about corruption, but it isn't that simple. People are angry about the out of control spending. People are angry about a congress that can find the time to legislate what type of light bulbs we will be able to buy, but can't seem to find the ability to do something simple like READ THE BILL BEFORE THEY VOTE ON IT!

People are focused on jobs, the economy and the deficit and the country's skyrocketing debt. Obama is worried about his healthcare power grab and the majority of voters want none of it.

It isn't about corruption it is about accountability. It's about the voters wanting a government that responds to the public. People are tired of the government over promising and under delivering. People are tired of government increasingly telling us what to do in every part of our lives.

A great example is the NY state assemblyman who wants to ban the use of salt in cooking. People are tired of being governed by imbeciles who aren't competent to be cleaning public bathrooms much less running any part of government.

Hildebrand lives the same b... (Below threshold)

Hildebrand lives the same bubble as the rest of the 'progressives'.......nothing else exists and nothing else is therefore worth considering.

Which explains their corruption. They don't constitute a majority in anything, so they have to buy votes.

Listening to the broadcast ... (Below threshold)

Listening to the broadcast excepts of o talking in middle America (might have well as been Middle Earth), he was putting on the face of the man standing up against Washington insiders, fighting for the common man. Even in his hand-picked audience, the cheers sounded a bit feeble to my ears. He was shouting his slogans. I can't say what I was envisioning without someone invoking Godwin's Law, so I'll stop here.

"I can't say what I was env... (Below threshold)

"I can't say what I was envisioning without someone invoking Godwin's Law, so I'll stop here."

You too?

Was telling the wife, "Ya know, if this was in black and white, instead of color, and he was wearing.....it kinda reminds you of......in the early 30's. Just sayin'.

A little spring sunshine fo... (Below threshold)

A little spring sunshine for you:

Remember Lyndon Johnson commenting that "If I've lost Walter Cronkite, the war in Vietnam is lost"? Read this editorial in today's Washington Post by Democrat pollster Pat Caddell and Democrat Pollster Doug Schoen:


The title says it all: "If Democrats Ignore Health-care Polls, Midterms Will Be Costly." Take a minute to read it. No equivocating, no "Here's how you can sneak the bill through" strategy. It's harsh, it's blunt, and it will make your day. And then consider the source of the editorial: America's number two liberal newspaper, the Washington Post. And the authors, two well respected Democrat pollsters. It's Obama's Lyndon Johnson moment, and most of you will absolutely love it (no, not you, Steve -- there's some crayons over there in the desk drawer for you).

I can only hope that Obama will quote Lyndon Johnson in his next major televised speech:

"I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your president."

The change in the country's mood would be immediate and absolutely stunning. Like Johnson's "Great Society", The Great Mistake would be over. Obama can spend the rest of his life in obscurity like Johnson, throwing barbecues for his few remaining friends.

"I shall not seek, and I wi... (Below threshold)

"I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your president."

Count on Obama doing this...his ego can't take defeat.

I don't see dem corruption ... (Below threshold)

I don't see dem corruption being that important in the 2010 elections unless the repubs and tea-party candidates make it a very vocal issue. The MSM won't report it. Or, if they do, they leave out the party affiliation.

The key will be the economy and I see little hope right now for a recovery as the dems seem to be doing everything in their power to screw it up. Salazar has halted any and all drilling for oil, the EPA is out of control. The deficits are trickling down causing big problems for local govts. Taxes and unemployment are rising, and more and more newspapers such as USA Today are running stories highlighting the fact that govt employees are doing great during this recession.

Add to this stories like the one jim m mentioned about banning salt. NY, running a massive deficit, raised taxes on just about everything last year. They still have a deficit and the best they can come up with is banning salt?

There should be a mid-term "slaughter" of the dems. And if there is, they have earned every bit of it.

Naturally I pray to God he'... (Below threshold)

Naturally I pray to God he's right and the left is destroyed in November, but it must be remembered that: dems will have 20-40 million new "voters" this year when Juan and Grahamnesty help pass amnesty for Mexicans; and the voter/poll fraud this year will be breathtaking in its scope. From absentee ballots to Black Panthers providing "security", November's democrat thuggery might well provoke everything from fist fights to gun fights by working to prevent actual Americans from voting. An honest election process would no doubt spell BIG trouble for DC corruptocrats. But HONEST is the last thing we can expect.






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