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"there is tyranny afoot and it must be confronted"

Steve Schippert of ThreatsWatch averts his gaze from the external to the internal:

Lose sight of what you are defending and defense isn't all that important, is it?

This simple reminder compels us to shift focus for the moment from our combative enemies and onto that which we defend. We do not engage in such rigorous defense - in its many forms - simply to preserve soil or borders or lives. We engage in rigorous defense of ideas. Ideas embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America. We do not defend simply the shores and borders and people of America. We defend - rigorously - so much more than that. We defend what it means to be American. We defend what it is that inspires so many countless others to risk life, limb and treasure to get to America even still.

And, to put it plainly, there is tyranny afoot and it must be confronted and defeated with confidence, determination and passion. The confrontation is not about health care or any other piece of legislation. It is not about politicians, politics or parties.

The confrontation is about process. The confrontation is about fidelity to the Constitution.

House Rules Chairwoman Louise Slaughter says she is "prepping to help usher the healthcare overhaul through the House and potentially avoid a direct vote on the Senate overhaul bill." She continued, explaining how House passage of a separate bill containing "changes" to the Senate version would lead House leadership to "deem" the actual Senate HealthCare Bill passed - without a direct vote.

This is not simply tyrannical in nature, it is absolute political cowardice.

Whether any American likes or dislikes any bill - any bill - none of us are governed under a Constitution nor any Congress within a Constitution that affords for an individual in an elected body to "deem" anything. We elected you, for better or worse, to vote on legislation, whether we like the specific outcome or not. There is a process within both the letter and spirit of the Constitution.

The notion of anyone "deeming" anything "passed" without going through the actual voting process of real passage is the kind of governance seen in Saddam Hussein's Iraq or Bashar Assad's Syria or Castro's Cuba.

Few things in this lifetime have inspired such furious rage as this brazen attempt to undermine the legislative process as set forth within the Constitution of the United States.

You need to read it all.

You simply do.



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Comments (20)

Yeah they want to ram this ... (Below threshold)

Yeah they want to ram this shit through be any means possible. Even going the Unconstitutional way. Looks like a revolution is on the way.

Just when I think the Dems ... (Below threshold)

Just when I think the Dems can't exhibit any more insanity and/or lack of concern for our Constitution they do...BOTH!

"...to defend against enemi... (Below threshold)

"...to defend against enemies foreign and domestic..."

It seems that in their desperation to pass their socialistic programs that they have forgotten the oath they swore to uphold and now face an electorate and population that is seriously reconsidering their actions.

What the heck, why don't we... (Below threshold)
jim m:

What the heck, why don't we just "deem" that Obama has won re-election?

Hey, while we're at it why don't we just "deem" that the 22nd amendment has been repealed? That way we can "deem" that Obama is re-elected in perpetuity!!

Think it can't happen? If the dems are willing to do this the rest is all within spitting distance. (or is that spitting on the Constitution distance? I get confused)

I "deem" that the Democrats... (Below threshold)

I "deem" that the Democrats are governing without the consent of the governed, and according to recent polls, most Americans agree with me.

If the Slaughter proposal bothers you, I suggest that you call her office and politely let her minions know:

Rep. Louise M. Slaughter (D, NY-28)
202 225 3615
716 853 5813
716 282 1274

Be informed. Be polite. Be firm. Be heard.

Incredible, really.<p... (Below threshold)

Incredible, really.

And these are the fools who always accused Bush of shredding the constitution.

little Stevie Green is a li... (Below threshold)

little Stevie Green is a little goose-steeping fascist. Sieg Heil Green!

Steve G,Read the m... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Steve G,

Read the main article before posting. This is all in reaction to the Chair of he House Rules Committee claiming that they do not have to vote on the health care bill, but that if they pass a couple of amendments to it then they can "deem" that the main bill was passed without ever voting on it.

Maybe even you can see that saying that something passed by a majority vote and actually passing by majority vote are two different things.

A lot of people would be upset if it passes by a vote. EVERYONE should be upset if it never gets voted on but gets signed into law anyway.

Wake up idiot, your messiah and his acolytes are a bunch of fascist thugs.

Don't bother trying to expl... (Below threshold)

Don't bother trying to explain anything to the Green Douchebag -- he will deliberately misconstrue anything you show him. He is Humpty Dumpty from Through the Looking Glass, redefining words to suit his agenda.

If this keeps up we might g... (Below threshold)

If this keeps up we might get to witness Antonin Scalia punching Steny Hoyer in the mouth :)

Steve G,What they ... (Below threshold)

Steve G,

What they want to do is use a Euro style parliament trick to pass this legislation, basically we are in the majority, thus we "deem" it to pass. Unfort., for Nancy, yourself, and other die hard party members we are not a parliament, where ppl elect party members, who when they have a majority get to choose the leader, and legislation they raise is "deemed" passed based on party numbers. No my friend we are a Represenative Republic, those members are given the responsibility of being the voice of their district, not a goose stepper for their party.

I'm an unashamed Conservative, but I can say in all honesty, that if John Boehner pulled a stunt like this I would be throwing just as big a fit. This is so totally against what our Founders intended it makes me sick. You can't blame Republicans, they don't have enough to stop it, your fight is with the conservative members of your own party. Why you are not outraged that they would even consider doing this, just goes to show how truly

A: unknowledgable of the history of the U.S. you truly are or

B: A died in the wool facist

Either one is truly scary

Slaughter appears to be loo... (Below threshold)

Slaughter appears to be looking for a way for all the Democrats to vote "Present!".

Stevie is okay with that. His Lord and Master built a career on it. Get elected to make yes/no decisions, vote "Oh look, a rabbit" instead. Makes sense to Stevie.

"There is tyranny afoot and... (Below threshold)

"There is tyranny afoot and it must be confronted"

Someone hand Barry a mirror.

From Roll Call: "The Senate... (Below threshold)

From Roll Call: "The Senate Parliamentarian has ruled that President Barack Obama must sign Congress' original health care reform bill before the Senate can act on a companion reconciliation package, senior GOP sources said Thursday.

Stevie, pull your head out ... (Below threshold)

Stevie, pull your head out of your ass so that your brain gets some oxygen. The House HAS TO PASS THE SENATE BILL, you know, the one THAT THEY DIDN'T VOTE ON, because, you know, IT CAME OUT OF THE SENATE.

They want to pass the SENAT... (Below threshold)

They want to pass the SENATE bill. They are doing this so they won't have to go to conference b/c if they do they will then have to go back to their respective chambers and the senate will again need 60 votes on the legislation.

What they are trying to do now is pass the Senate Bill w/o a vote based on the fact they passed their own version earlier. They are desperatly trying to circumvent over 200 years of tradition and the Constitution.

If your really that stupid and such an ideologue that you can't see that...I feel srry for you.

Steve - have you even been ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Steve - have you even been following this issue or are you just making it up as you go along?

Garandfan is right. The previous House bill is a dead issue. Everyone is now talking about the Senate Bill. The Senate bill passed with provisions for federal funding of abortions. Bart Stupak (D) Michigan, and 16 or so dems say that they will not vote for the Senate bill with those provisions. In order to avoid another Senate vote requiring Cloture the House would need to pass he Senate bill as written. Previously it was floated that they would then pass another bill removing the abortion terms.

Pelosi wants to pass the Senate bill with revisions under reconciliation, something that has never been done before. Now it seems that she doesn't have the votes to do that so Slaughter is coming to the rescue saying "Hey, we don't have to vote on the bill. We can just note vote and say we passed it anyway."

Such a thing has never been done before and would surely be illegal. Any American would be pissed to think that anyone of any party would consider subverting the laws in this manner in order to pass any law no matter how small.

This is about as anti-democratic as it gets. The dems want to end democracy and simply have an autocracy where they get to make whatever laws they like and there is no debate and no one to question their authority.

Interesting to note hat the health care bill now includes a sections that will make the federal government the sole source for college loans. What that has to do with health care I don't know. But it is of the same piece with controlling every aspect of American life.

Steve Green, go back to sch... (Below threshold)

Steve Green, go back to school and learn how the government works. The House and Senate are separate chambers. The House bill and the Senate bill are completely separate bills with completely separate language.

Under normal circumstances, the House passes their bill, the Senate passes their bill and the two bills go into conference. There a committee of House members and a committee of Senators meet and hammer out the differences between the two bills. Once that happens, and there is a single unified bill, the House and Senate each then vote AGAIN on the conference bill. All of the same rules apply, such as the filibuster rule.

As it stands right now, the House bill is essentially dead because they can't send it to conference, where it will ultimately get filibustered in the Senate.

The House Dems must pass the Senate bill as it is currently written without amendment. Then Obama can then sign it into law.

BUT, a lot of the House Dems don't like the Senate bill. Since they can't amend the current bill as it stands now, they need to amend it after the fact. The House members have to trust that their Senate counterparts will play along. At that point, the Senate can vote on it again with a majority vote of 51%. That's the reconciliation process that's being discussed.

The Slaughter Rule, is a rule change that says the current House Bill is close enough to the Senate bill that they don't have to vote on the Senate bill. This is an ex post facto rule change.

I double dog dare them... (Below threshold)
Liberal Nitemare:

I double dog dare them

We allow a situation to exi... (Below threshold)

We allow a situation to exist in which vast criminal enterprises that prefer we call them by their street name, the "Democratic" potty, have created electoral rolls that include forty-odd million too damned stupid to know they're being lied to and/or are too damned mean-spirited and/or greedy to care and who're criminal aliens and/or are fascists and crypto-fascists and/or various other academics and/or lawyers and/or other kinds of liars, looters and felons.

And then we act surprised that the "representatives" these hoards of wannabe tyrants "elect" act like tyrants? Turn out to be tyrants?

God save America.






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