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Will Democrats Fall On Their Swords For ObamaCare?

Kim addresses some of this below and here are my thoughts on the wobbling.

In the ObamaCare debate that seems to have no end it appears that there may actually be a deadline looming. The President has delayed a long scheduled trip to Asia so that he can be in town when the House votes on the Senate health care bill. If anyone doubted that the reconciliation ruse that was served up over the past two weeks was utter BS they can rest easy knowing that the only reason President Barack Obama will be in town next week is to sign the legislation House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now auctioning for everything from student loans to the pork of your choice.

Allah senses an inevitability about it all because some House Democrats have gone silent on the issue (while noting the prospect of doom for Democrats as predicted by Patrick H. Caddell and Douglas E. Schoen in the Washington Post) .

I've been skeptical until now but I'm starting to think Pelosi will get there. The fact that House Democrats don't want to talk about their votes augurs badly, not well; given the degree of public opposition, the ones who are ready to cave have a greater incentive to lie low. Between the purple people-beaters (SEIU thugs) leaning on people and Madam Speaker sweetening the pot for recalcitrant Dems by incorporating the student-loan bill -- Philip Klein notes that 34 Democrats who voted against ObamaCare voted yes for that one -- there are plenty of sticks and carrots to go with the long-term strategic ambition.

The theory at work here is that because the Democrats are going to take such a severe beating in November why shouldn't they take one for the team and vote yes on ObamaCare. Perhaps one or two progressives might view their imminent defeat and look for some future recognition as having sacrificed for bringing in European style socialism to a large part of the U S economy but the fact is that mass political suicides on precise issues are the exception not the rule. Rather, I think some of these fence sitters are seriously considering the viability of running for reelection on a platform of having opposed ObamaCare. It is a perfect anti Washington position they can take and still remain true to their previously stated opposition to the legislation. This is a much more defensible strategy than simply caving, which ensures defeat in November.

And it must be repeated that we are witnessing the most intensive full court press on a piece of legislation seen in this country since the Civil Rights Act and Medicare. The expectations game is running at full tilt so keep an eye on this next week.

Update: They guys at Powerline have a good analysis of what is at stake and the tactic of the Slaughter maneuver that anticipates a vote by the House on what it "deems" to be the Senate bill and the results of such. Notwithstanding their well established reputation for reducing complicated legal and legislative legerdemaine to understandable language, the explanation is still cloudy.

I would agree with some of our commenters here that such a device might invite civil unrest because it is an affront to the sensibilities of an electorate that has run out of patience with a political class that demonstrates no respect for boundaries.


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Comments (22)

"I think some of these f... (Below threshold)

"I think some of these fence sitters are seriously considering the viability of running for reelection on a platform of having opposed ObamaCare."

Perhaps but I think it would be far more difficult for them to win their primary (in order for them to even be on the ballot as anything but an independent) with the entire party machinery arrayed against them and then there's the fund raising difficulties they'd face...

Once you take the position ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Once you take the position that voting on bills is no longer necessary because you can 'deem' the outcome you want to be so, then you can start 'deeming' that other results you want are so.

It is a short step to 'deeming' that the ballot counts you wanted are so despite what the real tally is. From there it is a short step to 'deeming' that the elections are not necessary because you already know the result of the will of the people.

Obama could very well decide to 'deem' that the people desire certain parts of the constitution to be changed. He has already made it clear that he would like to abolish or modify the Supreme Court. What's to stop him?

They do it the way they pla... (Below threshold)

They do it the way they plan and they may not even make it to November.

Imagine 2 million people in... (Below threshold)

Imagine 2 million people in DC surrounding the Congress and demanding 535 resignations, with no one allowed in or out until that happens.

"Imagine 2 million people i... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"Imagine 2 million people in DC surrounding the Congress and demanding 535 resignations, with no one allowed in or out until that happens. "

I'm imagining that Obama declares martial law and we can kiss the November elections goodbye.

I am ready to DEEM the curr... (Below threshold)

I am ready to DEEM the current administration UN-American...and an Enemy of the State!

So deemed.

Now We The People need to enforce that!

I can't wait until next Apr... (Below threshold)

I can't wait until next April 15th. My tax forms will be prepared and there will be a cover letter stating that "I've DEEMED my taxes paid."

"I'm imagining that Obam... (Below threshold)

"I'm imagining that Obama declares martial law and we can kiss the November elections goodbye."

He tries that and His ass will be the first one called out for a friendly afternoon beating

Obama declare martial law??... (Below threshold)

Obama declare martial law???? If he ever tried this he'd better be pretty damn sure the military would go along.

Obama wouldn't declare mart... (Below threshold)

Obama wouldn't declare martial law. He would let Pelosi and Reid manage that for him.

The 2nd Amendment was desig... (Below threshold)

The 2nd Amendment was designed for times such as this.

Just heard that Obama was t... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

Just heard that Obama was the Captain of the
(theoretical) Harvard Law hockey team which
won the (virtual) championship from Yale
in his senior season. Stats have been lost,
however, so we must rely on the memory of
Muhammed Ali, who said, unequivocably, "He
done it". Another reason that Obama deserves
a "yes" vote.

right on... (Below threshold)

right on

Will Democrats fall on thei... (Below threshold)

Will Democrats fall on their swords?

If the Republicans knew they could ram through, say, a pro-life amendment to the Constitution, would they consider their careers a fair price to pay?

If the corrupt anti-America... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

If the corrupt anti-American leftists who control the Democratic Party use this trick to subvert the Constitution, Republicans will do very well indeed in November.

RUN ON REPEAL, period. There IS time, although a lot of damage will be done to the insurance and medical industries even if we were able to do it right away (Obama would certainly veto repeal, and 2/3 majorities don't seem likely even in a wave election, so we would be reduced to de-funding any mechanisms possible until we can dump the prissy, prancing, preening peacock of a pretender to the Presidency in 2012).

>>If the corrupt anti-Ameri... (Below threshold)

>>If the corrupt anti-American leftists who control the Democratic Party use this trick to subvert the Constitution, Republicans will do very well indeed in November.

If you can 'deem' that a bill has passed, how hard is it to 'deem' that an election has been won?

If the slaughter rule goes forward - dems wont have to worry about a blood bath in Nov.

Karl,You dolt, a cha... (Below threshold)

You dolt, a change to the constitution cannot be forced through - do your homework. Constitutional amendments take a large amount of cooperation to pass.

A constitutional amendment needs a bill to pass both houses of the legislature, by a two-thirds majority in each. Once the bill has passed both houses, it goes on to the states.

Of course, you may have just been talking about a bill. In that case, if the Republicans tried this current tactic, I think you would find those of us upset at the procedure equally upset then.

Also, a bill as precise as that could easily be overturned or amended later. This current monstrosity is unprecidented in the amount of change it would force on the country combined with the majority of the citizenry so opposed to it.

This strategy is equivelant... (Below threshold)
Don L:

This strategy is equivelant to the woman who knows her drunken husband will soon be home and beat her and the kids so she kills them and commits suicide.

When something is about to go very wrong -double down on what caused it? Vocabulary excapes the sane mind when insanity rules.

I hereby deem this United S... (Below threshold)

I hereby deem this United States congress to be dis-elected. Therefore none of their actions from this day forward shall have the force of law.

I hereby deem Barack Hussein Obama to be dis-elected as President of the United States and all of his actions since taking office to be null and void.

I hereby deem Sarah Palin, here after referred to as The Boss, to be the President of the United States. The Boss shall take full control of the United States Government as soon as possible. The Boss shall arrest the congress and Barak Hussein Obama and hold them for trial. The Boss shall take whatever actions she and she alone deems necessary and not listen to RINOs of any type or persuasion.

So stated March 13, 2010.
Anonymous Internet Blog Commenter

Karl,Under Bush th... (Below threshold)
jim m:


Under Bush the GOP considered changing the Senate rules to eliminate the filibuster so they could pass Social Security reform.

You will kindly note that they decided that respecting our democracy was more important than their partisan political desires.

Unfortunately, Obama is utterly ignorant of American history, he has publicly declared that the constitution should be discarded and remade, he is a socialist (that's kind) ideologue who hates capitalism and democracy.

If Dems can deem this bill ... (Below threshold)

If Dems can deem this bill passed without following legal protocol conservatives, elected in November, can deem it null and void. This would not need the President's signature if they deem him impeached.

Silly, of course, but this is what our system could devolve into if Dems follow through on their threats.

No, no, no Jim M. The Repu... (Below threshold)
Rick Caird:

No, no, no Jim M. The Republicans did not attempt to do away with the filibuster because they wanted to pass Social Security reform. The Republicans considered doing way with the filibuster only for judicial nominations because the Constitution requires the Senate to "advise and consent" on nominations. The argument was that the filibuster prevented the Senate from performing a Constitutionally required duty. The "gang of 10" broke that threat by agreeing not to filibuster except in extraordinary circumstances and not to vote in favor of a parliamentary ruling that eliminated the filibuster for judicial nominations.






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