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Obama Akbar

A Michael Ramirez masterpiece:


H/T Hugh in email.



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Nancy bleats "We're going t... (Below threshold)

Nancy bleats "We're going to make history!"

Yes, Nancy, you are. Come November the Democratic Party will be thrown out of office. If not repealed, your ObamaCare program will slowly reveal over the next 10 years the fiscal farce that it is. And each year, the public, who has to PAY, will get continuing reminders of WHY NOT TO VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS.

Yes, Nancy, you're going "to make history".

"Go ahead, make my day."</p... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

"Go ahead, make my day."

Nancy bleats "W... (Below threshold)
Nancy bleats "We're going to make history!"
Make. Be. Whatever.

One verb is as good as another.

RE: "Obama Akbar!"... (Below threshold)

RE: "Obama Akbar!"

Good job. That is very funny!

Sending that in the letter to my Congressman -- who is a liberal Democrat and a future former-Congressman.

If the Dems reach their par... (Below threshold)

If the Dems reach their paradise (socialist health care utopia), I hope they are rewarded with 70 Nanzi Pelosies each and the lifetime job she has promised them after the newly elected conservatives cut funding for that job.

Is there any doubt Ramirez ... (Below threshold)

Is there any doubt Ramirez is the greatest political cartoonist alive? Maybe ever.

LOL! Outstanding!G... (Below threshold)

LOL! Outstanding!

Great play on words . . . from "Bara(c)k" to "Akbar" ... spot on ... as usual from Ramirez.

I wish you well :) Melek

"Based on his record thus far, if Obama was a baseball team, he would be the Chicago Black Sox; if he was a disease, he'd be the bubonic plague; and if he was a ship, he'd be the Titanic." ~ B. Prelutsky

"Is there any doubt Ramirez... (Below threshold)

"Is there any doubt Ramirez is the greatest political cartoonist alive? Maybe ever."


He's a daily drive by because of his ability to creatively express his, and many others opinion with pen and paper.

This one is a classic, maybe one of his best.
I'll have it airbrushed on a shirt soon.

The O-bomb-a Administration... (Below threshold)

The O-bomb-a Administration.






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