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Axelrod To Republicans: Make My Day

Presidential advisor David Axelrod laid down this marker on ObamaCare today when he dared Republicans to run on a platform of repealing the Senate bill to be voted on this week.

One of the president's top advisers confidently predicted Sunday that Congress will pass healthcare reform and dared Republicans to advocate repealing it during the 2010 elections.

"I am absolutely confident we are going to be successful," he told NBC's "Meet the Press."

And Axelrod, who was a top strategist on Obama's 2008 campaign, said he relished the prospect of Republicans campaigning on a repeal of the legislation in 2010.

"Let's have that fight," he said. "Make my day."

Senator Lamar Alexander accurately characterized the Democrats efforts as a kamikaze mission, the most arrogant political stunt since Nixon was in the White house:

(CBS) Calling the Democrats "tone-deaf" in hearing what Americans want in health care reform, Republican Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee charged that the president and Congressional Democrats were guilty of the most brazen act of political arrogance since Watergate.

"This is the most brazen act of political arrogance that I can remember since the Watergate years, not in terms of breaking the law but in terms of thumbing your nose at the American people and saying, 'We know you don't want it, we're going to give it to you anyway.'"

So this Sunday's talk circuit was characterized by smack talk from the Left and a call to remember the costs of political hubris from the Right. The Democrats can't say they were not warned.


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Comments (26)

little stevie's comment is ... (Below threshold)

little stevie's comment is so inane and lacking in reality ...oh why bother.

The Green Douchebag's comme... (Below threshold)

The Green Douchebag's comment is giggleworthy.

With Obama, failure is not ... (Below threshold)

With Obama, failure is not an option -- it's standard equipment. Maybe it's the Obamapologists who need to "own up to it."

"The obstructionist approac... (Below threshold)

"The obstructionist approach to bipartisan politics taken by the Republican Party..."

Please point to *A SINGLE PART, ANY AMENDMENT* that the Republicans were able to have input on in the Bill to make it 'bipartisan'.

Do it or sit down and shut the fuck up you insipid fucking moron.

The only thing you have right is that its not going to be pretty. The victory in passing the Bill will be Pyrrhic for the Democrats, for decades.

Axelrod is whistling past t... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Axelrod is whistling past the graveyard. They know that this is tremendously unpopular. They know that they will take a hit at the polls. I just wonder whether having removed the necessity to vote on legislation if they will decide that it is no longer necessary to vote on Congress.

My apologies for the rant, ... (Below threshold)

My apologies for the rant, tweak it if needed.

Axelrod is betting the farm it will pass when they still don't have the required votes, not withstanding that they aren't even going to vote on the Senate bill.

I sure hope he likes crow because its all he's going to be eating for years.

Steve Green,Obstruct... (Below threshold)

Steve Green,
Obstructionist politics? I know you will refuse to acknowledge this but there is a general consensus in this country that healthcare reform is needed. This is true on both sides of the political aisle. I would be willing to concede that if there were not a Democrat president and significant Democrat majorities in both houses that this issue would not have the visisbility it does today. This issue will no longer go away. I predict that if the Republicans do make significant gains they can indeed (and should) try to repeal this present bill, but the onus will still be on them to come up with legislation that is not such a cancer on the economy. How did the right (and Rush Limbaugh) did not make this president fail. Nice try. He can't get it done with the bully pulpit, a supermajority in Congress and the electorate that placed him in the White House with such high expectations?

By the way, I have a friend who is in psychology and have been showing your posts on various topic to her. The fixation with racism is of particular interest. Is it possible for her to meet you? She thinks you may be an unprecedented opportunity for a PhD thesis. Just asking.

The stink is on you Mr Gree... (Below threshold)
Milton Lovell:

The stink is on you Mr Green it is not the republicans who are holding up this Obama crap sandwich it is democrats within your own party, you have the votes, why so scared to pass it if it wasn't crap.

Obstructionist policies.</p... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Obstructionist policies.

Steve, you are forgetting again that until last month Obama enjoyed a majority in the House and a filibuster proof majority in the Senate. The GOP could not stop any legislation the democrats wanted to pass no matter what they did.

In fact Obama signaled his understanding of this fact by telling the GOP, "I won" and refusing to give them ANY input into the healthcare bill. The recent meeting he had with the GOP showed that the GOP has plenty of ideas, none of which were included in the bill.

There has not been any meaningful obstruction by the GOP.

The problem has been convincing dems to vote for this monstrosity. Landrieu and Bacchus are both Dem Senators. They had to be bought off to vote for the Senate bill.

You can whine all you like about Republicans being the party of 'No' and blocking legislation, but everyone else knows that they have had no power what-so-ever to hold up any legislation.

I doubledog dare the Democr... (Below threshold)

I doubledog dare the Democrats to run on their support for the bill. I deem this a fair trade-off.

Easy, don't play his game. ... (Below threshold)
M Malone:

Easy, don't play his game. Force Axelrod to play your game and that tactic is simple - We will only act on their theft in total.

This bill will really motiv... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

This bill will really motivate the vast numbers of people who are against the modest health insurance industry reforms that might slowly begin to kick in after a few years.

Well done Adrian!Y... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Well done Adrian!

Yes, we should not forget that even with the "fierce moral urgency", the provisions of Obamacare do not kick in until 2013.

We should also remember that Obama has planned 10 years of taxes to pay for 6 years of spending. I wonder how well that works out in years 11-20?

Front-loading the tax hikes... (Below threshold)

Front-loading the tax hikes while back-loading the alleged "benefits" does tend to dilute the anti-repealability (it's a word now) of the plan, if it does pass.

Absolutely! The benefits h... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Absolutely! The benefits have not kicked in so you are not denying anyone some entitlement program. At the same time DC kleptocrats can keep the tax increases.

Tax increases with no spending programs? Now that is Washington DC gold!

The liberals have revealed ... (Below threshold)

The liberals have revealed themselves to the public in a way that we conservatives knew all along. The left does not think the citizens of this great nation know what is good for them. They are now acting on that belief. I agree with Axlerod to the point of the right demonstrating very easily how the left disregarded the citizens concerns about this bill because Pelosi, Reid and Obama thinks the electorate is too stupid to grasp it. ww

November is going to be soo... (Below threshold)

November is going to be soooooooo sweet! I'd love to be able to take every anti-Obama vote and pound it right up Axelrod's ass.

GarandFan: "I'd love to ... (Below threshold)

GarandFan: "I'd love to be able to take every anti-Obama vote and pound it right up Axelrod's ass"

Metaphorically, I hope. :) Not that I don't wish Axelrod a lifetime of festering boils, and such.

Ramiriz has it right: "OBAM... (Below threshold)

Ramiriz has it right: "OBAMA AKBAR!!!"

dilute the anti-re... (Below threshold)
dilute the anti-repealability

I vote this phrase to be the thread winner. Congratulations Mr. Haliburton. You have now qualified for a bureaucratic position with the U.S. Commerce Department or possibly writing forms for the Small Business Administration.

I agree on the "dilute the ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I agree on the "dilute the anti-repealability" quote. I had to read that one through three times before I was sure of what was being said.

You have been exposed to too much government double speak. Time for a break.

You have been e... (Below threshold)
You have been exposed to too much government double speak.
Who hasn't?
Steve Green.One qu... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Steve Green.

One question . Please answer.

if this bill is so great and wonderful why dont the dems in the House just vote on and pass the Senate version? The "party of no" as you call it cant do anything about it. The dems have a LARGE majority in the House.

What is stopping them? If the bill is so right, so popular, so good, then what are the DEMS AFRAID OF?

Just a note to others - wit... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Just a note to others - with whom I mostly agree on substance: when you refer to the troll in your comments, you justify his existence. Believe me, he is being quite "gratified" by the attention (IYKWIMAITTYD), and he is thinking of you as he achieves it.

OTOH, if you could but ignore him, your indifference would leave him limp and with dishpan hands.

What is stopping them? I... (Below threshold)

What is stopping them? If the bill is so right, so popular, so good, then what are the DEMS AFRAID OF?

As Rahm demonstrated, they are lacking a pair.

Wow, this is a first. Jim A... (Below threshold)

Wow, this is a first. Jim Addison is actually right about something. Steve Green plays wizbangers like 2 dollar banjos, and then sits back and laughs his ass off all day long.

If only you had some rope, eh Jim?






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