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Obama Hates Israel


Israel has decided to build 1600 new homes on their land in East Jerusalem.

The announcement, a surprise to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, came when our own Saint Joe Biden was en-route to Mr. Netanyahu's private residence for a dinner along with their respective wives.

And how did Joe Biden, our master of foreign affairs, guru of Middle Eastern policy decide to act?

He arrived 90 minutes late for dinner.

Bravo, Joe! Your diplomatic skills are out-shined only by your bo-toxed forehead.

Wasting no time, Obama instructed his battle-ax Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to entertain Mr. Netanyahu with a 45 minute phone call rebuking him for the slight. She called the incident "an insult to the United States." (God, could you imagine 45 minutes on the phone with an "outraged" Hillary?)


Her indignation is pathetic, considering her husband's presidential library was practically built with money provided by Israel's sworn enemies.

Obama and his anti-semitic administration pounce on any opportunity to lash the whipping boy of the Middle East, and he's jumped on it like white on rice. If he can make it look like Israel's fault, so much the better.

Discrediting and weakening Israel's standing on the world stage has been this administrations policy from the beginning.

Obama's Middle Eastern Apology tour was little more than an inter-national rebuke of Israel, cloaked in winning the "hearts and minds" of corrupt and hostile Arab governments.

He sat in a pew for twenty years and listened to an anti-semitic lunatic preach hatred for the United States, white people, and Jews.

In September of 2009, he held a formal celebration of the Islamic Holy Month of Ramadan, where he claimed "we celebrate a great religion and its commitment to justice and progress" and "the contribution of Muslims to the United States are too long to catalog because Muslims are so interwoven into the fabric of our communities and our country."

Go ahead and read that again. (Just make sure to vomit on your mouse pad, and NOT on your laptop.)

He then went on to cut the State dinner in half for honoring the Jewish observance of Hanukkah, siting cost as the culprit.

His entire Israeli/Palestinian plan consists of pushing concessions out of the Jewish state, claiming any settlement building to be "counter-productive" of the process.

Of his Palestinian friends, he only asked that they recognize Israel's right to exist.

Gee, that's some mighty slick incentive, Barry.

It is, however, his tough stance on Iran which shows his limp commitment to protecting our only Democratic ally in the region (that would be Israel for all you liberals out there). This tactic, where, every time Iran tells the world to go to hell and Israel will be destroyed, is countered with a firm verbal foot-stomping by Obama and his State department, followed by EU and UN calls for Israel to show restraint.

Does anyone believe any nation besides Israel will do what will eventually be necessary when the Iranian nuclear threat gets to the point of no return? The U.S., under Obama, will not have the stones to engage in what will need to be required: The forceable destruction of Iranian nuclear development.

All of his meaningless rhetoric and Muslim foot-licking will amount to nothing but continued attacks on any position or action taken by Israel concerning anything of import to their survival and progress in a region filled with vipers on all borders. NONE of the outraged surrounding Arab states engage in any helpful activities toward the Palestinians, simply because they don't want to. The Palestinian issue provides them with a perpetual reason for anger with Israel, and Obama knows this.

His silence in condemning these states and his unwillingness toward achieving concessions from them makes him complicit in their vitriol spewed toward the Jewish nation.

All Israel can do now is what it feels is right for Israel.

And if that means dealing with a meaningless hissy-fit once in a while from Obama and the most anti-semitic administration since Carter, than so be it.

Go ahead, Israel.

America is with you.


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Really the beauty of this i... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Really the beauty of this is that Israel signed on to a US sponsored agreement where they agreed to not build additional housing in the wet bank. East Jerusalem was not part of the agreement. Israel was allowed to build new housing in East Jerusalem.

So how does Obama, with his more intelligent foreign policy respond when our allies hold up their end of the bargain?

He punished them of course.

The problem is that Obama is an anti-Semite. The Problem is that Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East and Obama hates democracy.

Jews, democracy and a free market. The 3 things Obama hates most and all are found in Israel.

Well hell, MOST Muslims hat... (Below threshold)

Well hell, MOST Muslims hate Israel.

WTF is this garbage, this i... (Below threshold)
Wise Guy:

WTF is this garbage, this is the worst blog I have ever read. Filled with redicilous speculations and and a diarhea of nonsense. Israel has always been America's little step-kid. Even now they still get the most support. For once a president is trying to unite this god-forsaken world instead of divide it by... I dunno. Trying to actually work things out with our enemies instead of pour salt in wounds. So now he's an anti-semite because he's pro-world and pro-peace?

Why dont you just say you hate all black people? or better yet just say that only Israel should be alive and the rest of the world should die. It would be better then beating around the bush with this half-ass (news)blog.

That way you and you're one other commenter can be happy with what you both are. RACISTS.

Never heard of this site but this crap makes me never want to visit again.

Excellent site, excellent b... (Below threshold)

Excellent site, excellent blog: right to the point!

Wise Guy keeps coming back ... (Below threshold)

Wise Guy keeps coming back to spew the same tripe. Sounds like a real racist to me. Or maybe just suffering from dementia.

Easily the worst blog I've ... (Below threshold)

Easily the worst blog I've stumbled upon to

This administration respect... (Below threshold)

This administration respects no one.

Seriously, why bother to po... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Seriously, why bother to post a comment without addressing the content of the blog post? Can you address a specific area of disagreement?

Do you think that this is the worst blog because people fail to use proper grammar and syntax? Now I recognize that commenter #3 has an issue with spelling, but I sometimes have issues as I type faster than my keyboard can respond and often leave off the first letters of words. For that reason I chose not to abuse him for that.

If you have a criticism please present it in a clear and concise way and we can then be free to agree or disagree or offer counter arguments. Simply complaining that it is "Easily the worst blog I've stumbled upon to" is both uninformative and ungrammatical.

It's the worst blog because... (Below threshold)

It's the worst blog because Wise Guy's Judenhass-filled tirade wasn't auto-deleted as soon as it was posted. Or something.

As usual the liberals know ... (Below threshold)

As usual the liberals know that what is written is true and so cannot refute it with facts so they resort to being derogatory and name calling.

Again Obama and his adminis... (Below threshold)

Again Obama and his administration showed his contempt for our long standing ally in the middle east. The source of most our credible intelligience. What the inexperienced Obama doesn't understand, it is their respect for our nation that is keeping Israel from bombing the hell our of Iran's nuke facilities. So, instead of respecting their patience, we scold them. Such stupidity in the White House it is beyond understanding. Is there anyone in the government that actually knows what is going on in the middle east? ww

Use of strong words (hate).... (Below threshold)

Use of strong words (hate). Desperate journalism me think!

That's really too bad. Isr... (Below threshold)

That's really too bad. Israel blew it. You get invited to my house for dinner, show up 90 minutes late with no forewarning. Your ass is left out in the cold. Now that would have been a "message" to send home via Joey.

Oh, and you try to chew my ass out by phone. "Click".




This is actually a pretty g... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

This is actually a pretty good blog, with a quite tolerant comment policy. Mr Mallow's post, however, is typical of his work: over the top, childish, outlandish.

For one thing, East Jerusalem has ALWAYS been in dispute, since 1948, and especialy since 1967. It is no more "their land" than it is "Palestinian land" until a settlement is one day reached.

Next, what does Biden's botox or the fact that Mr Mallow finds Sec Clinton physically unattractive have to do with anything? Answer: nothin', just Mr Mallow being 12 years old, I guess.

I like the part where Mr Mallow accuses Bill Clinton of "palling around with terrorists" ala Palin without any proof, links, or cites. And how he leaps from the Administration's reaction to being flagrantly dissed to the conclusion that Obama is anti-Semitic. Quite a stretch, but in Mr Mallow's mind, it's Mission Accomplished!

As to Iran, perhaps Mr Mallow would like to answer this question: Was Iran more powerful, and closer to achieving a nuclear weapon, at the beginning of the Bush administration, or at the end of it?

The only thing Mr Mallow is right about is that the neighboring Arab states do indeed have an interest in prolonging this issue. That's why, though, it's important that the US be seen as an honest broker, not as a giant puppet that dances at the end of tiny Israel's string. So even when he's right, he's wrong.

I would recommend to Mr Mallow, and anyone interested, a book called "How Israel Lost." Written in 2004, it's still relevant today. And don't let the title fool you. It's written by an American Jewish reporter and is quite evenhanded in its criticism of both sides. I forget the author's name. It's probably in your local library.

wise [not so much] guy - <e... (Below threshold)

wise [not so much] guy - "For once a president is trying to unite this god-forsaken world instead of divide it by... I dunno. Trying to actually work things out with our enemies instead of pour salt in wounds."

Yeah we all saw how obummer worked it out with the Polish by pulling a missle defense system and doing so on a very important anniversary.

Hell obummer has kissed the ass of the Dutch so much they are pulling out of the Afgan theater... oops, WAIT, they're pulling out... that ain't good.

Not to mention obummer's Book Buddy Chavez who had high praise for obummer, but not so much lately, in fact Hugo has called obummer the second coming of Bush.

Time and again Obama proves... (Below threshold)

Time and again Obama proves that he is not interested in what Israel thinks about anything. He will sooner scold Israel for providing needed housing for their citizens (there is no agreement that I am aware of that prevents Israel from building new housing in East Jerusalem) before he will condemn Hamas or Hezbollah for launching mortars and rockets against civilian targets in Israel. When one of these events do happen, usually the first thing the Obama Administration calls for is for the Israelis to practice restraint. The whole housing thing is just a convenient excuse for Obama to browbeat Israel over the head yet again.

I am convinced that if Israel decides they need to act on their own when it comes to protecting themselves from a nuclear threat from Iran, I can almost guarantee that Obama will do everything he can to sabotage the effort. I also believe that Obama will refuse to provide some of the key military equipment that Israel would like to have to increase their chances of success should they decide upon military action to neutralize that threat. But Obama had better be careful how he acts here: a lot of the nations in the Persian Gulf region are very concerned about Iran and are very uncomfortable about the prospects of a nuclear-armed Iran. While they do not openly support an Israeli strike I am willing to bet that they would celebrate quietly if such an effort was undertaken by the Jewish state if it were to be successful. They realize that they have nothing to fear from Israel but everything to fear from Iran.

BH - "East Jerusalem ... (Below threshold)

BH - "East Jerusalem has ALWAYS been in dispute, since 1948, and especialy since 1967. It is no more "their land" than it is "Palestinian land" until a settlement is one day reached."

Pssst, the settlement WAS reached. It was called the 1967 Six-Day War, you know that whole spoils of war thing.

But hey it you wanna play that game lets give back the USA to Britain.

Bruce,The issue th... (Below threshold)
jim m:


The issue that Shaun points to is that we brokered a deal where Israel agreed to limit new settlements. East Jerusalem was not part of that deal. Now the administration is beating up what was once a strong ally for waht? For sticking to that deal!

Obama and Biden are idiots. Their "more intelligent" foreign policy is a joke. They have snubbed every traditional ally that we have had. They have tried to cozy up to thug regimes that are no more friendlier to the US than when Bush was still president.

What is he gaining us? Polls are now showing that US prestige abroad is suffering significantly.

What ally will trust us to come to our need if we require it? We have shit on Britain, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, Israel, Poland, the Czech Republic and others.

When Obama was elected he said he would improve our standing. Instead he has brought it down. He has tried to appease Iran, the Palestinians, Syria, China, Russia, Venezuela and gotten nothing in return.

He exhibits a high school level of understanding of world history and diplomacy.

This last move with Israel shows an ignorance of his own policy that is alarming. Why would you punish an ally for following through with an agreement that you sponsored?

The only answer I can conceive of is that you had no intent of ever holding the other party to the agreement. The only conclusion I can make is that the agreement itself was a sham intended to trap our ally, Israel, and to isolate it and provide reasons to force it into further concessions.

This is not how an honorable nation acts toward its allies.

Please, Jim, read more wide... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Please, Jim, read more widely. You are far too intelligent to keep repeating this stuff. I'll make a deal with you: If you read 3 articles on Truthout each week (I'll recommend them if you like) I'll read 3 articles on the blog of your choice (you recommend 'em).

Repeating what stuff?... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Repeating what stuff?

I am not following any talking points. I am merely following the news and putting two and two together.

In this case we have a =n agreement on settlements and Obama and Biden acting in an extremely foolish way. Even if you don't agree with our Israeli policy what they are doing is stupid. You craft an agreement and you limit Israel to where they can build new housing. When they build housing in accordance with that agreement we condemn them? I don't get how that is smart policy.

I would hardly recommend Truthout as a reputable news source. Frankly I would not consider Wizbang a news source. It is a source for commentary. I find the links it has sometimes helpful. More often than not I find the discussions here force me to look elsewhere for facts, news and that support my opinions, clarify my thinking or otherwise get me the information I need to say something reasonable.

TruthOut? Oh, yeah, well na... (Below threshold)

TruthOut? Oh, yeah, well named. They ran outta truth YEARS ago.

Still waiting for that double-secret indictment of Karl Rove to be unsealed over the Valerie Plame case...


Bruce,Sometimes pe... (Below threshold)


Sometimes people use a thing called sarcasm. Something which, if I wanted to subject myself to it, could be found in many of your astute responses on this site. So try not to be such a crotchety puss all the time.

Besides, does it really matter to you how or why I write certain things?

You will disagree no matter what the issue.

Try to stick to the substance sometimes, huh? You may actually make a salient point that we could all actually ponder.

Anyway, its clear Obama is going to squeeze every ounce of feign indignation from this episode as he can. The reaction of the administration as of yesterday is to continue pressing Israel for more concessions.

In addition to Obama (again) calling for a complete halt to all building in East Jerusalem, he now wants Israel to put forth a "confidence building measure," such as releasing Palestinian prisoners.

Obama's only "solution" to the Palestinian/Israeli issue is to pump as much blood from Israel as possible, without asking its "neighbors" to offer similar gestures.

You know, like, saying Israel can exist?

Here, go read this article.

And try not to bring Bush into your responses all the time. Your "what about when Bush" shtick is tired.

Excellent article. It's ref... (Below threshold)

Excellent article. It's refreshing to see an article that doesn't try to tip toe through and not offend anyone. With this new administration, we have seen the media join the left wing and try to silence the truth. I for one am fed up with seeing this wonderful country dismantled by a president who wants his socialist agenda fulfilled. Israel is and always has been our friend, how embarrassing having a president that hates democracy and is systematically attempting to destroy this country. What a privilege it is just being able to say this, I hope this privilege of being able to speak what we believe never ends. If Obama had the power, this right would be immediately removed and only those who agreed with his agenda would have a voice.

The thing I have never been... (Below threshold)

The thing I have never been able to figure out is why the Jewish population in our country puts their support behind Obama. A Gallup poll on October 23,2008 shows Obama beating McCain by 74% to 22% even after the Anti Semitic rant by Wright had been exposed, I don't get it.

Shawn,Unfortunatel... (Below threshold)
jim m:


Unfortunately you are exactly right. Obama's policy position seems to be perfectly congruent with the traditional Palestinian position: Push the Israeli's to an agreement. Castigate them for following that agreement and demand further concessions that were unrelated to the original agreement. Meanwhile no concessions of any meaningful substance will be asked of the palestinians.

For years Arafat demanded that Israel trade land for peace. When he was offered Gaza, the West Bank, the Golan Heights and East Jerusalem he turned them all down and asked for more. Obama is playing from the same play book. No concession is enough. I suspect that were it 1948 Obama would refuse to acknowledge Israel's right to exist. Heck, if he could find a way to back track I think he would do it today.

Should Iran make good on its promise to drop a nuclear bomb on Israel I expect Obama to condemn Israel's response before they even make one and do nothing about Iran.

East Jerusalem is not Israe... (Below threshold)

East Jerusalem is not Israel's land. Not according to every international body in the world. Not according to the E.U., the U.N., the ICC, ICJ, it is occupied territory. No country on this planet recognizes all of Jerusalem as being Israel's. We hear the story of terrorism, but there is another side of the story. It is of occupation and total control of Palestinians by Israel. Palestinians have no legal rights in occupied territories, they are stateless, and the others are refugees forced off their land. The territory is in limbo. Becuase Israel cannot annex it because of demographics. There has been an occupation of stateless people for over 40 years.

Back during the election su... (Below threshold)

Back during the election summer of '08 I said as much of Obama as we're seeing now and I was scolded for it by one of our resident trolls at the time. As proof that I had Obama all wrong he trotted out a speech given by Obama and the glowing things he said about Israel - repeatedly iterating his support.

Yes folks, if you think Obama might not be a staunch supporter and friend of Israel, all you have to do is read another of his speeches.

How dare we question his motives and loyalties?

So Steve Green has morphed ... (Below threshold)

So Steve Green has morphed into Wise Guy now eh'. Get lost troll and dont come back.

Stuff like this, Jim: "We b... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Stuff like this, Jim: "We brokered a deal in which Israel agreed to limit new settlements. East Jerusalem was not part of this agreement."

That may be, Jim, but Israel knows full well that the US is opposed to new settlement building anywhere in any disputed area, which East Jerusalem is, no matter what Mr Mallow bellows here. There has never been an agreement in which the US said to Israel, "Go ahead and build in East Jerusalem if you like." So, you see, Israel is not building "in accordance" with any US agreement or policy.

Israel's announcement of 1600 new homes being built there, during Biden's visit, was a deliberate finger in the eye from Netanyahu, the rightwing ideologue Israeli PM.

If any other ally had done something like this, Wizbang commenters would be foaming at the mouth. If Italy had done it, there would be a resolution in Congress, supported by Glenn Beck, to start calling pizza "Freedom Pie."

Well, if they had done it during the previous administration, anyway. Apparently, Wizbang commenters are cool with getting a huge public diss from an ally nowadays.

Forget about Truthout, Jim. How about another deal. You listen to 2 hours of "Friday News Roundup" on the Diane Rehm Show on NPR this Friday, and I'll listen to 2 hours of any radio show you recommend.

I'm sick and tired of right... (Below threshold)

I'm sick and tired of right-wingers acting like telling Israel to stop stealing land is the equivalent of plugging back in Auschwitz.

And to think you have the nerve to accuse us of "political correctness"...

Good job not interjecting y... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Good job not interjecting yourself into the comments section again, Mr Mallow. This makes about a 95% rate for your non-non-interjection policy.

I know what sarcasm is, sir, but thanks for yours.

Perhaps you'd like to enlighten me as to where I strayed from substance in my criticism of your piece. I kinda thought I addressed several points of substance, but maybe I'm typing in electrons only I can see, or something.

Good article from the Jerusalem Post. It doesn't support your piece, but it was a good article. To be fair it doesn't NOT support your piece, it's just pretty much a straight news article.

And, OK, Mr Mallow, I'll try to leave Bush out of things in the future. He's better off forgotten anyway. But, just for giggles, how about an answer this one last time. Was Iran MORE powerful at the beginning of the Bush administration, or at the end of it? C'mon, humor me.

It really does seem that ce... (Below threshold)

It really does seem that certain people think anything Israel does is beyond reproach, when in actual fact they have a lot to answer for.

They are not building in accordance with any US agreement, they are simply acting outside what has been talked and agreed upon. In truth they are building now before there are solid talks about it which might lead to a definite agreement not to build there.

This isn't an intelligent a... (Below threshold)

This isn't an intelligent analysis of policy in the Middle East; it's childish partisan screed. You should leave such discussion to grownups.

Kevin... but discussions wa... (Below threshold)

Kevin... but discussions waged by "grownups" presumably like yourself, also include rebuttal to what's written.

Apparently no such rebuttal is forthcoming from the likes of you, which places you in the drive-by category.

Which also means YOU need to grow-up.

"The problem is that Obama ... (Below threshold)

"The problem is that Obama is an anti-Semite. The Problem is that Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East and Obama hates democracy.

Jews, democracy and a free market. The 3 things Obama hates most and all are found in Israel."

This is typical garbage from the lunatic fringe.

Where is the evidence and proof for these wild assertions??

Anytime an American presient or politician is sharply critical of the the stupid moves of Israeli politiicans, he or she is labled anti-semite by the lunatic fringe.

What?? Is Israel right and the entire rest of the world wrong?? This announcement was widely condemmed around the world.

This settlement activity is COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE in terms of the peace process. (Yes, I know Israel has the right to build, but is it wise in the context of trying to negotiate peace with the Palestinians??)

As far as Israel attacking Iran (a Moslem state) it runs the risk of another nuclear power, Pakistan, viewing the attack as an assault on Islam.


There will be NO WINNERS from such a confrontation.

East Jerusalem is part of t... (Below threshold)

East Jerusalem is part of the city of Jerusalem. It is not a settlement.

The neighborhood of Shimon HaTzaddik was Jewish for well over a century. The neighborhood of Ramat Shlomo is home to thousands of families.

Barring Jews from living in particular areas is Apartheid and inexcusable, particularly from an administration that promised not to bully other countries.

I do await the Obama Administration's condemnation of the Palestinian Authority honoring the murderer of an American photographer. Apparently unlike Israel building houses for its people, that is not an... insult to Joe Biden.

Lot of drive-bys tonight...... (Below threshold)

Lot of drive-bys tonight...

Oyster -

"Yes folks, if you think Obama might not be a staunch supporter and friend of Israel, all you have to do is read another of his speeches."

His speeches are like Rorschach ink blots. In the end, all they are is ink on paper - anything else you might 'find' is strictly the content of the observer's mind.

His ACTIONS, however, are something else entirely.

"Where is the evidence and proof for these wild assertions?" Saul asks...

Let's see - Cap&Trade, Stimulus packages that don't simulate much except the union-owned red-ink factories, a business climate that makes it pretty iffy whether a business owner should expand, contract, or just plain hang it up, those seem emblematic of an anti-free market, anti-capitalist bent.

The American people are registering LOUDLY their displeasure with the proposed 'health care reform' package, yet Obama, Pelosi, and Reid seem intent on passing it in one big stinking bolus no matter what the PEOPLE want. Where's the sense in that? Do they think we're going to be so pathetically grateful to them for loading us down with 4 years of taxes before they even START paying benefits that we're going to crawl to the polls on our hands and knees to elect them unanimously? If so, they're delusional. And frankly, in Pelosi's case, I think she's not inhabiting anything resembling actual reality.

But then, she doesn't have to - does she? All she's got to do is make reality bend to HER whim...

As far as Israel goes? Heh. Obama doesn't know which way to turn. If he bashes Israel, he THINKS he might get support from the ME. If he doesn't, he knows he won't. He's got to figure out whether the support from the near-failed states in that area is worth the grief he's going to get from elsewhere in the world when Iran starts their grab.

I'd suggest you stop depending on talking points, Saul, and spend a year or so checking out reality. Thinkprogress, Truthout and the like have their own way of seeing the world - but the world is under no obligation to conform to their worldview - just as the weather and climate is under no obligation to conform to the AGW alarmists' models.

Maybe you could settle on o... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Maybe you could settle on one specific point, Mr Lawson, and expand on that, rather than lashing out in 30 different directions. Just a suggestion.

Bruce -Oh, how dar... (Below threshold)

Bruce -

Oh, how dare I actually touch upon more than one point in a comment here, or comment to more than one person! My bad - I shall fortwith hie myself off to bed immediately!

I for one would also like t... (Below threshold)

I for one would also like to be a part of this historic thread bashing Bruce Henry, the hypocrite.

The Obama administration is so prickly they counter-attack on every perceived slight, insult or criticism: Just look at the number of drive by trolls in this thread. But when this administration insults our allies, Bruce Henry defends Obama. Bruce Henry defends Obama no matter what, just like a paid lapdog would. I think I'm being charitable calling Bruce Henry a hypocrite since it's possible he's actually a paid prostitute for the Democratic Party.

By the way, the United Stat... (Below threshold)
Jeremiah Haber:

By the way, the United States has never officially recognized Israel's claim to West Jerusalem. In fact, I don't know of any country that has done so. West Jerusalem was annexed to the State of Israel after the 1948 war. It can be viewed as occupied territory since it goes well beyond the 1947 UN Partition Plan (the one that Israel refers to its Declaration of Independence.) That annexation, in addition to all of the borders, has never been officially recognized. De facto is something else.

By the way, the Un... (Below threshold)
By the way, the United States has never officially recognized Israel's claim to West Jerusalem.
Actually, Washington D.C. was never "officially" recognized as part of the United States of America. Similarly, Mexico never "officially" recognized the Alamo as part of Texas.

Actually, the United Nations Partition Plan never really took effect because the Arabs rejected it completely. "Palestine" actually never existed as an Arab polity. From 1917 to 1948, "Palestine" meant the land that was going to become the Jewish State. In 1948, it became the State of Israel. In 1964, the Arab terrorists decided to annex the term and pretend that it meant something. At that time they said it meant any land the State of Israel existed on (that is from the 1949 cease fire line to the Mediterranean Sea). After the 1967 war, that added the territory that Israel occupied as a result of the war.

This is a very delicate iss... (Below threshold)

This is a very delicate issue and it should concern us all. This is indeed something to think about.

It's always interesting to ... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:

It's always interesting to see where the Left invokes the letter of agreements, and where they invoke the spirit.

When Clinton signed the 1994 Agreed Framework w/ the North Koreans, only to have the NKs cheat by enriching uranium, the Left defended Clinton by noting that the NKs weren't actually violating the '94 agreement, b/c that only covered reprocessing, not enrichment.

(When Bush pushed this point, they even denied that NK was enriching uranium.)

Back when the Soviets cheated on arms control agreements (e.g., encrypting telemetry), again, there was the defense that "we didn't tell them which frequencies they were encrypting, so it's our fault."

And who can forget the claim that, in '01, the Taliban would have happily handed over Osama, if only we'd show 'em the proof?

But let an ally follow the letter of an agreement, and there's Hell to pay for not following the spirit.

The Left: B/c the problem isn't our enemies, it's our allies.

Interesting that when peopl... (Below threshold)
Joss Cope:

Interesting that when people start branding any criticism of Israli state policy as "anti-semitic", they almost always forget to mention that Arabs are a semitic people too (along with the Akkadians, Canaanites, Phoenicians, and some Ethiopians, apparently). Why is that I wonder?

Surely it must be possible to disagree with someone's political position on an issue without being accused of racism (particularly when Judaism is a religion, not a race - or at least it was last time I looked). Speaking as a European with a keen interest in US politics the idea that Obama "hates Israel" seems to me to be just plain ludicrous - he simply seems to be dealing with an enormously complex and challenging situation in a diplomatic and even-handed manner, unlike his immediate predecessor.

such a bullshit! the worst ... (Below threshold)

such a bullshit! the worst blog I ever read!

you definitely are a butthead racist, who doesn't have a clue of policy, but just to protect Israel!

read the history, whenever Jews went to a region in the world, that region got poor and poorer and the economy collapsed! This is the main reason why they were hated and had to flee all over again! This happened in every region (Europe, Asia) and all the times in history.

Now have a look at the U.S. economy and what is worse, it's goingto be much worse then it's now.

This is the greatest blog a... (Below threshold)

This is the greatest blog about how Obama really feels about Israel.I live in NJ,I am not Jewish,I am Italian & I am disgusted & appalled at this Administration's hatred of Israel. Israel has Never flown planes into our buildings & killed my personal friends,nor does their religion teach them to do so.I hope to God that this piece of crap is only in office one term,even though 1 term is enough to destroy the entire United States.I hope to God that Israel tells America to go to hell while we are being represented by such a despicable moron as obama.Israel will have to take care of Iran however they see fit,they are in Danger first,but Iran will come for America second & it will all be the fault of the obama admin.I pray for Israel everyday & I hope that the Jews in America wake up & see that obama hates their guts & they better stop supporting these scummy liberal progressives who want to coddle and be-friend Muslim Terrorist monsters.

Wow, Joss. Did you come up ... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:

Wow, Joss. Did you come up w/ that one yourself, or did you get your talking points from some nice Aryans?

Of course, even Wikipedia, never mind more scholarly sites, will note that the very term "anti-Semitism" came about from the term "Semitismus," which was used as a synonym for "Jew."


What next? That Europeans have always loved the Jews in their midst any case?

Wow!As an Israeli,... (Below threshold)


As an Israeli, I was wondering if everyone is believing in Obama's way.

Today, The Palestinians have dedicated street for a woman terrorist who was killed during an attack on an Israeli bus some 40 years ago. This is their way to make peace with Israel!

We have finished building a synagogue in Jerusalem that Jordanian army have destroyed in the 1948 war. what is the response of our "friends"? "This is a major setback to the way to peace!"

As I look back into history, I see that not much has changed. Europe still hates us (and even more as it becomes Muslim) and the US uses us to enhance it's relationship with the Arabs....

Thanks for your input!


i agree i hate israel too, ... (Below threshold)
israeli rats:

i agree i hate israel too, i just wish that israel is blown up quickly by their neighbours so that we can all live in peace!

51"i agree i ha... (Below threshold)


"i agree i hate israel too, i just wish that israel is blown up quickly by their neighbours so that we can all live in peace!"

You do realize if they are blown up as you espouse the palestinians will all blow up too?

Scratch that, they are already blowing themselves up aren't they.

May the fleas of a thousand homicide bombers visit your cave.

America is not behind Israe... (Below threshold)

America is not behind Israel on this one. America's needs come first. Every time Israel builds another house in the west bank the lives of American soldiers are further endangered in Iran or Afghanistan.

Israel's dumb and dumber go... (Below threshold)
Morris Lidchi:

Israel's dumb and dumber government has managed to clodhop its way into a major political crisis with President Obama's administration.

Israel's ambassador to the US has said that relations between the two countries face their worst crisis for 35 years, Israeli media have reported.

Last week, US Vice-President Joe Biden was visiting Israel as a preamble to launching the "proximity talks" - talks about talks that may lead to peace talks. Everything was going dandy when, with malice aforethought, the Housing Ministry controlled by the Shas party (which is as corrupt as it is religious) decided to fire a well-aimed political "qassam" at the Biden visit, by suddenly announcing the building of 1,600 new homes in occupied East Jerusalem.

The "pro peace, pro Israel" camp (at a guess-timate: 20 percent of Israelis, 40-60 percent of diaspora Jews, all the governments of the G8 and EU to some degree) held its head in its hands - again. Israel had just wantonly undermined the USA, the best friend the Jewish people have ever had. The Obama administration was incandescent with rage over this straw-that-broke-the-camel's back blunder.

The Israeli government and its supporters sought to downplay the furore as "an unintentional mistake" , but it is in fact indicative of a political system now at the mercy of a powerful alliance of rabbinic "taliban" and extreme nationalists.

Israel's proportional representation electoral system has propelled them into top cabinet positions where PM Netanyahu is incapable of stopping their diplomatic kamikaze acts, without rendering his coalition. They are conflict-orientated and relish insulting world opinion which they believe is wrong and/or anti-Semitic because they have god-given right on their side.

They are making great strides projecting a 'might is right' narrative onto the Israeli national consciousness. The success of this mind-warping was exemplified by a recent poll that found that around 50 percent of Israeli youth do not think Israeli Arabs should be given equal rights. Among religious youth, the number of those who would deny full civic rights to Israeli Arabs reaches 82 per cent, more than double the percentage of secular youths (39 per cent).

Meawnhile, the westernised, secular Israelis - still the majority - accept the hardline status quo because it has brought the peace from Islamic and Palestinian terror, and the all-consuming fear of the suicide bomber that scarred their consciousness at the turn of the decade has been replaced by all-consuming consumerism.

While they go shopping, the settlers fulfil their "Greater Israel" fantasies out of sight, literally and figuratively, beyond the "security wall".

But if the Israel that Jews around the world know and love, the Israel within the '67 borders, believes that it is safe from the zealots and the fundamentalists waging their judaic jihad on Palestinian areas, they are mistaken.

For they are dynamic counter-revolutionares, a Jewish Falange, and once "every inch" of the Occupied Territories has been wrested they will turn on Israel itself and anybody who is not with them or of them; and the democratic, freedom-loving, pluralistic homeland for the Jews dreamt of by the original Zionist pioneers will be doomed

Hi,what's really h... (Below threshold)


what's really hard to understand for me is, why humans always seem to think, they run evrything and they are the center of the unviverse.
We the people, we humans determine whats right and wrong and we chose what we will find right or wrong as is fitting.

That's dumb and short sighted.

Wether Barak H, Obama, Biden, Merkel, Nethanjahu or the the Prinz of Zalmunna...guys...you're fooled.

We are not alone and we are not the ones who make the rules, though we don't play by them.

And for all those know it alls, here comes the shocker:

"God makes the Rules"!!! Got it??? And big dady is waching very carefully, every step the individual does, and every decision a country makes....especially when it comes to Israel.

Hmmmm. Why's that??? For one it's not Israels fault, he chose them and speaks of them as his people, it was his choosing.

They are my people and I am the God of Israel.
ot a problem with that.

Gets even worse....he calles Isral his Land and the apple of his eye.

Not bad enogh, he calls Jerusalem his City.

So when you speak about those people, as weak and imperfekt they may be consider the above truth. same goes for the Land.

Wether Jew or American, Europian or Asian...all should be aware of thise facts...because any sanktion, or favor will bring a cocequence with it's self. It's like sowing and reaping. Just look at the U.S.' diplomatic historie.
They way they dealt with the Jews and how the U.S. prospered...or the was things worsened as they began to twist truths and facts and began presurise Israel.

This goes for all countries and theres a good book out called " Saga " by Ramon Benett, which lines out how deiverse Natoins reaped crisis as they sabotaged the Jews.

Gods promissed to Abraham : I will bless those who bless you and wil curse everyone who curses you.

To call someone a arcist just because he points to the fact that Obama indeed is no friend of the jews is in my opion highly ignorant and cheap. Anyone remember his pastor?
A U.S. and Jew hater.

Obama sadly picked a bunch of folks inhis ministration, that while pushing the Jews to a the limit is pulling the intire West into an ever deeper crisies.

And on thing should be considered as well, if (and propably it will be like that in the end)Israel will be forced into a military conflict...it wont stand alone. Just consider the miracle of the 6day war when millions of Arab nations geathered to eliminate the jewas ans a hand full Israels pushed their Enemies back. Any military expert weill eagree that to have been a miracle.

So what's the best to do...be wise...

I think people need to be r... (Below threshold)

I think people need to be reminded that Obama's middle name is "Husein" That is right. The same as the dictator of Iraq, and yes it is an ARAB name!

You're SHITTING me!!!! Huss... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

You're SHITTING me!!!! Hussein??? Really???

Who knew?

He is Saddam's cousin twice... (Below threshold)

He is Saddam's cousin twice removed via their grandcamel.

Jerusalem never was, now wi... (Below threshold)
Shirl in Oz:

Jerusalem never was, now will it ever be, anything but the capital of Israel.
The Arabs weren't the least bit interested in it, until it became part of Israel

Jews have lived in Jerusalem for 2,000 continuously.

Jews consist of the majority of Jerusalem in the present state of Israel constituting over 530,000 of the city's 758,000 population.

Jews have been the largest group of inhabitants since the 1840s.

Jerusalem has never been the capital of any Arab entity. It has never even been a provincial capital of under Muslim rule. It has never been a centre of Muslim learning. Jerusalem has never been a cultural centre of Islam.

Jerusalem is pivotal to the Jews historically, culturally and spiritually. The attachment of Jews and Jerusalem is unmatched with any other nation and a holy city.

Jerusalem is the cradle of Jewish heritage and Jewish civilization. Ever since King David made Jerusalem the capital of Israel 3,000 years ago, the city has been at the centre of Jewish existence. The last remaining wall of the Jewish Temple is the Western wall is in the old city of Jerusalem. The Western Wall and the city of Jerusalem itself is the most holy places of Judaism. Jerusalem is the focus of Jewish prayer. Three times a day Jews across the world face Jerusalem. For thousands of years Jews have prayed "To Jerusalem, thy city, shall we return with joy". For thousands of years Jews have concluded festivities with the words "next year... in Jerusalem."

The Jewish connection to the Temple Mount dates back for more than 3,000 years. It is the site where Abraham tied his son to an alter as a sacrifice to G-d. It is the site of two Jewish temples that were the centre of Jewish religious life, learning, and social life until the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans. The Mosques on the Temple Mount were built over 7 hundred years later after the Muslim occupation of the land.

The fact that Jerusalem is disputed, or that it is claimed by others does not mean that the city belongs to them.






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