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The rise of racism in America

Gots to be the reason don'tcha think?

Moderate House Democrats facing potentially difficult reelections this fall have a message for President Barack Obama: Don't call us; we'll call you.

Interviews with nearly a dozen congressional Democrats on the ballot this year reveal a decided lack of enthusiasm for having Obama come to their districts to campaign for them -- the most basic gauge of a president's popularity.

Some cite the president's surely busy schedule. Others point to a practice of not bringing in national politicians to appear on their behalf. While these members aren't necessarily attempting to distance themselves from the administration, there is nevertheless a noticeable reluctance to embrace the president among a certain class of incumbent, now that Obama's approval rating has fallen to a new low -- 46 percent in the latest Gallup survey.

It's not an unusual development -- President George W. Bush suffered a similar fate. As his popularity dipped and he became a more polarizing figure, few moderate Republicans wanted to be seen with him in their states for fear the association would be used against them by their rivals.

The difference, however, is that Bush was narrowly elected twice in a country divided between red and blue states, while Obama shredded that map. With his success in the interior West and upper South, Obama was thought to be such a political asset that he could play almost anywhere in the country.

But the sense of uncertainty over what to do with Obama seen last year in Virginia -- in which Democratic gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds wrestled with whether to run with or from the president before ultimately embracing him in the campaign's final weeks -- now seems to be evolving into a firmer feeling among many centrist Democrats that they'd be better off without Obama appearing in their districts with them.

I await an Olbermann rant on how bigoted these centrist Dems are and how they all should join the Republicans where racists go home to roost.



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Comments (10)

Big Media has long boasted ... (Below threshold)

Big Media has long boasted that they effect the elections by 15%. For the 8 years in office, and still, they attacked Presdient Bush constantly and he still won.
So "narrowly won" will hardly do.
Did OHbama shred the map? Hardly.
The Politico use of words is inappropriate...

Obama sucks as a president.... (Below threshold)

Obama sucks as a president. It does not matter what color he is, he sucks.

Commie Marxist Narcissistic Ideologues come in all colors. All are bad for America.

I bet that 52% just loves how the clean slate is projecting now, especially since 20% or so got their hope and change in the form of unemployment.

Too bad our first Affirmati... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Too bad our first Affirmative Action President had to be Barry.

I would have much preferred someone like Colin Powell. While I may not think Gen. Powell is conservative enough for my liking, he is a Real Man, with real experience making decisions that he was answerable for; unlike our young Barry.

I don't think the country will be as willing to vote for Barry a second time just because he is half-black. The country may actually want real results this time.

Are my remarks racist? I don't think so, but really I don't care anymore what the race-industrial-complex thinks.

The color of his skin doesn... (Below threshold)

The color of his skin doesn't amount to a hill of beans. The neon pink hue of his politics, on the other hand...

As usual, Politico isn't en... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

As usual, Politico isn't entirely correct. It isn't the failure of Obama to hold the Virginia Governorship that scares the moderate Democrats. Virginia has been a pretty tough state for Democrats since electing its first Republican Governor in 1969, despite some recent successes, so it wasn't a shock to lose it. It was his failures in New Jersey and Massachusetts, two of the deepest blue states, that has them running from him.

"Racism!" has of course become the scoundrel's favorite retort when there is no rational case to be made, but it is clearly not the problem here. Obama campaigned on bipartisanship and "changing the way we do business in Washington," and sold himself as post-racial and post-partisan, at most a moderate liberal. He has governed like the hard-left ideologue he is, and his utter lack of management experience shows, starkly.

In many ways, he is a repeat of Clinton - who was nowhere near the extreme leftist Obama is, but who also campaigned as a post-partisan centrist and tried to pivot left with healthy congressional majorities. Ironically, it was also the attempted health-care power grab which undid Clinton and helped lead (along with Democratic scandals) to Republican sweeps in his first midterm.

As Santayana warned, "Those who refuse to learn from the past are condemned to repeat it." (His words used to be posted in many public school history classrooms, but that was before the texts began devoting more pages to Sacajawea and Harriet Tubman than to Thomas Jefferson).

"But the sense of uncert... (Below threshold)

"But the sense of uncertainty over what to do with Obama seen last year in Virginia -- in which Democratic gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds wrestled with whether to run with or from the president before ultimately embracing him in the campaign's final weeks -- "

And in yet another amazing show of tone deafness, this is to what the administration chalked up a Deeds loss - the fact that he brought Obama in to campaign for him too late.

Many Democrats did not show up to his fund raiser in (I believe) St. Louis. Any of those that lose their election bid in November will inevitably be chalked up to the fact that they did not embrace Obama.

I'm confused...is it becaus... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I'm confused...is it because the dem candidates are racist or because the dem candidates presume the public to be racist that they don't want Obama to campaign for them?

Actually, isn't presuming the public to be racist and acting upon that unproven assumption racist too?

If the Media helps add ten ... (Below threshold)

If the Media helps add ten or fifteen percent for democrats, then those polls look really bad, because, well, taking ten or fifteen percent away from Obama right now. wow. Ouch. Would be painful.

Normally, I'd say that inco... (Below threshold)

Normally, I'd say that incompetence is the reason so-called moderate dems don't want Obama campaigning for them. No sense aligning yourself with a clueless, unpopular egocentric president.

But it's the dems themselves that have used the race card to demonize those that oppose Obama.

Fair enough. They don't want Obama helping with their campaigns?

They're racists! Simple as that.

Jim Addison prefers his rop... (Below threshold)

Jim Addison prefers his rope to be made from hemp.






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